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Mathematical and Computer Modelling

Modelling and simulation for the network-locomotive coupling of the co-phase continuous power supply and high speed railway PDF

Shilong Chen, Xingwang Li, Guihong Bi, Junxiang Rong, Ruirui Cao 

School of Electric Power Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming 650500, China

Co-phase continuous power supply system (CCPSS) can completely eliminate electric phase break to realize the co-phase continuous power supply in the traction substation, thus the impact on the power quality of the utility grid can be greatly reduced. In this paper, double-loop control strategy, which involves the load current feedback for three-phase pulse width modification (PWM) rectifier and single-phase inverter in the traction substation were proposed. Also, the control strategy with neutral-point-potential balance for three-level rectifier as well as the constant V/f control for asynchronous motor of electric locomotive was proposed. A network-locomotive coupling model of an AC-DC-AC traction substation and electric locomotive was built in this paper using PSCAD/EMTDC. Thorough simulations were conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed control strategies.

Research on aircraft burst fault diagnosis based on T-S fuzzy neural network PDF

Hui Yang, Lijing Wang, Zheng Deng

College of Computer Science and Technology, Civil Aviation University of China,No.2898 JINBEI Road, Dongli District,Tianjin, China

Aircraft burst fault is uncertainty and ambiguity. Considering QAR data as the research object, the fault diagnosis system based on the T-S fuzzy neural network combined with aircraft maintenance processes is built. First, the system designs the network performance oversight function to improve genetic neural network program. Then the fuzzy logic is used to deal with fuzzy rules, which can determine the location and severity of fault. And the result proves that the system has strong ability to deal with the questions.

Design and implementation of a parallel algorithm based on Hadoop platform PDF

Qingnian Zhang, Zhao Chen, Zihui Wang

Wuhan University of Technology, China

Existing clustering algorithm is transplanted into the Hadoop cloud computing platform, through the low price on the computer cluster nodes dynamically allocate huge amounts of data distributed task, solve the enterprise needs a large amount of data storage and the problem of real time analysis results. Graphs programming model can help developers to quickly realize the parallel clustering, and do not need too much to understand the specific underlying communication realization. This article will improve the clustering algorithm, which is transplanted into graphs on the programming model, realize the parallel design, and through the error sum of squares criteria such as function test and verify the reliability of the parallel algorithm. Under the Hadoop cluster composed of four machines respectively samples of different sizes of data clustering analysis, proves that the parallel algorithm of Hadoop platform on the large data applications better speedup and scalability.

Research on the scope of capacity for different EDAs PDF

Caichang Ding1,2,3, Wenxiu Peng2

1State Key Lab of Software Engineering, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China
2School of Computer, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China
3School of Computer Science, Yangtze University, Jingzhou 434023, China

In this paper we investigation the scope of capacity for different EDAs to successfully solve problems, which concern to the mutual effects among the variables. More specifically, we study the learning restrictions that different EDAs confront to solve problems, which can be expressed by some ADFs. The research is conducted in the worst situation. The sub-functions in the ADFs are the same deceptive functions. We think that the capacity for this kind of algorithm are primarily influenced by the probabilistic model they depend on. We employ three different kind of EDAs so as to investigate the effect that the complexity of the probabilistic model has on the behave of the algorithm. Because the population size is crucial for EDAs, we use different population sizes in the experiments. Nevertheless, the results indicate that, in general, enlarge population size is not useful to solve more complex problems.

An image threshold segmentation method based on multi-behaviour global artificial fish swarm algorithm PDF

Jing Zeng

School of Physics and Electronic Information, China West Normal University, Nanchong 637002, Sichuan, China

Firstly, this paper describes how the histogram analysis method pre-processes the images to be segmented. Then is makes a detailed analysis of the working principles and behaviour pattern of basic artificial fish swarm algorithm (AFSA); dissects the defects of AFSA in principle and proposes an improved AFSA with global convergence. Finally, it presents the main steps of image threshold segmentation method based on AFSA; compares the performances of AFSA with those of other intelligent algorithms and proves that this improved AFSA makes all-around improvements on image segmentation.

A modified BFGS method and its convergence PDF

Ganzhou Wu, Haiyan Liang

School of Science, Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, Maoming 525000, Guangdong, China

In this paper, a new modified BFGS method for unconstrained optimization problems is presented. The algorithm preserves the convergence properties of the famous BFGS algorithm. The relation between the new algorithm and a self-scaling quasi-Newton algorithm is revealed. If we assume the objective function is twice continuously differentiable and uniformly convex, we prove the iteration converge globally to the solution. And under some additional conditions, the superlinear convergence is given. Finally, the experimental results show that the proposed algorithm performs very well, which indicate that the numerical performance of the new algorithm is somewhat like the self-scaling quasi-Newton algorithm.

Performance analysis and side lobe suppression in radon-Fourier transform based on random pulse repetition interval PDF

Qian Chen1,2, Junhao Liu2, Chaowei Fu2, Haitao Wang2

1School of Information and Electronics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, 100081, China
2Shanghai Radio Equipment Research Institute, Shanghai, 200090, China

In order to solve the Blind Speed Side Lobe (BSSL) appeared in Radon-Fourier Transform (RFT) method used for dim target detection, a novel method of BSSL suppression is proposed in this paper. It is based on Random Pulse Repetition Interval (RPRI). The process of RPRI-RFT and the BSSL properties are described, the performance of coherent integration and the modulation noise of RFT algorithm based on RPRI are analysed in detail. Both the theoretical analysis and the numerical experimental results show that RPRI-RFT can be used to improve signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and suppress BSSL effectively, and the influence of modulation noise of RPRI can be suppressed by the long-time integration characteristic, thus significantly improve the ability of low pulse repetition frequency radar to detect and measure long-range weak high-speed multi-targets.

Improvements of ant colony algorithm and its applications in artificial neural network PDF

Kuangfeng Ning, Xiliang Zeng

Hunan University of International Economics, Changsha 410205, Hunan, China

Ant colony algorithm (ACA) is a bionic intelligent optimization algorithm with positive feedback, distributed computing and heuristic search. As an important branch of computational intelligence and swarm intelligence, ACA has been successfully applied in solving many combinatorial optimization problems. Artificial neural network is a large-scale distributed parallel processing system with the characteristics of self-organization, self-study, self-adaptation and non-linear dynamic processing and it has a broad prospect in settling the complicated non-linear problems. This paper has proposed an algorithm used to solve multi-objective optimization problems and the applications of ACA.

An improved algorithm for multi-factor fuzzy correlation PDF

Chang Liu, Zhenyu Na, Xin Zhang

School of Information Science and Technology, Dalian Maritime University, Dalian 116026, Liaoning, China

As a means for Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) to oversee the vessels, the traditional radar and the new navigation method of Automatic Identification System (AIS) are the two sources of getting the vessels' information. Tracks Fusion of the data received from these two sensors becomes the fundamental problem to be resolved in VTS. The tracks correlation is the premise and basis of the tracks fusion. This paper proposed an improved algorithm of multi-factor integrated fuzzy correlation based on the least square-time interpolation. We make generous correlation decision of distance and achieve the targets set in a fixed range, and then after time correction based on the least square-time interpolation we get the correlated tracks set and make fuzzy correlation used the membership function of normal distribution. The simulation experiment shows the proposed fuzzy correlation algorithm is more precise and the data are more close to the actual data of the vessel. The result of this effort can become an efficient method that impacts greatly on the vessel traffic management.

Kinematics analysis and simulation of a novel metamorphic parallel cutting mechanism PDF

Shenghai Hu1, Xiulian Liu1,2, Manhui Zhan1

1School of Mechanics Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin 150001, China
2School of Mechanical Engineering, Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology, Harbin 150027, China

Based on the metamorphic mechanisms, we proposed a new type of metamorphic kinematic pair, with which a novel metamorphic parallel cutting mechanism was designed to achieve changing pose and trajectory movement. Using the screw theory and the product of exponentials formula, we constructed a nonlinear system of equations for each configuration framework of the metamorphic parallel cutting mechanism, and the Sylvester resultant elimination method was employed to simplify equations of motion for the mechanism, thereby completing the research about the forward and inverse kinematics solution of the original and sub-configuration framework and verifying the feasibility of this novel mechanism via MATLAB and ADAMS simulation.

Test paper composition based on fish swarm algorithm PDF

Wenfa Wang, Shiyao Wang

Department of Computer Science,Yanan University, Shaanxi, 716000, China

Fish swarm algorithm was applied to seek optimization solution of test paper composition. Imitation results showed that fish swarm algorithm had better performance than random drawing algorithm in both composition accuracy and running time. The validity and superiority of the algorithm in this work, therefore, were verified.

Epidemic spreading in weighted homogeneous networks with community structure PDF

Chang Zinan, Shao Fei

1Jiangsu Information Analysis Engineering Laboratory, Nanjing 211169, China
2School of Information Technology, Jinling Institute of Technology, Nanjing 211169, China

Community structure has been proven to have great impact on epidemic spread in weighted networks. To understand the epidemic propagation in weighted homogeneous networks with community structure, a model of pseudo-random network is presented with adjustable community structure. By changing the number of edges connecting to the nodes in the same community and the weight of edges connecting to the nodes in the same community, we investigate the epidemic spreading in weighted homogeneous networks with different community structure. Simulations show that both the number of within-community edge and the weight of within-community edge have great impact on epidemic spreading behaviour.

Design and realization of road geometry alignment simulation PDF

Shengneng Hu1, Xiaoming Lu2, Juan Han2

1School of Civil Engineeringand Communication, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power,Zhengzhou, 450011, China
2University for Science and Technology Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, 450007, China

Embarking from road's characteristic and road design's demand to the simulation system, road simulation system's characteristics have been discussed, and then road simulation system frame based on multi-agent has been constructed. The simulation agents have been divided into response agent, corporation agent and interface agent, and their structures have been analysed too. The car dynamics model, road ground view model and driver model have been built, the simulation results are validated by basic experiments. The simulation system is an efficient tool for road design evaluation.

A multivariate analysis-based for range-free localization algorithm PDF

Hao Yan1, Xiaoyong Yan2, Rulin Dou1

1School of Software Engineering, Jinling Institute of Technology, Nanjing 211169, China
2School of Intelligence Science and Control, Jinling Institute of Technology,Nanjing 211169, China

Proposed an improved DV-Hop localization algorithm (PLS-DVHop) based on partial least squares, which uses the partial least squares to model of hop-count and the Euclidean distances, along with the maximum covariance of input matrix and output matrix to estimate the location of unknown nodes. PLS-DVHop has strong adaptability for different deployment network, and overcomes the shortage of only suitable for isotropic networks in the original algorithm. Simulation results show that PLS-DVHop algorithm has high estimate precision and stable performance, can adapt to different network topologies, and is very suitable for large scale deployment network.

The dynamic characteristic analysis of spindle based on ANSYS PDF

Hualong Xie, Xiaopeng Mei, Yongxian Liu

School of Mechanical Engineering & Automation, Northeastern University, Shenyang, Liaoning, 110819, P.R. China

The basic concept of dynamic characteristics of spindle is introduced. The first ten order vibration mode and natural frequency of shaft are obtained by modal analysis and harmonic response analysis using software ANSYS. The deformation trend of spindle under resonance state is analysed and the contrast between theory and simulation critical speed is done. The frequency response curve of spindle is given. The first order, second order dynamic stiffness and dynamic stiffness under general conditions are calculated. The influence of bearing damping to spindle dynamics characteristics is discussed. In the end, the measures of improving spindle performance are summarized.

Anti-synchronization of a class of fractional-order chaotic system with uncertain parameters PDF

Ran Ding1,2, Caoyuan Ma1, Yongyi Zhao1, Yanfang Luo1, Jianhua Liu1

1College of Information and Electrical Engineering, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, 221008, China
2State Grid Jiangsu Electric Company, Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210024, China

In order to pull the fractional-order theory to better application, the detailed of computer numerical simulation of the Adams-Bashforth-Moulton Algorithm is proposed in this paper. Anti-synchronization of a class of fractional-order chaotic system with uncertain parameters is realized on this basis and the stability theorem of the system is presented at the same time. And thus it indicates that this method can be adapted to chaotic system with certain parameters and a class of chaotic system with not equal fractional-order. And corresponding implementation conditions is given as well. Besides, it is pointed out that the method, which unites the synchronization and anti-synchronization is also suitable for synchronization issues of the system. Finally, take classic Lorenz system for instance, track time domain and error map about drive system and response system of anti-synchronization are given. The results prove the effectiveness of the control method in the realization of anti-synchronization of a class of fractional-order chaotic system with uncertain parameters and the feasibility of fractional order computer numerical simulation

Validation assessment with uncertain model inputs PDF

Liang Zhao, Zhanping Yang

Institute of Electronic Engineering, China Academy of Engineering Physics, 621900 MianYang, China

This paper presents a validation assessment method to measure the discrepancies between the model predictions and experimental observations under both aleatory and epistemic uncertainty. The model inputs considered in the paper are sparse point data or interval data, which leads to uncertain parameters for the distribution of the model inputs. A likelihood based method is used to represent the stochastic model inputs and it yields a single probability distribution which integrates the aleatory and epistemic uncertainty of model inputs. This representation of model inputs provides an advantage in computation efficiency for the conventional double loop sampling requirement in uncertainty propagation is collapsed into a single loop sampling. An area based validation metric is extended to compare the probabilistic model predictions obtained from uncertainty propagation with the empirical distribution function of the experimental observations, it reflects an objective quantification of the entire discrepancies between predictions and observations. The confidence interval for the validation metric, which just depends on the amount of experimental observations and confidence level is also developed. A numerical example is used to illustrate the proposed method.

Fuzzy set and rough set based evaluation algorithm of web customers PDF

Yun Peng

Computer and Information Engineering College, Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang 330022, China

A fuzzy algorithm of web customers evaluation based on rough set is presented. Key attributes can be gotten through rough set. The evaluation from the data objects based on key attributes can reduce the data size and algorithm complexity. After Clustering analysis of customers, then the evaluation analysis will process to the clustering data. There are a lot of uncertain data in customer clusters, so the traditional method of classification and evaluation to the incomplete data is very difficult. Superposition evaluation algorithm based on fuzzy set can improve the reliability and accuracy of web customer evaluation. Evaluation of the web customer also can improve efficiency, service quality and profitability of web businesses.

Coordinated scheduling on single serial batching machine with transportation considerations PDF

Cunchang Gu1,2, Xiaoyan Xu2

1School of Management, Qufu Normal University, Rizhao 276826, China
2College of Science, Henan Universities of Technology, Zhengzhou 450001, China

The coordination of production scheduling and transportation has recently received a lot of attention in logistics and supply chain management. We study a coordinated scheduling problem, in which each job is transported to a single serial batching machine for further processing, each batch to be processed occurs a processing cost, and the objective is minimizing the sum of the makespan and the total processing cost. Under the condition of the jobs' processing times are equal, if the job assignment to the vehicles is predetermined, we provide a polynomial time dynamic programming algorithm, for the general problem, we prove it is NP-hard. When the returning time of vehicle is zero, we present the approximation algorithm and prove that the worst case ratio of the algorithm is not greater than  , and the bound is tight.

Chaos control of unified chaotic system base on tridiagonal matrix stability theory and adaptive hybrid synchronization PDF

Yaolin Huang, Shuangli Wang, Chengjun Xie, Zhuo Jiang, Jinyan Zhao

College of Computer Science and Technology, Beihua University, Jilin, 132021, China

This paper presents a new chaos control method to control the unified chaotic system to zero. In order to control a unified chaotic system to zero, the first step is to design a stable system, which stable to zero base on tridiagonal matrix stability theory, the stable system as the master system. The second step is to make the unified chaotic system with controlled as slave system, the third step to make the master system and the slave system synchronization. Different system state apply different adaptive synchronize method to realize synchronization. The adaptive control law and parameter update law are obtained base on Lyapunov stability theory. Numerical simulations are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of theoretical analysis.

The impact on collaborate level of cluster PDF

Lirong Qiu The impact on collaborate level of cluster

School of Information Engineering, Minzu University of China, Beijing, China

Due to the impact of the characters of nodes in complex network on collaboration level, we put forward a new iterated game model based on conformist mechanism. In this model, nodes can update tactic not only according to their payoffs but also to their species, which they belong to. The new model can assure that nodes in the same species adopt the same tactic. Simulation results show that the collaboration level of the networks that adopt conformist mechanism is higher than the networks that adopt normal mechanism. In the other words, the collaboration level is in inverse proportion to the species number. On the other hand, we find that the average payoffs increased with the penalty gene instead of increasing alternately. So the new model can promote the collaboration level and the average payoffs of the nodes in network at the same time.

A gait recognition system based on BP neural network and plantar pressure PDF

Tengda Shi, Kaifeng Su, Linqian He, Lei Yan

School of Technology, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, China, 100083

In order to get a faster, more effective and stable control over lower extremity exoskeleton of power assist robot, precise examination on gait information is necessary, thus it is so important to design and establish a gait recognition system with accurate detection. In this paper, a wireless in-shoe wearable plantar pressure acquisition system based on ATmega16 and 8 FSR sensors will be applied to data acquisition for the gaits which consist of standing, walking, jumping and going upstairs. And four volunteers (2 males and 2 females) will be invited in this research to collect the pressure information. The NNT of MATLAB will be applied to establish an 8-12-4 BP neural net model. The input factors come from the eight sensors of plantar pressure system, the output is gait category. Proved by a great deal of experiments, the gait recognition method proposed in this research is quite feasible.

Automatic verification of embedded system based on EFSM PDF

Jinjiang Liu, Jingjing Liang

School of Computer and Information Technology, Nanyang Normal University, Nanyang473061, Henan Province, China

To ensure the correctness of embedded system, automation of test case generation is necessary in industrial. This paper present a technique for specifying coverage criteria and a method for generating test suites for embedded systems whose behaviours is depend on its interactive environment. The embedded system under test can be described as extended finite state machines (EFSM) and the coverage criteria can be specified as monitor automata with parameters, which monitor and accept traces that cover a given test criterion of an EFSM. The flexibility of the technique is demonstrated by specifying a number of well-known coverage criteria based on control- and data-flow information using observer automata with parameters. We also develop a method for generating test cases from coverage criteria specified as observers. It is based on transforming a given observer automata into a bitvector analysis problem that can be efficiently implemented as an extension to an existing state-space exploration such as, e.g. SPIN or Uppaal.

Damage characteristic of rock sample with circular defect based on the distinct element and moment tensor methods PDF

Baowen Hu1,2, Changhong Li2

1School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing, China
2State Key Laboratory of High-Efficient Mining and Safety of Metal Mines, Ministry of Education, Beijing, China

Based on the distinct element and moment tensor theory, the damage process and mechanism of rock sample with circular hole were researched. The crack evolution patterns corresponding to the laboratory test showed that there were mainly four stages. Firstly, the microcracks were randomly distributed in the rock sample. Secondly, the larger primary cracks are formed around top of circular hole with the increasing of microcracks. Then, more microcracks were localized near the boundary of circular hole, which formed the competition of several possible sets of fractures. Finally, the rupture zone was formed along one of crack zones. The size effect of circular hole showed that there would take on different rupture forms with increasing of diameter. Meanwhile, for better probing into damage mechanism, the acoustic emission (AE) algorithm based on moment tensor theory was implanted into the whole loading process. The AE magnitudes of all parts of rock sample were shown in AE contour maps, and these contour maps showed that the formations of rupture zone were contributed by different stress or energy levels.

Network intrusion clustering based on fuzzy C-Means and modified Kohonen neural network PDF

Hongwei Ye1, Lianjiao Zhang1, Xiaozhang Liu2

1School of Electron and Information Engineering, Heyuan Polytechnic,Dong Huan Road, Heyuan, China
2School of Computer Science, Dongguan University of Technology,No.1,Daxue Rd Songshan Lake,Dongguan,China

Kohonen neural network recognizes and clarifies substantive network data, but with a long running time and a slow convergence process. To solve this problem, a network intrusion clustering method is presented in this paper. Specifically, the training data is pretreated using Fuzzy C-Means (FCM). Then some selected data will be trained with using Kohonen neural network. Meanwhile, to speed up the convergence process of Kohonen neural network and to form a better optimized network topology, a neighbourhood function is established for the competing neuron. Each neuron has neighbourhood topology collections. The data simulation results demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

Numerical analysis of sheet metal U-Bending process PDF

Jiansheng Xia, Shasha Dou

Yancheng Institute of Technology, Yancheng, 224051, China
Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, nanjin, 211106, China

The sheet metal U-bending forming is a complex process, based on the assumption of Prandtl-Reuss flow rule and Von Mises yield criterion, the incremental elastoplastic large deformation finite element model was established based on the Updated Lagrangian Formulation (ULF). The elastoplastic conversions of boundary and deformation are reduced with rmin rule. The friction phenomenon of slippage and viscosity at the boundary interface is revised with increment of revision Coulomb rule. The increment rules are led into the whole stiffness matrix, and derived out the stiffness equation. The studies show that the influence on U-Bending deformation of sheet metal is influenced by die structure and parameter. The results show there is a good consistency between the finite element simulation and experimental result.

Frequency analysis of the area error in the triangular partition of a discrete global grid PDF

Ming Tao

College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, China Three Gorges University, No.8,Daxue Street, Xiling, District, Yichang, Hubei, China

The discrete global grid is a method of hierarchical space expression with global scale, multi-resolution, and multi-scale transform features. It is a basic theory related to global geographic information systems and spatial grid computation. The main challenge in the practical application of discrete global grids is the generation of errors. Thus, four typical kinds of global discrete grid models were investigated in this study of partition errors. Area was considered an indicator of partition errors. Furthermore, this study computed the area errors in levels 3 to 10 partitions of each kind of global discrete grid model. The frequency of each indicator was also analysed. Analysis results show that the Synder models have the smallest area deformation.

Research on the application of clustering algorithm based on minimum spanning tree PDF

Chen Ye

College of Science and Technology, Ningbo University, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China, 315212

Cluster analysis is one of the most important technologies in data mining. Minimum spanning tree (MST) is an advanced algorithm in cluster analysis. Studying MST has important practical significances. Firstly, this paper analysed partitioning, hierarchical, density and grid clustering algorithms based on MST thoroughly. Secondly, implementation principles and shortcomings of these four algorithms were discussed. Finally, practical applications of clustering algorithm based on MST were introduced, aiming to solve some practical problems.

Routing method of quantum genetic algorithm PDF

Jing Yang

Baotou Vocational &TechnicalCollege,Baotou,Inner Mongolia,014035,China

Quantum genetic algorithm was applied in the work to solve multiple-QoS routing problems of bandwidth-delay constraint, thus meeting current requirements for multimedia messaging. Mathematical model and constraint condition of QoS routing were established, analysing algorithms principles and steps that how quantum genetic algorithm optimized QoS routing. By comparing average fitness and maximum polymerization fitness under different running times, quantum genetic algorithm can effectively find optimal solutions to multiple-QoS routing problem.

A novel method for K-Means clustering algorithm PDF

Jinguo Zhao

School of Computer and Information Science, Hunan Institute of Technology, Hunan, 421002, China

This paper investigated K-means algorithm, a well-known clustering algorithm. K-means clustering algorithms have some shortfalls and defects, and one defect is reviewed in this study. One of the disadvantages of K-means clustering algorithms is that they can produce clusters that do not always include all the correct components. It is due to the presence of the error rate during the clustering process. The purpose of this research was to decrease error rates in the K-means clustering algorithm and to reduce iteration of running this algorithm. A novel method is proposed to calculate the distance between cluster members and cluster centre. To evaluate the algorithm proposed in this study, seven well-known data sets consisting of Balance, Blood, Breast, Glass, Iris, Pima and Wine data sets were used. This investigation revealed that the performance of K-means algorithms was increased and resulted in valid clusters and that it reduced error rates, run time and iteration.

Research on transition priorities in group based on CPN PDF

Hong Wang1,2,3, Tao Zhang2

1Academy of OPTO-Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Deng Zhuang Rd. 9, Distinct Haidian, Beijing, China
2Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Deng Zhuang Rd. 9, Distinct Haidian, Beijing, China
3University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, YuquanRd. 19, Shijingshan District, Beijing, China

Transition priorities might be a useful mechanism when modelling using Petri nets. Accordingly, the newest CPN Tools, widely used for modelling and simulating the Coloured Petri net, implements transition priorities. Whereas, the algorithms compute enabling for all transitions in a highest-priority-first order. In the real system, it is usually that there are priorities relationships not for all transitions but only some ones. Based on the above analysis, this paper put all the transitions, having priority relations, into one group and advances relative theoretical definitions of transition priorities in group, such as absolute preset of transition, key place set, key colour set, etc. Furthermore, it proposes new algorithms when the systems have different key place set and key colour set, and construct the model of the interrupt priorities to solve the problem of software model checking for interrupt system.

Mechanical characteristics and form-finding analysis of iced transmission lines PDF

Yuejun Liu, Aiping Tang, Ketong Liu, Jiewen Tu


Form-finding is the important problem to be solved in the cable structure analysis, to the different forms of loads, the direct iterative method is used to determine the initial configuration of the cable structures. Horizontal tension or cable tension is used as iterative convergence condition, the form-finding of the cable is researched under its own gravity, uniform ice and non-uniform ice load. As for the multi-span transmission lines, two conditions of uniform ice and non-uniform ice loads on the whole span were analysed. The results of initial configuration are consistent with the analytical method, which verified the correctness of the direct iterative method, under the condition of non-uniform ice load, the stress of conductor is larger than the maximum stress, which is very dangerous in the actual operation.

Mobile ECG QRS detection algorithm and implementation PDF

Ying Sun1, Meikui Deng1, Shenghua Ye2

1Medical Instrument and Food Engineering College, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai, China,200093
2Division of Engineering Science, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, M5S 2E4

The ECG signal contains a lot of interference in the mobile ECG monitoring system. Reasonable selection of signal filtering and QRS wave detection method are the key to ECG signal analysis. According to the characteristics of ECG signals, the design of low-pass filtering and the improved median filter that can filter the interference has been conducted in the paper. Meanwhile, addressing to the limitation generated by selecting and fixing the median threshold using the traditional differential slope method, the paper has proposed the adaptive dynamic threshold and used quadratic difference algorithm to process signal in order to obtain R wave, and then locate Q and S wave based on R wave location. In addition, combining the characteristics of the QRS wave group, judgments on the missing and over detection are conducted, so that the algorithm is robust and has good fault-tolerant ability. The experimental results show that, this algorithm can not only satisfies the need of the real-time QRS wave detection, but is also more suitable for the transmission and processing of ECG signals in mobile ECG monitoring.

Concurrent quantum key distribution using quantum teleportation and time division multiplexing PDF

Xie Wu1, Ouyang Shan1,2, Hailin Xiao2

1School of Electronic Engineering, Xidian University, 710071, Xi’an, China
2School of Information and Communication, Guilin University of Electronic Technology, 541004, Guilin, China

In view of the problem that it is difficult to use only one typical channel to deal with many quantum channels during multi-channel QKD (Quantum Key Distribution), the method of TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) in typical channel is introduced to construct a new CQKD (concurrent QKD) system. Using multi-channel quantum teleportation, every concurrent quantum channel is mapped to a time slot of TDM. The results of case study with EPR (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen) pairs show that this problem can be solved with the CQKD methods. Moreover, this CQKD scheme also has the advantage of unconditional security, while the QKD bit rates can be improved. It opens a new way to develop large-capacity long-distance quantum secure communications.

A few expanding integrable models of WKI hierarchy and their Hamiltonian structures PDF

Kaishi Sun, Fasheng Liu2

1College of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao 266510,China
2College of Transportation,Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao 266510,China

The integrable coupling of the WKI hierarchy is obtained by the perturbation approach. With the help of a higher dimensional loop algebra, the coupling integrable couplings of the WKI hierarchy are obtained, respectively. Their Hamiltonian structures are worked out by employing the component-trace identities and variational identity.

Automated unit-level testing of java memory leaks PDF

Lijuan Hong, Ju Qian, Jifeng Cui

College of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016, China

Java programs may suffer from serious memory leak bugs. To resolve these bugs, various leak diagnosing and even fixing techniques have been proposed. However, in literature, there is very few work, which focuses on memory leak testing. Without revealing leak phenomenon by testing in advance, even excellent leak diagnosing and fixing techniques can be hard to work. In software testing, unit testing is a technique to avoid faults at early stage of software development. This paper proposes an automated unit-level memory leak testing approach to find potential leak bugs in Java methods. It firstly identifies the methods with high leaking risks. Then, strengthened unit tests are generated accordingly to check whether those risky modules can really cause leaks. Cases studies show that our method could be valuable for real programs.

Improved PSO clustering routing algorithm for WSN PDF

Minsheng Tan, Huan Zhou, Yangwei Li, Jianxue Liu

School of Computer Science and Technology, University of South China, Hengyang Hunan, 421001, China

For cluster head selection randomness of clustering algorithm, and PSOC algorithm were not considered the distance from cluster head to base station, an improved particle swarm optimization (I-PSOC) routing algorithm was brought out. The improved algorithm particle swarm fitness function was improved by considering the node residual energy, nodes’ distance and the distance between nodes and base station. At the same time, the optimal nodes were selected as the cluster head and the cluster head has transmitted the data to base station in a single or more jumps through searching right path in the improved algorithm. The simulation results show that the nodes energy consumption of network was reduced significantly and the network life cycle was extended

Theoretical analyses and numerical simulation of the interaction time and the separation time of two elastic bars after the loading of a triangular wave PDF

Wei Zhong, Ming Lei, Zhou Tian

Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology, Xi’an 710024, Shaanxi Province, China

With theoretical analyses, the stress-wave propagation and reflection between two elastic bars, whose left side achieved a triangular wave load, is mainly studied. Considering the effects of pulse width of the load, length and wave impedance of the bars and the relationship between the length of the load wave and the two bars, the regularities of the stress-wave propagation and reflection between the two bars is analysed, and the formulas for calculating the interaction time and the separation time of the two bars are derived, in three different conditions. The same problems in three different conditions are simulated by using AUTODYN, and curves of displacements of points at contact surface of the two bars varying the time are given. According these curves, the simulating results of the separation time can be obtained. By the comparison of the simulating results and the theoretical calculated results using formulas derived in this paper, the correctness of the theoretical analyses and formulas here is demonstrated.

Research of numerical solutions of differential equations model based on the finite element method PDF

Zhiyan Li1, Baoxia Jin2

1Handan College, Hebei, 056005, China
2Lushan College, Guangxi University of Science and Technology

Using the finite element method solving a class of second order ordinary differential equations, analyses the two-point boundary value problem of a class of second order ordinary differential equations, through numerical examples to validate its effectiveness.

Design and application of iterative Monte Carlo localization for mobile wireless sensor networks based on MCL PDF

Jing Cao1, Xuefeng Xing2, Shan Liu1

1School of Mathematics and Information Science & Technology, Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology,Hebei, 066004,China
2Northeast Petroleum University at Qinhuangdao, Hebei, 066004, China

In recent years, wireless sensor network had been more and more widely used in our daily life, and with the propose of Monte Carlo localization (MCL) algorithm, node localization of the mobile wireless sensor network had been solved effectively. But it needed to have a large number of samples if it used the Monte Carlo localization algorithm to obtain a high positioning accuracy. This paper proposed a new improved algorithm (iterative Monte Carlo localization algorithm) based on the Monte Carlo localization algorithm. In iterative Monte Carlo localization (IMCL) algorithm, each anchor node location information was forwarded by its neighbour nodes only once and preserved by the receiving node in each period. Then the next period, merge it and the sent/forwarding information into a packet and forward. Make sure that points have more observations for estimating previous location sets. IMCL, meanwhile, also can make full use of observation to filter out some samples that were far from the real position of node, so as to improve the accuracy of node localization. We finally confirmed by experiment: IMCL algorithm had higher positioning accuracy compared with other algorithm.

Algorithm design and the application for cluster validity based on geometric probability PDF

Jian-Wei Li1, Xiao-Wen Li2

1College of physics and information engineering, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou 350108
2College of mathematics and computer science, Longyan University, Longyan 364012

Determining optimum cluster number is a key research topic included in cluster validity, a fundamental problem unsolved in cluster analysis. In order to determine the optimum cluster number, this article proposes a new cluster validity function for two-dimension datasets theoretically based on geometric probability. The function makes use of the corresponding relationship between a two-dimension dataset and the related two-dimension discrete point set to measure the cluster structure of the dataset according to the distributive feature of the point set in the characteristic space. It is designed from the perspective of intuition and thus easily understood. Through TM remote sensing image classification examples, compare with the supervision and unsupervised classification in ERDAS and the cluster analysis method based on geometric probability in two-dimensional square, which is proposed in literature 2. Results show that the proposed method can significantly improve the classification accuracy.

Information and Computer Technologies

An algorithm for mining frequent itemsets on uncertain dataset PDF

Si Tian1, Shui Wang1, Yang Liu2, Le Wang1

1School of Information Engineering, Ningbo Dahongying University, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, 315175
2School of Innovation Experiment, Dalian University of Technology, Liaoning, China, 116024

Mining frequent itemsets from uncertain transaction dataset is a research topic in data mining. Some algorithms are based on FP-Growth, but they construct the tree structure in a manner that cannot be as compact as the original FP-Tree, so the tree is easily developed to huge size and this hinders their performance. In this paper, we propose a new tree structure called IT-Tree (Itemset Tail-node Tree) to efficiently maintain probability information of itemsets in tail-nodes; we also propose a corresponding algorithm IT-Mine to mine frequent itemsets from IT-Tree without additional dataset scans. We evaluate our approach on real sparse and dense datasets with different minimum support numbers that can produce non-null frequent k-itemsets (k≥2); the results show that IT-Mine outperforms other algorithms in terms of execution time, especially for large dataset or small minimum expected support number.

Simplification of 3D point cloud data based on ray theory PDF

Changsu Liao1, Xiaojing Niu1, Meili Wang1, Dongjian He2

1College of Information Engineering, Northwest A & F University, Yangling, Shaanxi 712100, China
2Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Northwest A & F University, Yangling, Shaanxi 712100, China

To effectively reduce the amount of 3D point cloud data, whose shape is symmetrical or spherical, this paper proposes an efficient simplification algorithm based on ray theory. Meanwhile, a boundary retention method based on the distribution uniformity of neighbouring data points is used to keep the model complete. Avoiding time-consuming recursion and curvature estimation, the proposed method is much efficient and achieves good simplification results.

Virtual machine resource allocation algorithm in cloud environment PDF

Lei Zheng1,2

1School of Information Engineering, Shandong Youth University of Political Science, Jinan 250103, Shandong, China
2Key Laboratory of Information Security and Intelligent Control in Universities of Shandong, Jinan 250103, Shandong, China

To resolve the problem that virtual machine deployment reservation scheme waste a lot of resources and single-objective deployment algorithm is not comprehensive, a virtual machine resource allocation algorithm based on virtual machines group multi-objective genetic algorithm is proposed. The algorithm is divided into group coding and resources coding. Resources coding integrated coding according to the history resource need of virtual machines to physical machine and integrate number of physical machine and resource need of physical machine occupied by virtual machine through improved crossover and mutation operations. The experimental results show that the algorithm is effective to reduce the number of physical machine and resource utilization of physical machine, saving energy as much as possible.

Multi circle detection by using evidence accumulation PDF

Hudai Fu, Jingang Gao

School of Mechatronics Engineering, Changchun Institute of Technology, Changchun 130012, JiLin, China

The traditional circle detection algorithm has complex computation, large memory space occupation and other deficiencies. It has low detecting efficiency and not suitable for the multi circle detection. So it proposes a multi circle detection method based on global search and evidence accumulation in the paper. The evidence accumulation and the weighted average are combined in the algorithm. The pseudo centre processed during the evidence accumulation are classified and analysed. Three kinds of pseudo centres are eliminated by class. Finally, the other circle parameters are calculated. It is proved that the algorithm has high precision, high efficiency, and low sensitivity to the defect of local information. Also the detecting time will not increase with the number of circles. The multi circle detection effect is obviously superior to the traditional randomized circle detection algorithm.

Applications of dynamic adaptive bee colony algorithm in multi-threshold image segmentation PDF

Ye Chen, Xiaoqun Qin

School of Information Science and Engineering, Hunan International Economics University, Changsha 410205, Hunan, China

Artificial bee colony (ABC) is an evolutionary computation method, which is inspired from the specific collaborative social group behaviour among the individual bees in the colony and which is a heuristic optimization algorithm based on population search strategy. This paper has proposed a quick dynamic adaptive bee colony algorithm, which analyses the performances of the artificial bee colony algorithm and it designs a multi-threshold image segmentation method realizing a dynamic adaptive artificial bee colony (DAABC) with multi-threshold OTSU as the fitness function. The main characteristics of this method include: reducing the noise interferences in the multi-threshold image segmentation; effectively narrowing down the search range of the threshold; guaranteeing the quickness of the segmentation speed; determining the search range of the reconnaissance ants with adaptive dynamic control and accelerating the convergence speed of bee colony algorithm. The experimental results demonstrate that the method in this paper is better than the image segmentation method based on particle swarm optimization (PSO) and artificial fish swarm algorithm (AFSA).

Alignment-based approximate SPARQL querying on linked open data PDF

Yu Liu1,2, Lei Chen1, Shihong Chen1

1School of Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, Hubei, China
2School of Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430065, China

With the growth of Linked Open Data, more and more applications are developed to take full advantage of its massive data. However, all these applications face an inevitable problem - how to retrieve information from these datasets with different schemas, which results in that a query for a dataset may get none answer from other datasets. To solve this problem, ontology alignment has been adopted in some Linked Open Data querying systems. In this paper, we follow this idea and make further efforts to find more approximate answers by employing relations and probability values in the result of ontology alignment. The fundamental of our method is the similarity between entities, which is used to evaluate the similarity of rewritten query relative to original query. In order to facilitate user to query other dataset with original query, an algorithm for alignment-based approximate querying is proposed. In experiments, the SPARQL queries for DBpedia are rewritten on the basis of alignment result between DBpedia and YAGO. The results of experiments show that alignment-based approximate querying can not only retrieve approximate results, but also overcome the problem caused by imprecise result of ontology alignment, which is very common for most of alignment techniques.

A fractal de-noising algorithm based on least absolute deviation method PDF

Hui Guo, Jie He

School of Information and Electronic Engineering, Wuzhou University, Wuzhou 543002, Guangxi, China

Against the shortcoming that the traditional method of fractal image compression coding has inferior decoding quality on the original image subject to salt-and-pepper noise interference, this paper raises a least absolute deviation (LAD) method to be applied in fractal image compression, which can replace the method of least square error in computing contrast and brightness adjustment value and solve the L1-norm recursive problem using weighted median. The experimental result indicates that the LAD method has a very good anti-noise effect on the outliers introduced by salt-and-pepper noise.

Single threshold segmentation for noisy image based on fuzzy ant colony algorithm PDF

Ye Chen1, Xiaoqun Qin1, Xinmin Zhou2

1School of Information Science and Engineering, Hunan International Economics University, Changsha 410205, Hunan, China
2School of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Hunan University of Commerce, Changsha 410205, Hunan, China

Firstly, this paper pre-processes the image to be segmented through grey-scale morphological method. Then, based on the in-depth analysis of basic ant colony algorithm, it explains the shortcomings of this algorithm; proposes the improved strategy of ant colony algorithm, namely fuzzy ant colony algorithm, which designs the fitness function of artificial ant colony algorithm with minimum cross entropy and applies the improved fuzzy ant colony algorithm in the spatial-domain noisy image single segmentation. Finally, starting from the segmentation results and convergence, it compares the performances of the improved ant colony algorithm and the basic ant colony algorithm, GA algorithm and AFS algorithm.

Face super-resolution algorithm based on SVM-improved learning PDF

Jiali Tang1,2, Chenrong Huang3, Yijun Liu2, Honghui Fan2, Jianmin Zuo1,3

1 School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, Jiangsu, China
2 College of Computer Engineering, Jiangsu University of Technology, Changzhou 213001, Jiangsu, China
3 School of Computer Engineering, Nanjing Institute of Technology, Nanjing 211167, Jiangsu, China

As many other inverse problems, human face image super-resolution is an ill-posed problem. The problem has been approached in the context of example-based superresolution learning. However, these methods need to run though all the sample set, which results in high calculation load and image degradation because of mis-matching. In this paper, we propose a new face image superresolution algorithm based on Support Vector Regression (SVR) pre-classified learning. A Principal Component Analysis (PCA) based pre-process is used to select a subset of samples. Then the best-matching sample images are trained to ensure the content relevance between the sample patch and the input low-resolution image. Further improvement involves a combination of classification and SVR-based techniques. Therefore, experiment results show that the proposed algorithm gets better reconstruction performance and faster program running speed.

Application of halcon in the image analysis of dry cutting gear meshing region PDF

Jingang Gao, Shuang Zhang, Hua Wang

College of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Changchun Institute of Technology, Changchun 130012, China.

The master-slave bevel gear pair of some automobile rear axle is used to be as the research object, to obtain the image of the gear meshing contact region. Firstly, get the grey image of HSV space from RGB image to HSV space by the pre-processing algorithm; secondly, segment features of image accurately by the adaptive threshold segmentation algorithm; thirdly, fill the holes in the image of meshing region perfectly by proposed holes repair algorithm; fourthly, mark all connected domains of image with 4 -adjacent points domain labelling algorithm; finally, the Marking image area, width and the ratio of width and height features are selected to extract the image of the gear meshing region to obtain the geometry information of the gear meshing region. Research results show: contact centre E/L should be in 45% ~ 50%, and the length of the contact region B/L should be in 45% ~ 55%.

Editing method of virtual human motion path based on motion cycle step-length PDF

Wenju Wang1, Liujie Sun1, Zhang Xuan2

1University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai 200093, China
2Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai 200031, China

An editing method of virtual human motion path based on movement cycle step-length is presented: it uses the Cardinal spline interpolation to extract the original path and equably sets the path editing control points; alters the positions of path editing control points to generate a new path and adjusts the position and orientation of the original motion sequence frame’s root joint nodes on the new path; automatically judges any path curve segment that generates the problems of footstep disharmony after editing; for every incorrect curve segment, deletes the frames of general motion cycle step-length between the two path editing control points that contain incorrect curve segment based on the definition of motion cycle step-length and adjusts the spacing and moving direction of root nodes in every frame on the paths between the two control points; finally does constraint re-establish to all floor frames in the new path. The experimental results show that: the motion path editing method is simple and easy to operate. The generated virtual human motion is natural and smooth. It can effectively eliminate the footstep sliding phenomenon to improve the reusability of motion capture data.

Early fault warning mechanism based-on association rules in server clusters management system PDF

Yumei Ning, Zhenguo Ding, Ping Zeng

School of computer science and technology, Xidian University, Xi’an 710071, Shaanxi, China

With the rapid development of Internet and business internal information technology, the problem of server cluster fault early warning becomes important in server clusters management. To solve the problem, a server cluster fault early warning system (SCFEWS) based on event association rules is presented. This system is mainly based on the fault event association tree. First obtain event relationship and association rules. Construct early warning events associated tree with system logs and association rules, and store it in binary tree linked list. Then by using the warning event filtering algorithm, redundancy fault early warning events are filtered out and only source event for early-warning notification are kept. Experiment shows the proposed algorithm can effectively improve the accuracy of fault location for server clusters management.

A new dynamic regulation UIPO model of groundwater based on cloud computing and hydroinformatics PDF

Wensheng Wang, Huifeng Xue, Feng Zhang

School of automation, NorthwesternPolytechnical University, Xi’an 710072, China

In order to solve the problem of excessive mining of the coal resources in Yulin mine area caused enormous damage to groundwater and in turn threatening the regional sustainable development, proposed a new dynamic regulation UIPO model of groundwater, which combined hydroinformatics, cloud computing and multi-source data fusion algorithm, and the mine hydrogeological spatial database, the visualization of 3D geological model and groundwater dynamic evolution model are created. Simulation results show that the UIPO complete with these models and with groundwater - ecological environment - economy system model all connected data analysis for decision support system and with complete hydrogeological and spatial process method by means of big data, can simulate the temporal and spatial variations of groundwater resources, forecast future impact on Yulin mine area groundwater for sake of large-scale exploitation.

Composition of web applications in clouds environment PDF

Zuowen Wang

School of Computer, Wuhan Polytechnic, Wuhan, 430074, China

In recent years, for the advances of Cloud Computing technologies, cloud applications have been popularity for their rich set of features. The advantages of cloud applications include that users can utilize them in a low cost, threshold, and risk way; these applications can be quickly deployed on the clouds without duplication of work such that developers can focus on enhancing their QoS to improve core competitiveness. Therefore, their practical use on business with promising values can be expected. As such, cloud applications are recognized as a trend for the next generation of business applications, and hence how to migrate these on-premise applications to the clouds becomes a desired field in the literature. For this need, we present an ontology-based method for the composition process that specifically addresses the cloud features and the composition of on-premise applications into the clouds. In particular, for enabling the selection of desired clouds, the method imposes semantic ontologies on the specifications of the candidate clouds from which the desired ones can be effectively selected. For illustration, the method is applied to the composition of a CSS application to its cloud version

OSTU image segmentation algorithm of fruit fly optimization algorithm PDF

Chunyan Han

Department of Computer Science, Sichuan University for Nationalities, Sichuan, 626001, China

Traditional OSTU algorithm has the disadvantages of a large amount of calculation and low calculating speed. Based on the combination of Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm and OSTU algorithm, an image segmentation algorithm is created from Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm to improve OSTU, stressing the basic principles and calculation procedures of this revised algorithm. In order to verify the validity of this algorithm, the work compared the quality of image segmentation, segmentation speed and algorithm stability of 4 sets of standard test images. The simulation results show that the segmentation speed of revised OSTU algorithm is much faster than that of traditional OSTU algorithm when Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm is applied to improve OSTU algorithm. Meanwhile, the quality of image segmentation is also more stable under the same condition of time limit.

Colour recognition system based on TCS3200D PDF

Lili Jing, Yang Nie, Lifang Zhao

Jining Normal University, Inner Mongolia, 012000, China

The colours of objects can be converted into pulses with different frequencies by TCS3200D. Colour recognition system was designed through the combination of Single Chip Microcomputer (SCM) and PC on the basis of the colour vision principle of TCS3200D. Fully utilizing TCS3200D, the system integrates the advantages of photodiodes and converter of light intensity to frequency to simplify circuit. The effects of factors, such as illuminant, orientation and the surfaces of objects, on the measurement were eliminated by the white balance adjustment. Additionally, colour vision errors were effectively reduced by the correction of the measured data with ANFIS and subtractive clustering.

Distributed ontology based information retrieval using semantic web PDF

Chun Zhang

Shantou Radio and TV University,Shantou, Guangdong, 515041, China

In recent years, user demand for integrated searches over several independently operating semantic web systems have been increasing rapidly. Integrated semantic searches enable more meaningful results to be generated because information with similar meanings in diverse areas and domains is likely to be used for inference. However, it is not easy to integrate physically independent, distributed, and heterogeneous database systems to provide a single, integrated semantic web system to end-users. In this paper, we propose a novel system that integrates heterogeneous semantic web systems based on schema mapping. The user can generate only one SPARQL query using the integrated schema without the necessity of checking the schemas of individual systems each time thereby reducing additional costs to generate queries for individual systems. Furthermore, the user is not required to collect individual query results manually after performing a query and additional costs for establishing systems can be reduced because no change in existing system structures is required. If currently established systems are expanded by adding the schema structures of other ontology systems, the cost to establish another integrated retrieval system can be saved. To evaluate the effectiveness of our approach, we have implemented a prototype that integrates two national information retrieval systems.

Research on cost-sensitive ensemble classification for mining imbalanced massive data streams PDF

Yuwen Huang1,2

1Department of Computer and Information Engineering, Heze University, Heze 274015, Shandong, China
2Key Laboratory of computer Information Processing, Heze University, Heze 274015, Shandong, China

The existing classifiers for massive data streams do not consider the imbalance distribution and cost factors, so this paper proposes the approach of the cost-sensitive ensemble classification for imbalanced massive data streams (CECIDS). Firstly, this paper gives the construction method for cost-sensitive ensemble SVM Classification, which is integrated by the classifiers with oversampling, sub-sampling and reconstituted sample space. Secondly, we propose a classifier method BL_KNNModelб which is based on KNNModel algorithm for imbalanced massive data streams. BL_KNNModel can detect the concept drift streams by using the variable windows size, which has lower time complexity.  At last, the cost-sensitive ensemble classifier for imbalanced massive data streams is given, which has the virtue of high classification and lower time complexity. In addition, the cost-sensitive ensemble SVM algorithm is used to handle the confused instances. The experiments using both synthetic and real datasets show that compared to the other classification algorithms for imbalanced data streams, CECIDS has higher evaluating indicator and more excellence integrated learning curve.

Accurate self-localization of mobile robots based on vision sensors PDF

Xiaoming Dong

Department of Information and TechnologyAnqingTeachers college, 128 Linghu SouthRoad, Anqing, Anhui province,China

Robot localization is a challenging problem in indoor environment since no GPS information is available. In this paper, an algorithm was proposed for accurate localization, which designed a delicate way to extract the feature points at first, then the position of the  robot was determined using the relation of the features in different images, finally, the Kalman filer was designed to decrease the error caused by robot’s moving. Experiments showed the accuracy and robustness of this algorithm.

Identification of the hatching egg before the incubation based on hyperspectral imaging and GA-BP network PDF

Zhihui Zhu1,2, Ting Liu1,2, Lirong Xiong1,2, Meihu Ma1,3

1National R&D Center for Egg Processing, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430070
2College of Engineering, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430070
3College of Food Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430070

The removal of the unfertilized egg from the hatching egg before the incubation could improve the efficiency of incubation. The identification of the unfertilized and fertilized eggs by hyperspectral imaging technology combined with GA-BP algorithm was proposed. The comparative analysis for the unfertilized and fertilized eggs was implemented by different pretreatment and principal component. In order to improve the performance of BP neural network, GA algorithm was used to optimize the network parameters. The application of GA-BP network was established the qualitative detection model. The results of the study showed that the MSC + SD pretreatment method was the most suitable for the model. The determination coefficient was 0.95, which indicated the optimized network model had a good generalization ability and high prediction precision with unfertilized eggs accuracy being 93%, fertilized eggs accuracy being 94%, the overall accuracy being 93.5%. The results indicated that the method of non-destructive identification for fertilized and unfertilized eggs based on hyperspectral imaging technology combined with GA-BP algorithm was feasible.

Mining multiple level association rules under weighted concise support framework PDF

Haiyan Zhuang, Gang Wang

Department of public security technology, Railway Police College, Zhengzhou450053, Henan Province, China

Association rules tell us interesting relationships between different items in transaction database. Traditional association rule has two disadvantages. Firstly, it assumes every two items have same significance in database, which is unreasonable in many real applications and usually leads to incorrect results. Secondly, traditional association rule representation contains too much redundancy which makes it difficult to be mined and used. This paper addresses the problem of mining weighted concise association rules based on closed itemsets under weighted support-significant framework, in which each item with different significance is assigned different weight. Through exploiting specific technique, the proposed algorithm can mine all weighted concise association rules while duplicate weighted itemset search space is pruned. As illustrated in experiments, the proposed method leads to better results and achieves better performance.

Data oriented workflow using semantic technologies PDF

Hui Bu, Ran Liu

School of Software, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, China

Scientific workflows are a topic of great interest in the Grid community that sees in the workflow model an attractive paradigm for programming distributed wide area Grid infrastructures. Scientific workflows have recently emerged as a new paradigm for scientists to formalize and structure complex and distributed scientific processes to enable and accelerate many scientific discoveries. In contrast to business workflows, which are typically control flow oriented, scientific workflows tend to be dataflow oriented, introducing a new set of requirements for system. In this paper, we consider a general workflow setting in which input data sets are processed by a graph of transformations to produce output results. Our goal is to perform efficient selective refresh of elements in the output data, i.e., compute the latest values of specific out-put elements when the input data may have changed. The data provenance is investigated to be used to enable efficient refresh. The proposed approach is based on capturing one level data provenance at each transformation when the workflow is run initially. Then at refresh time provenance is used to determine (transitively) which input elements are responsible for given output elements, and the workflow is rerun only on that portion of the data needed for refresh. The reported preliminary experimental results are developed on the overhead of provenance capture, and on the crossover point be-tween selective refresh and full workflow computation development.

A boundary knowledge field based data mining method PDF

Shan Feng

School ofComputer Science and Technology, Hubei Polytechnic University, China

Data mining (the analysis step of the "Knowledge Discovery in Databases" process, or KDD), an interdisciplinary subfield of computer science, is the computational process of discovering patterns in large data sets involving methods at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and database systems. Knowledge is the source of getting and keeping the strength of competence, knowledge becomes an important strategic resource at the age of knowledge economy. The way to facilitate knowledge transfer smoothly plays a critical role in determining the competence of an organization or organizational system. To explore the mechanism of knowledge transfer, the characteristics of sticky transfer (flow) is compared with the flow characteristics of viscous fluid, and the knowledge on the theories of field in physics, viscous fluid mechanics and boundary layer is employed and analysed in this paper. Firstly, the concept of boundary layer in the knowledge field is proposed to analyse the difference of knowledge stickiness in the knowledge field and describe the contradictory relationship between knowledge stickiness and liquidity. Secondly, based on the analysis of the knowledge transfer in the boundary layer, the dynamic mechanisms of sticky knowledge transfer are analysed from the three aspects of the knowledge potential difference force, the viscous force and the extern driving force. The rotation mechanism of knowledge in the knowledge field is discussed, and the dynamic model of the boundary layer of knowledge field is built. Finally, the phenomenon of knowledge flowing into and flowing out of boundary layer is discussed, and the knowledge transfer conservation equation in the boundary layer is constructed to describe the updating and appreciation of knowledge in the boundary layer of knowledge field.

Design of real-time clock based on ARM embedded system PDF

Lijuan Liao

College of Computer Science and Technology, TaiyuanUniversity of Technology, 030024, China

Real-time clock of ARM processor has disadvantages such as dependence on the processor, low interrupt level and unadjustable accuracy. Linux embedded system based on ARM processor is provided with independent real-time clock using X1227 real-time clock chip. In addition, the work presents transplant of uCLinux system in S3C2440A, procedure of system boot loader and frame of Linux character device driver, thus achieving design of RTC driver based on I2C protocol of uCLinux system.

Spatial and temporal mining method using GPS data PDF

Xiaolei Li

School of Electronic and Information, NingboDahongyingUniversity, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 315175, China

Geographic information has spawned many novel Web applications where global positioning system (GPS) plays important roles in bridging the applications and end users. Learning knowledge from users’ raw GPS data can provide rich context information for both geographic and mobile applications. However, so far, raw GPS data are still used directly without much understanding. Spatial-temporal data analysis plays an important role in many applications, including transportation infrastructure, border security and inland security. To analyse the moving patterns of vehicles on a road network, a measure for determining the similarity of vehicle trajectories with respect to space and time has to be defined. Although previous research has addressed the trajectory similarity problem, most of the studies focus on Euclidian distance instead of network distance. This paper deals with the variations in applying a spatial-temporal similarity measure with given Points of Interest (POI) and Time of Interest (TOI), treating spatial similarity as a combination of structural and sequence similarities that is evaluated using the techniques of dynamic programming. The similarity set thus formed will be used by the remote database to broadcast trigger-based messages to participating vehicles in a neighbourhood for future route- and information-sharing activities. The performance of the scheme is evaluated using experiments on standard real-life data.

An improved watershed algorithm for image segmentation PDF

Wenhong Wu1, Hengmao Niu1, 2

1Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Inner Mongolia, 010051, China
2Inner Mongolia Technical College of Construction, Inner Mongolia, 010070, China

Watershed transform is a key operator in image segmentation algorithms. However, the computation load of watershed transform is too large for real-time applications. Previously published watershed segmentation algorithms required at least three global synchronization points: minima detection, labelling and flooding. This paper presented an algorithm of watershed transformation based on opening-closing operation and distance transform. It improved the classical watershed segmentation algorithm based on distance transform, overcoming over segmentation. The experiment result demonstrated that this method for segmentation inherits the advantage of watershed algorithm based on distance transform that it successfully segment out each dowel in the image bringing convenience to computer vision and auto-counting of dowels. It also overcame over-segmentation existed in traditional watershed segmentation preserving the original edges of each dowel in the image completely. This algorithm can be combined with any image segmentation algorithm to give more precise segmentation results. An example is also shown by combining a background registration and change-detection-based segmentation algorithm with Watershed. This new video segmentation algorithm can give accurate object masks with acceptable computation complexity.

A hybrid multi-class text categorization based on SVM-DT PDF

Ying Fang1, 2, Heyan Huang1

1College of Computer, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China, 100081

2School of computer & technology, ShangQiu Normal College, ShangQiu HeNan, China, 476000

How to improve the text categorization efficiency as well as keeping high speed is a research problem. Several factors are effected the processing of the decision tree construction, such as, the degree, the balancing degree, the constructing way, the group number and the division degree between groups etc. Considered the various roles between the above factors, a comprehensive algorithm to construct the SVM-DT (Support Vector Machine - Decision Tree) is proposed. In this method, three conditions are considered respectively. The text categorization experiments on massive corpus demonstrate that the algorithm can improve the efficiency in some degree and decrease the training and testing time largely at the same time. The algorithm to construct the SVM-DT is feasible and adaptable.

Design of data acquisition node based on CAN bus PDF

Xuewen Yu

ShundePolytenchnic,Shunde, GuangdongProvince, 528300,China

Taking single chip microcomputer (SCM) STC90C58AD as control core, a universal CAN bus data acquisition node was designed using CAN bus controller SJA1000 and CAN bus transceiver PAC82C251. Also, the hardware circuit and software design of CAN bus communication were given. Before data collection, current signal has been I-V transformed, and voltage signal has been filtering processed and amplified. Such program is suitable for multi-sensor field data collection in industry.

Reducer optimization design based on chaotic particle swarm optimization (CPSO) PDF

Jiong Cai

PanzhihuaUniversity, Panzhihua, Sichuan, 617000, China

For the optimization design of two-stage gear reducer, an optimization mathematical model is built in this work to determine the objective functions and constraints. And chaotic particle swarm optimization (CPSO) is utilized to optimize these functions and constraints. Algorithm simulation is carried out based on CSPO algorithm steps, and the results are compared with particle swarm optimization (PSO). Simulation indicates that CSPO can optimize the results of PSO and achieve faster convergence rate.

TV image enhancement technology based on particle swarm optimization PDF

Lifang Yang, Lin Liu

Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering, Chongqing, 401331, China

Television images can be blurred and indistinct by noises in the acquisition and transmission process. Traditionally, control parameters of fuzzy enhancement algorithm are manually controlled, which leads to poor enhancement effect and efficiency. In this work, particle swarm optimization (PSO), due to its fewer parameters and global optimization capability, is combined with fuzzy enhancement algorithm for the optimization of fuzzy enhancement parameters. Simulation results show that PSO can make television images clearer and highlight in certain features, thus improving the visual effect of television images.

The automatic cutting algorithm of the plastic film based on image processing PDF

Daode Zhang, Yanli Li

School of Mechanical Engineering, Hubei University of Technology,Wuhan,China

This paper proposes an algorithm based on image processing to solve the dislocation problem when cutting the edge, which is in the light of the uneven edge and the wrong side phenomenon. First of all, the images of the plastic bag edge captured by the camera are pre-treated; then the image is enhanced by fuzzy contrast enhancement algorithm, which is aim to extract the creases contour; finally the edge of the image is detected used by the Canny operator to get the crease on the edge of plastic bag, the cutter position can be obtained by offset some distance from the creases. The research results show that this algorithm is very effective to solve the dislocation problem when cutting the plastic bag edge automatically.

The method of measurement for buried pipeline centerline based on data fusion PDF

Rui Li1,2, Qingshan Feng1, Maolin Cai2, Haijun Li3, Chenghai Liu1, Xiaoming Zhao1

1Petrochina Pipeline Company, Langfang 065000, China
2Automation Science and Electrical Engineering Collage of Beihang University, BeiJing, 100000, China
3China aviation thirty-three Department, Beijing, 100000, China

For the problem of long-distance oil and gas pipeline centerline measurement, a method of multi-sensor data fusion using the pipe centerline calculation is presented. The error model is set up by the system of navigation and nonlinear dynamic systems. Using the data of IMU and odometer to calculate the information of pig navigation. All of the errors were calculated by Kalman filter for estimation and compensation. It is concluded that the error for horizontal is 0.35m, the error for vertical is 0.74m for comparison of same pipeline centerline in different inspection time. One feature point is dug to verify the accuracy of the inspection which error is less than 1m. This method is effective for the buried pipeline to perform safely.

A hand gesture interaction system based on Kinect PDF

Weiqing Li, Zehui Lu, Shihong Shen

School of Computer Science& Engineering, Nanjing University of Science& Technology, Nanjing, China, 210094

We introduce a hand gesture interaction system using Kinect, which takes advantage of real-time dynamic motion capture, image recognition and so on, so that people can interact with computer by natural hand gestures. Five kinds of gesture are defined and can be recognized by the system. Kinect-based hand movements and gesture recognition algorithm is studied. A method for hand area image segmentation from the depth map is proposed, using the information of hand joints in skeleton map. We realized a hand gesture recognition algorithm with SVM and tested its stability and robustness. Finally, experimental results verified the feasibility of the algorithm, and a hand gesture interactive demonstration is implemented.

Robust volume data watermarking based on perceptual hashing PDF

Yujia Li, Jingbing Li

College of Information Science and Technology, Hainan University, Haikou, China, 570228

This paper proposed a perceptual hashing algorithm of robust blind watermarking method for volume data. Which address the problems of authentication and protection of personal information. The scheme obtains the feature vectors of volume data and quantizes them to generate the hash value of the volume data. By combining the concept of zero-watermarking, the algorithm for watermarking of volume data that is robust to geometric attacks. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm has good invisibility and robustness

The text image watermarking using arnold scrambling and DFT PDF

Fan Wu, Jingbing Li

College of Information Science and TechnologyHainan University,Haikou, China

With the popularization of Internet and the development at full speed of the multi-media technology, the copyright protection of digital works has already become the hot issue at present. Generally speaking, image, audio and video watermarking is comparatively similar in algorithm realization, with their redundancy, in which we can embed watermark. But other than the aforementioned, there is no redundancy to transfer secret info in text document. Nowadays, to embed watermark in text documents are limited to methods such as shifting the line and word, amending the characters' traits and disposing in the level of semantics. All these algorithms are not robust or lack of concealment, generally not serving the turn of Chinese text documents riffles. Based on the studies of the document digital watermarking methods and techniques, this dissertation presents that the problems of existed documents watermarking algorithms can be solved by Arnold Scrambling and DFT technique. The experimental results show that the scheme has strong robustness against common attacks and geometric attacks.

Opposite degree algorithm and its application in engineering data processing PDF

Xue-Chen Wang1, Xiao-Guang Yue1, Mostafa Ranjbar2, Sanjay Kumar Boddhu3, Maia Viera Cañiv4

1School Resources and Environmental Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, 430070Wuhan, China
2Department of Mechanical Engineering,Eastern Mediterranean University,Famagusta, TRNC via Mersin 10, Turkey
3Wright State University&Qbase Inc., Dayton,45505Ohio, USA
4Center for Environmental Studies of Cienfuegos, Cuba

In order to analysis and predict data, a new intelligent algorithm (opposite degree algorithm) is used for actual engineering example. The algorithm is based on concept of prior numerical, posterior values and opposite degree in the nature. The human’s languages have positive words and negative words. The matrix method can calculate the opposite degree and predict data by considering data’s relationship and opposite degree. At the same time, relevant results are obtained through the opposite degree calculation by using the data of coal and gas outburst. After the comparison of the actual results, the accuracy of prediction is 100%. The preliminary validation of opposite degree algorithm shows that the algorithm is basically feasible and effective. If this algorithm can be improved, it is expected to be applied in practical fields more widely.

A strategy of attribute reduction based on partition PDF

Hui Wang1, Tao Zheng1, Weiwei Zhang2


The attribute reduction is an important pre-processing step for data mining. In order to avoid striking equivalence classes repeatedly for positive region or information entropy reduction it is proposed to calculate attribute reduction by constructing partition directly. At the same time the judgments of the absolute reduction and the relative reduction based on the equivalent division are proved. And the data description quality for the relative reduction has been defined. It is shown that striking minimum relative reduction of decision table is in the cost of the relative decline of description quality for classification.

A path planning algorithm research for seeing eyes robot based on visibility graph algorithm PDF

Chao Chen, Jian Tang, Zuguang Jin

School of Mechanical Engineering,Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhen Jiang 212003, China

This paper presents a new indoor path planning algorithm for seeing eyes robot using the RFID system. Through combination of UHF radio frequency identification system and low radio frequency identification system to realize accurate positioning for robot. New algorithm combines the idea of visibility graph algorithm with A* search algorithm, which not only improves the efficiency of searching but also guarantees the feasibility of path planning at the same time. The simulation verify the effectiveness and feasibility of the method.

A framework to support flexible application collaboration in cloud computing PDF

Meng Xu, Qingzhong Li, Lizhen Cui

School ofComputer Science and Technology,Shandong University, China
Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Software Engineering, China

With the development of Internet, software has more and more collaborative trends. Collaboration application is becoming a new hotspot. Development of collaborative application process is complicated and need many technologies to realize it. It is difficult for an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) or a business department to provide all application modules of a whole collaboration application. Moreover it is difficult to integrate heterogeneous application module developed by different organizations (ISV or business department). According to the problems mentioned above, this paper proposes a PaaS platform framework to build collaboration application dynamically and flexibly. Such PaaS platform can provide the ability of application delivery deployment for organizations and provide the ability of collaboration application customization for end users.

Synchronization optimization under symmetry network PDF

Shaohua Tao, Meilian Li, Zhili Zhang

School of Information Engineering, Xuchang University, Xuchang City, 461000,PR.China

Rich symmetries have been found in many real networks, which is an extensive structural of networks. We study the relationships between synchronization and symmetry of network. One of fascinating problems related to symmetry network is how to optimization phase synchronization by employing symmetric structure. For this purpose, we optimize the network structure by symmetry properties of network, which is statistics the orbits of network. Nodes in the same orbit have similar properties, and then we reduce the network size by nodes in same orbit. We simulate the BA and SW model. The simulations result show that symmetry structure can optimize the network topology and can enhance phase synchronization of network.

Solution of compressed sensing for wide angle EM scattering analysis based on MFIE PDF

Xinyuan Cao, Mingsheng Chen, Bingbing Chen, Liangliang Cheng, Qi Qi

School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Hefei Normal University, Hefei, Anhui, China

Fast analysis of electromagnetic scattering problems over a wide incident angle is always a difficult problem in computational electromagnetics. Up to the present, almost all of the traditional numerical methods need to solve one discrete angle after another to finish calculating this kind of problem. In this paper, we propose a new method, which can fix it effectively by applying compressed sensing into method of moments for magnetic field integral equation. The theory and calculation process of the solution are described in detail in the paper, and by numerical experiments of different three dimensional objects, the accuracy and the efficiency of the algorithm are also discussed.

The influence and improvement of scanning speed to the line width in fused deposition manufacturing PDF

Zili He, Tingchun Shi, Biaobiao Gao

School of Life information and Instrument Engineering,Hang Zhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China

During the process of fused deposition manufacturing, the extruding speed and the scanning speed of nozzle don’t match in some path of large change in direction may lead the extrusion of material more or less than demand too much which causes accumulation of material or the lack of line width. The method of controlling FDM’s forming accuracy which is under the restrictions of the mechanical structure of the work platform is studied. By adjusting the extruding speed and measuring the line width on the work platform the width of forming line in process can be controlled in allowed range. The experiment results indicate that through controlling the speed of extruding motor the extrusion of material is controlled efficiently and the accuracy of molding is improved.

Query semantic data from relational database: an on-demand mapping approach PDF

Haifei Zhang

Schoolof Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Nantong Textile Vocational Technology College, CN-226007Nantong, China

One of the tasks for semantic web is to integrate large amounts of current information in relational database, which behind Web into machine-understandable RDF data model to form a "web of data". So relational database semantic query namely RDF access to relational database is an important issue in semantic web research. To realize the query is to build mapping relation between relational database schema and ontology. However, there is natural isomerism between them. The traditional method to eliminate the isomerism is to convert relational database schema into a similar ontology form and then to build all concepts and attributes mappings between conversion ontology and input ontology. This paper realized an on-demanding mapping method when users request query, avoided building all concepts and attributes mappings between conversion ontology and input ontology and improved mapping efficiency.

The study and design on the campus network surveillance PDF

Xu Bing, Yizhi Zhang

Chongqing Three Gorges University,Wanzhou Chongqing, China

In order of improving the efficiency of network administration, one of the most useful methods is to inspect and measure of the network traffic. By introducing technology relevant to network flow monitor and analysing monitor system of campus network flow, this paper brings forth collection of Campus network flow and statistic of network flow, adopting Visual C++ 6.0 technology to design structure of this plan. This paper also points the key technology and means to realize monitor system of campus network flow and monitor system of campus network flow. It is reliable and extensible to for realization of system to improve administrative function. It is easy to realize the function of collection of campus network flow and flow statistic.

A self-aware strategy for virtual machines placement on clouds PDF

Fen Guo1, Huaqing Min1, Ming Yin2

1School of Software Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou Higher Education mega center,510006, Guangzhou, China
2School of Automation, Guangdong University of technology, Guangzhou Higher Education mega center,510006, Guangzhou, China

Cloud computing is a new computing service mode, and virtualization is a key technology of it. A self-aware strategy (SAST) for Virtual machines (VMs) management on clouds is proposed which is multi-attributed weighted on the resources. It manages the virtual resource basing on the requests of users and the real-time state of the system dynamically. It consists of three phases: (1) monitoring the cloud performance including VMs and Physical Machines (PMs), with the data standardized; (2) measuring the cloud load balance value with the attribute weighted measurement model; (3) using the placement algorithm to choose the best appropriate PM to place the VM requested. The main contribution of the paper is that a cloud load balance measurement model is introduced and a VM scheduling strategy is proposed which includes the VMs placement optimization algorithm and the VMs dynamic migration algorithm. The SAST is tested on the simulation platform comparing with other traditional ones. As a result, we concluded that it guaranteed the SLA and achieved better load balance of cloud. And at the same time, it minimized the number of the started PMs on clouds to reduce energy consumption.

Searching security policy with acyclic directed graphs PDF

Xiaorong Cheng1, Sizu Hou2

1Department of Computer Science, North China Electric Power University, Baoding 071000, China
2Department of Electronic & Communication Engineering, North China Electric Power University, Baoding 071000, China

To improve the efficiency of policy searching, a method based on the use of a weighted directed graph is studied. Regarding security states as vertices and trigger conditions as edges, the security policy knowledge base can be described as an acyclic weighted directed graph. Firstly, the graph is divided into some areas with just has an initial state node and a termination state node. Secondly, weights for each edge are set according to trigger condition frequencies, and then the optimal path from the initial state node to the termination state node is found using the A* algorithm. Finally, all state nodes are reordered on the basis of their optimal path to build an adjacency matrix and conduct depth-first traversal to search policies. Experiments showed that this method improved policy search efficiency.

Design and implementation of an event correlation model in a network security linkage system PDF

Sizu Hou1, Xiaorong Cheng2

1Department of Electronic & Communication Engineering, North China Electric Power University, Baoding 071000, China
2Department of Computer Science, North China Electric Power University, Baoding 071000, China

Based on the shortcomings of poor compatibility, weak practicality, and low accuracy in current linkage systems, this paper designed a gradation of event correlation model with real-time response mechanism. It will be analyzing technology in data mining association rules is introduced to analyse the processing of security incidents. Then the system through the analysis of a large number of real-time data collecting all kinds of security devices found hidden in the data and related information to improve detection precision and safety accident treatment work. At last, apply this model into the system, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the model and priority.

Research on key technologies of medicine grain defect detection system based on machine vision PDF

Yueqiu Jiang, Yujun Wang, Hongwei Gao, Shuang Ma

School of Information Science and Engineering,Shenyang Ligong University,Nanping Str. 6, 110159Shenyang, China

In the process of medicine grain production may generate many kinds of defects. If these unqualified medicine granules are not timely detected, it will not only affect the company's reputation but also the health of the patient. This paper mainly studied how to detect the unqualified medicine grain base on machine vision. It mainly consists of three kinds of common defects segmentation and defect area calculation. Firstly, preprocess the medicine grain image for the following procedures. Secondly, obtain the defect region by improved segmentation algorithm, in order to deal with three different drugs grain defects this paper improved three segmentation algorithms, for the damaged tablets propose a local edge detection algorithm that based on grey level difference, for the irregular-shaped tablets adopts the ellipse detection algorithm, which based on Hough transform technology, for the Capsule has air uses the multi-scale Canny edge detection operator. Finally, adopt Chain code contour tracking algorithm and Three-point method calculate the area of the damaged tablets, determine whether the tablets meet the requirements. Experiments show that the system can detect unqualified medicine granule quickly and accurately, it is of great practical value.

Research on a regional innovation system: viewed from the degree distribution of complex networks theory PDF

Jiangbo Zheng

School of Management, Jinan University,Guangzhou, China

A Regional Innovation Systems is viewed as a special type of complex network in this paper, and the complex features of the entities in the system as well as the interactions between the entities are discussed in detail. Based on the Degree Distribution of Complex Networks theory, firstly this paper proves the feasible degree distributions in practical networks through mathematical reasoning and analysing. Then, an empirical case of degree distribution characteristics for the Regional Innovation System is tested by mean of calculating the Correlation Coefficient with the statistical data of Guangdong Province. Coupling Complex Networks Theory with these data and the practical conditions of Guangdong province, this paper sheds light on the insight of the calculating results. Such research shows that the methodologies and conclusions of this paper are proper.

A GPU-based simulation system for infrared images of deep space targets PDF

Weiqing Li, Ranran Xu, Mengyu Yuan

School of Computer Science& Engineering, Nanjing University of Science& Technology, Nanjing, China

In study of deep space targets recognition, infrared images of deep space targets are needed for repeat testing and evaluating. Since the limitation of deep space flight experiments, it is difficult to obtain sufficient infrared images under different conditions. Infrared image simulation technology is brought up to solve this problem efficiently. The principle of deep space targets infrared imaging was studied. Based on the infrared sensor’s optical properties, a hierarchical imaging model was built. The infrared camera and all the effects were simulated respectively, including motion trail of target and space objects, blurring, dispersion, blind elements, and noise. A mixed noise model was introduced by combining the random noise and Perling noise model. In the image simulating process, Graphic Processing Unit was used to produce noise image in real time. According to the reference photo of infrared sensors, infrared simulated images were evaluated using histogram distribution, the trend of intensity, and Signal to Noise Ratio, and the results show these images satisfied targets recognition algorithm.

Analysis based on computer graphic design and visual communication design PDF

Nan Yao1, Kaisheng Wang2, Jin Yu3

1JiangsuElectricPowerCompanyResearchInstitute, China
2YangzhouPowerSupplyCompany, China
3Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University, China

The development and application of computer graphic design and visual communication design greatly changes people’s life. Designers can use design tools, which are highly-advanced and professional to create a broader scope of design and design theme works. In our daily life, computer graphics technology is widely applied into various fields, such as the military, medical, communication, art etc. Computer graphics and image technology has been emphasized in the visual field, which improves the overall effect and the level of visual communication design to a large extent. This article mentioned the definition of the technology of computer graphics and the visual communication, then described the significance of realizing the visual communication design elements, and hoped the results will be helpful to relative fields.

Content of smart wireless sensor network security and its network security policy PDF

Xiehua Yu

Minnan Science and Technology Institute,Fujian Normal University, Fujian,362332, China

Wireless sensor network is generally composed by plenty of micro-sensors that arranged on designated area. The supervision of these sensor nodes is used to finish the collecting, disposing and uploading of vast information. However, the security of wireless sensor network has many problems, since the sensor node itself exists plenty of limitation. Aiming at the problems of smart wireless sensor network security as well as the analysis of wireless sensor network node easy been attacked, wiretapped and forged without safeguard, this paper put forward a security policy of smart wireless sensor network. Simple and useful intrusion detection policy was realized from a series of improvement of LEACH protocol of low-energy self-adaptation cluster routing protocol.

Duality for multi-objective semi-infinite programming with K-(Fb,p)- convexity PDF

Hong Yang

School of Mathematics and Statistics, Yulin College, Yulin719000, Shanxi, China

In this paper, some nonsmooth generalized convex functions called uniform   convex function, uniform   pseudoconvex function, uniform   quasiconvex function are defined using  directional derivative and  subdifferential. Nonsmooth multi-objective semi-infinite programming involving these generalized convex functions is researched, some Mond-Weir type duality results are obtained.

A role-based security information flow model in grid environment PDF

Yihe Liu1, Shuang Zhang1, 2, Yuping Qin2 

1College of computer science, Neijiang Normal University, Neijiang, 641000, China

2The engineering & technical college of Chengdu university of technology, Leshan, 614000, China

Security is an important component of a grid, and it directly affects the development of the grid and the practical application of the grid system software. According to the practical application problem (namely realization of the role-based management) in the role management occurring in the information application system of my school, a role-based security information flow model is proposed from the point of view of guaranteeing the information security. In this paper, the object concept in the general network environment is expended, and the organization security classification of an object and relation between the security classification and the role set are used to classify the security and define the strategy for information flow, finally a security information flow model based on the grid environment is presented. The safe classify of the object is divided by the related information of role set, the organization security classifications, and classifications etc. At the same time, the information flow role is described. A new secure information flow model based on rules and grid environment is described using these methods. It is proven from strict mathematical justification that the new model satisfies properties of the finite lattice and least upper bound operator, and it is reasonable and safe. Furthermore, it is an extension of the BLP model and the role-based information flow model as well as extension of the security information flow model in the general network environment. Therefore, it is significant to the study of grid security.

Operation Research and Decision Making

Fashion colour forecasting based on BP neural network PDF

Xiaohong Kong1, Lixia Chang2, Junpeng Xu1

1School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Henna Institute of Science and Technology, China, 453003, Henan, China

2School of Fashion, Henna Institute of Science and Technology, China, 453003

Fashion colour forecasting is a hot issue in fashion industry and also a hard problem because of much uncertain information. Utilizing strong mapping capability of BP Neural Network (BPNN) for nonlinear function, this paper investigated the forecasting model of fashion colour. Based on colour data of recent several years, the forecasting model for future colour trend is discussed and built. The historical data are input to train the Neural Network weights and the different parameters of BPNN were investigated to find how to affect the forecasting performance. The results demonstrate the algorithm is very efficient in colour forecasting and can approximate nonlinear relationship of fashion colour very close.

Gender impact on the identification based on EEG PDF

Jinghai Yin, Zhendong Mu

Institute of Information Technology, Jiangxi University of Technology, Nanchang 330098, China

To study the genders impact on identification, this paper analysis the electroencephalograph (EEG) of eight male subjects and seven female subjects. In order to reduce the noise signal interference, the high pass and low pass were used to cut extra frequencies, and in order to prominent the feature signal, the power spectrum method was used to convent the time domain signal to frequency domain, and then fisher distance was used to extraction the feature. All EEG signal was acquired by neurescan, and the EEG signal was evoked by VEP method used subjects photo. The experiment was divided into three models: all subjects were the same sex, added some opposite sex, added some stranger. The analysis results show, to model 1, the correct recognition rate for male subjects, average is 88.50, and this for female, average is 92.51%; the false recognition rate for male subjects, average is 30.84%, and this for female, average is 27.67%,this result indicates VEP can be used as identification tool, the results of model 2 and model 3 show weather opposite sex or stranger should affect the correct recognition rate, but to male subject, the opposite sex effect is greater than stranger, to female, the result were reversed. The results also show noise photo affected female lower than male.

Sport service evaluation of urban community based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation PDF

Zhengmei Lin1, Jiwei Yao2

1 Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, Fuqing Branch of Fujian Normal University, Fuqing 350300, Fujian, China

2Physical Education Institute, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Xiangtan 411201, Hunan, China

Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation refers to a comprehensive assessment method based on fuzzy mathematics through quantifying the factors difficult to quantify with obscure boundaries and using the principle of fuzzy relation synthetic. Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation can comprehensively evaluate the object system involving fuzzy factors and is widely applied in the fields of economy and society. This paper takes new public service theory as the research perspective; designs evaluation index system which can comprehensively reflect sport development level of urban community applies fuzzy comprehensive evaluation to evaluate sport development level of urban community in Hunan province and provides the evaluation process. The evaluation results show leadership organization and team construction of the urban community fail to develop to certain level and that the health index of community residents is slightly low. This paper presents suggestions to improve this situation.

An evaluation approach based on word-of-mouth for trust models in recommendation systems PDF

Feng Jiang1, 2, Min Gao3, 4, Hui Xia3, Qingyu Xiong3, 4, Junhao Wen3, 4

1College of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University, Chongqing, 400044, China
2College of Construction Engineering, Chongqing Technology and Business Institute, Chongqing, China
3School of Software Engineering, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400044, China
4Key Laboratory of Dependable Service Computing in Cyber Physical Society, Ministry of Education, Chongqing 400044, China

Recommendation systems have been recognized as an effective approach to heavy information load. In recommendation systems, trust/reputation has attracted increasing attention because it helps to improve the precision of recommendation and the robustness of systems to shilling attacks. Recommendation system oriented trust models, mostly rating-based, used to build the reputation and trustiness among users. They are often evaluated in terms of how accurately they help to predict user ratings and how robustly they resist shilling attacks. However, those evaluation techniques disregard the trust values themselves: how accurately they calculate the trust values themselves is not measured. To solve the problem, in this work, we propose an approach to measure the trust values based on electronic word-of-mouth (eWoM) theory. The eWoM believes a user is reliability if he is of good public praise. In our approach, firstly, according to eWoM, the reliability value of a user can be judged by other users' votes - whether the user's ratings or feedbacks are positive or negative. Secondly, the trust values of users can be calculated by a trust model. Finally, we compare trust values and reliability values. As a case study, we propose a simple rating-based trust model and then evaluate the trust model based on the proposed evaluation approach and Amazon dataset.

Application of principal component analysis in fire risk prediction of stadium PDF

Huajie Chen1, Mingchang Liu2

1 Physical Education Department, Jinggangshan University, Jian 343009, Jiangxi, China

2 Department of Physical Education, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan 430070, Hubei, China

The security of stadium is one of the problems increasingly concerned by people. Among various security problems, the fire risk of stadium is the most important. By using principal component analysis (PCA) and combining the influencing factors of risk prediction of stadium, several influencing factors of the fire risk of stadium are evaluated and analysed, then the uppermost principal component factors are selected, the inconspicuous components are eliminated, the influence of relevant factors on the fire risk prediction of stadium is analysed, and the correlation of various indicators with fire risks of stadium is understood to find the potential best security management prediction system, for the purpose of taking pertinent prediction measures of fire accident risks to overcome the unfavourable factors in the security management, and ensure the safe and normal operation of stadium as well as the personal and property security of sporters.

Application of factor analysis in risk evaluation of basketball arena project construction PDF

Ronghui Hu

Physical Education Institute, Hunan University of Technology, Zhuzhou 412007, Hunan, China

In basketball arena project construction, the project safety is an important topic. Aimed at the current situation of basketball arena project construction, the risk factors in the project construction are evaluated from the aspect of factor analysis method and the data in the process are processed according to relevant theory of factor analysis method and by virtue of SAPP software, so as to verify the scientific reasonableness of the method. In addition, in the process of evaluation, the subjectivity is linked with the objectivity in combination with the reality to provide main basis for the safety risk problems in the basketball arena project construction, which is beneficial for the safety management in the project construction. The application of factor analysis method in the basketball arena project construction can provide some new thoughts for other analysis methods, so as to enhance the theoretical research basis for the factor analysis method.

Short-term traffic flow forecast of highway network based on chaos time series method PDF

Hao Zhang

Department industrial engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 100084

With the construction of the highway network and the growing traffic flows, demand for real-time control and guiding service have become increasingly prominent. As for short-term forecast of highway network, it is not only the basis and foundation of the real-time control and guiding service for traffic flows, and the precise forecast result will have a magnificent impact on improving the traffic capacity and service levels. This paper builds a short-term traffic flows forecast model for highway network based on chaotic time series analysis and prediction theory. The forecast of the traffic flows in given areas can be calculated. Results show that this model is feasible and has a high accuracy.

Optimization of industrial structure configuration based on fruit fly optimization algorithm PDF

Sujiao Liu

School of Philosophy and Public Administration, Henan University, Kaifeng, Henan, 475000, China

Establishing the mathematical optimization model of Shangqiu’s agricultural structure from three aspects - economy, ecology and society, the agricultural industry structure in Shangqiu is regarded as the research object, utilizing fruit fly optimization algorithm to solve the mathematical model. Simulation results show that fruit fly optimization algorithm can solve the optimal solution for Shangqiu’s agricultural industry structure to achieve the maximum benefits, thus providing the decision-making basis for adjustment and development of Shangqiu’s agricultural structure.

Investigation of the strategic alignment in public sector organisations using knowledge based strategy PDF

Shuwen Ma

Hangzhou College of Commerce, Zhejiang Gongshang University, 310012, Hangzhou, China

Ageing workforce is one of the critical challenges a public sector organisation is facing and will face more terribly. The cost of knowledge loss can have huge impact on the bottom line of business. A major issue facing Public Sector Organisations (PSOs) in recent times has been the increasing pressure to demonstrate value from investments in Information Technology (IT). One omnipresent but often overlooked solution is Strategic Alignment (SA) between corporate business objectives and IT initiatives as achieving SA remains one of the more enduring challenges for organisations. Moreover, deriving value from IT investments through SA requires both IT and business executives to foster synergies between their respective areas, which contributes to increased organisational performance. Conversely, business-IT misalignment may eventually lead to failure in achieving business goals. Shared Domain Knowledge (SDK) is a key factor within the social dimension of SA and is concerned with the level of knowledge business and IT have of each other’s to each other’s missions, objectives, and plans. This paper presents findings from a study which investigated the influence of SDK on SA within organisations in the Australian public sector. The developed research model examined SDK between business and IT professionals as a factor that would potentially influence SA. The findings suggest that increased levels of SDK between professionals from the business and IT domains leads to more efficient SA in PSOs.

Evaluation of e-commerce website based on fruit fly algorithm optimization RBF algorithm PDF

Gang Lu

School of Management Science and Engineering, Shijiazhuang University of Economics, Shijiazhuang 050031, China

The feature and various index properties of E-commerce website are considered as a whole by applying the expert grading method, with the construction of the multi-index hierarchical structure of an E-commerce website competitiveness index evaluation and the establishment of an E-commerce website competiveness index evaluation index system. The competiveness level of the website is quantified after calculating the competiveness index of the E-commerce website. On this basis, this work adopted Radial Basis Function (RBF) neural network algorithm to perform evaluation research on the competiveness index of E-commerce website. Aiming at the problems exist in the evaluation research, this work tried to use Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm (FOA) to perform improvement on the RBF neural network algorithm. Through the simulation and comparison of practical examples, FOA-RBF algorithm is obviously better than RBF neural network algorithm when the E-commerce website competiveness index is calculated and evaluated, thus the validity and reliability of calculating method presented in this work are verified.

Web search engine based trend analysis of electronic commerce market PDF

Zihui Yang

School of Traffic & Transportation Engineering, Central South University, Changsha Normal University, China

Google Trends offer weekly free information about internet searches. Users can see and download search volume patterns for the search term and the information is available by the category and by the location of those making the search. Also, Google provides “Hot searches” and “Top charts” including top and rising searches that include the search term. All these information is up to date as it provides weekly figures for a period up to and including the current week. In here, the proposed methods present a predictive model for Electronic Commerce market using the searched data in Google search engine (Google Trend data). Through the predictive model for the market and analysis of the Google Trend data, the proposed methods can get an efficient and meaningful result for the Electronic Commerce market, also we can enforce the marketing on highly ranked countries and cities. Those are very useful information for the Electronic Commerce manufacturers.

Impacts of tourist destination image on place attachment and tourist loyalty PDF

Hong-Liang Qiu

Department of Business Administration, Tourism College of Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 311231, China

Although the importance of tourist destination image as a tool to enhance tourist loyalty is commonly acknowledged, prior research on the relationship between tourist destination image and tourist loyalty is not in-depth. Drawing on place attachment theory, a model depicting the relationship among tourist destination image, place attachment and tourist loyalty is constructed. Using the sample of 337 inbound tourists from Japanese and Korean and the structural equation modeling method, the empirical results reveal that:  1) Landscape image, merchandise image and facility image have positive effects on affective image. Landscape image and merchandise image significantly and directly affect place attachment while partially mediating the effect of affective image. Service image has a direct effect on place attachment. Facility image has an indirect effect on place attachment. Facility image significantly and directly affects tourist loyalty while partially mediating the effect of place attachment. 2) Affective image has a direct effect on place attachment and it is an antecedent of tourist loyalty while completely mediating the effect of place attachment.

Deployment algorithm based on dynamic multi-populations particle swarm optimization for wireless sensor networks PDF

Lei Hong

School of Information Technology, Jinling Institute of Technology, Nanjing 211169, China

Aiming at improving coverage rate and reducing coverage holes of wireless sensor networks, this paper proposes a deployment algorithm based on dynamic multi-populations particle swarm optimization. K-Means clustering algorithm is employed to divide the network into several sub-populations dynamically, which could weaken particles on the pursuit of local optima, realize the improvement of basic PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithm, and solve the “premature” problem of basic PSO algorithm effectively. In addition, it also accelerates the convergence of the algorithm. Simulation results show that this deployment algorithm can improve the network coverage rate effectively. Comparing with the conventional particle swarm optimization algorithm, its coverage rate is increased by 3.66%.

Financial contagion dynamics and fragility assessment of industrial complex network PDF

Bao Wu

1China Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises, Zhejiang University of Technology, Chaowang Rd. 18, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R. China

2Zhejiang Economic &Trade Polytechnic, Xueling st.108, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R. China

The paper proposed a mathematical modelling of financial contagion dynamics that is tightly linked to systematic risk of industrial complex network. And the paper provides a practical method to assess fragility of industrial complex network in the context of financial contagion. To examine its function, an experimental analysis based on real data set of a Chinese textile industrial network is conducted. The experimental analysis shows that the method proposed in the paper is effective ad reliable, and is capable to assess fragility of industrial complex network in the context of financial contagion.

Study of collaborative relations through “Daily Maersk” service in China PDF

Han Jingwei1,2, Owen Liefung Yue3

1Beijing Jiaotong University, No. 3, Shangyuan Village Haidian District, Beijing, China

2Waterborne Transport Research Institute of Ministry of Transport of PRC, No 8,Xitucheng Road,Haidian District, Beijing, China

3Hong Kong Logistics Association, LG1, HKPC Building 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Maersk Line has recently introduced a daily service in Asia-Europe route. This new service will bring in a revolutionary impact on the current fixed schedule shipping service in China. There are different views from China market on such daily service since the daily Asia-Europe service route calls mainly China’s ports. Through the study of the ‘daily Maersk’ from 5 perspectives, namely shipping market demand, the required basic port infrastructure, relevant Government policies and regulations, operational aspects and low carbon emission, it is possible to reveal a kind of ‘collaborative relations’ in the China fixed schedule shipping market. The analysis adopts a qualitative approach via a questionnaire survey of selected experts. With the support of a theoretical mathematical model, it is possible to quantify the collaborative relations in different development phases in China. The study concludes that there are 3 broad phases of the development of collaborative relations and the current daily service emerges in the ‘new development era’ phase. It is because there are sufficient freight and adequate port infrastructure. The daily service outperforms the general industry practice under the "Rotterdam Rules" on carrier's responsibility and liability and injects contemporary logistics management concepts in the industry. Moreover, it is in the same pace of current China’s requirements on energy saving and carbon emission reduction targets.

Empirical analysis on influencing factors of capital structure of China's real estate listed company: evidence from Chinese listed company PDF

Zhuo Yang1, Hong-liang Qiu2

1School of Business Administration, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou, China

2Department of Business Administration, Tourism College of Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China

Capital, the guarantee for normal operation of an enterprise, is crucial to production. Therefore, optimizing the capital structure has been an important task in the development of enterprises. Combining with VAR model, this paper selects 7 factors, which are profitability, operation ability, the current debt servicing ability, development ability, tax, strategic position and the assets structure, so as to make an exploratory study on the capital structure of Chinese real estate industry, based on the data from June 2002 to December 2012. The study shows that the Liquid ratio and the gross profit are of great effects on the capital structure of a listed company.

Research on the performance measurement model of knowledge management based on Grey relational analysis PDF

Liming Yang, Yanwen Wang, Xiuju Gao

College of Finance, Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, P.R. China

Performance measurement of knowledge management is a decision-making analysis project that involves multiple complex factors, levels and fuzzy uncertain information. On the basis of analysis of influence factors of knowledge management performance measurement, the study established an evaluation index system of enterprise knowledge management performance. Meanwhile, by combining grey relational analysis method and Euclidean distance measurement, a performance measurement model of knowledge measurement was established. Via standardization of different types of evaluation indexes of knowledge management performance, Euclidean distances of standardized evaluation indexes of knowledge management performance and the grey relational coefficients based on Euclidean distances were established respectively. Then the weighted grey correlations of evaluation indexes of knowledge management performance were obtained. In this way, evaluation analysis of enterprise knowledge management performance was realized. Finally, the model and algorithm was tested with a case study. The result proves that the method of combining grey relational analysis and Euclidean distance is efficient and has its application value in performance evaluation of knowledge management.

Corporate growth, liquidity assets value and financing decision PDF

Yaqin Lu1, Cunzhi Tian2, Yi Wu2

1Economic Research Institute, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, 650221, Kunming, Yunnan, China

2Faculties of Management and Economics, Kunming University of Science and Technology, 650093, Kunming, Yunnan, China

Based on the external financing analysis framework under asymmetric information, this paper analyzes the influence of corporate growth on liquid assets value and financing decision. Both of the theory and numerical calculations show that liquid assets value would increase with the increasing in corporate growth. For the reinvestment decision in the case of higher reinvestment demand, if the price of liquidity assets is higher than value, it is optimal not to reinvest; if the price is lower than value, it is optimal to reinvest; if the price is equal to value, there is no difference found in reinvesting or not.

Identification and application of investors’ risk appetite-based on the analysis of risk allocation of China multi-layer capital market system PDF

Xiaoyuan Geng1, Yongde Wang1

1School of Accountancy, HeiLongjiang Bayi Agricultural University, Daqing, 163319, China

In order to measure investors' risk appetite more accurately, from the focus on the investors’ demand for the capital market, this article deduces the utility level of investors in the capital market by the inverse of the investor demand (only when the demand function satisfies integrablility, then it will be deduced the utility function inversely), and thus measure and identify the investors' risk appetite. While based on this theory approach, the paper empirically analyses the risk allocation of China multi-layer capital market, and the results show that: risk allocation of China multi-layer capital market system is non Pareto efficient, the risk allocation of each market does not meet the structure of multi-layer capital market established, but these problems can be improved by adjusting the market trading mechanisms.

The Decision of Scrap Reverse Logistics Operation Mode for Steel Enterprises Base on Evolutionary Game Theory PDF

Yan Li, Fuyu Wang

Department of Industrial Engineering,Anhui University of technology, Maanshan, China, 243032

This paper discusses how steel enterprises choose the appropriate scrap reverse logistics operation mode from self-operation mode and the third party mode. To solve the problem, evolutionary game theory is used to research the game relation of cooperation between steel enterprises and the third -party enterprises. Firstly, the replication dynamic equations of both players are build based on payoff matrix. Secondly, the evolutionary stable strategies are acquired by stability analysis on evolution dynamic process of the game two players. Finally, combined with numerical simulation, some factors that impact stable strategy choice are analyzed such as initial state of system, extra income and risk cost of cooperation, invested initial cost and loss for cooperation. The conclusion provides theoretical reference for steel enterprises selecting scrap reverse logistics mode.

A Scientific and Research Performance Evaluation model of Institutes of Higher Learning Based on Multilevel Fuzzy Comprehensive Decision Analysis PDF

Biao Song

Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology

Scientific and research performance is an important part of the evaluation on the overall strength and the ability to achieve sustainable development of institutes of higher learning. With the purpose to deal with the multi-attribute, multilevel and fuzziness, this paper constructs a scientific and research performance evaluation system for institutes of higher learning and proposes an evaluation model based on multilevel fuzzy comprehensive decision analysis. After indicators are standardized, we can get the fuzzy nearness by fuzzy comprehensive decision analysis and Analytical Hierarchy Process for evaluating various schemes. It provides support for the analysis of teaching ability, research ability and the sustainable development of institutes of higher learning.

Social welfare, climate change and strategy selections for developing countries PDF

Liao Yiqin, Chen Xun

School of Economics and Business Administration, Chongqing University, 400044, Shapingba Chongqing China.

This paper introduces external effect of carbon emission in social welfare function, constructs two-stage trade game among three countries, analyzes partially equilibrium output of the three countries and then discusses the influences of different carbon tax policies on social welfare in each country. The study shows it is more effective for developing countries to adopt strategies about founding free trade area and domestic carbon tax collection, up to a higher social total welfare lever, when they face carbon border tax adjustments (BTAs) from developed countries under Nash game conditions. By further studying, the efficiency of domestic carbon tax policy depends on the carbon intensity relation of each country; a higher relative intensity of carbon abroad decreases the negative external effect value caused by the carbon emissions.

An evaluation model of sustainable development of sports tourism industry based on matter-element theory PDF

Guishen Yu

Henan Institute of Science and Technology, Xinxiang, Henan, China

The sustainable development of sports tourism industry is concerned with many factors. Its evaluation is a complex system engineering. This paper studies the complexity and diversity of factors that influence the sustainable development of sports tourism industry and proposes an evaluation model of sustainable development based on matter-element theory. An indicator system is put in place. Evaluation indicators of classical field matter-elements model, section domain matter-element model and evaluation objects matter-element model are constructed based on matter-element theory. Different methods of calculating extension degree are adopted according to characteristics of the evaluation objects matter-element model to calculate the comprehensive extension degree between evaluation objects matter-element model and classical field matter-elements model. This extension degree refers to the layer of sustainable development capability of evaluation objects. It will provide strategic support for the development of sports tourism industry. Case study has proved that the model and the algorithm are effective.

A method of relative Grey relation degree combined with combination weights for materials selection PDF

Xiqin Wen1, 2 , Kaibo Wu2, Anhua Peng1, 2

1Engineering Training Center, Huaihai Institute of Technology, 59 Cangwu Road, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China

2School of Mechatronic Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology, 1 University Road, Xuzhou, China

The quality and cost of a product rely heavily on suitable material selection, and therefore the ability to select the most appropriate material for a given application is the fundamental challenges faced by the design engineer. The general grey relational analysis (GRA) has three weaknesses, (i) the weight determination depends only on expert judgments, (ii) the qualitative indexes are simply quantified with exact numbers, and (iii) the general GRA only takes into account the relationship between the imaginarily best material and the candidate materials. Weights were determined by combining subjective and objective weights based on maximum deviation, the qualitative indexes were fuzzily quantified through trapezoidal fuzzy numbers (TFNs), and then ranked alternatives according to relative grey relation grade. The illustrative example showed that the results matched well with that using WAA and TOPSIS, proved the proposed method reasonable and trustworthy. And therefore the proposed method possesses important application values.

An analysis of landscape characteristics of urban rivers – with the case of Chengdu PDF

Jian Zhang, Zhongwei Shen, Hao Shen

School of Architecture, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Urban river landscape is a key ecological regulating system in cities, attracting increasing attention from people. Our research con­duc­ted a systematic and comprehensive research of landscape characteristics of main rivers in Chengdu from some new perspectives, including the city in the large, city location and Single River. This research is intended to better understand the landscape structure along main rivers in Chengdu, to facilitate the evaluation of macro-regional ecological environment, and to provide references for the study of regional ecological environment.

Analysis of flood disasters from 206 BC to 1949 in China PDF

Zhenhua Liu

Department of Municipal Engineering, Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Hangzhou, China, 310018

Flood disasters produces not only direct economic losses but also serious environmental problems, the government attaches great importance to flood disasters prevention from ancient times to the present. A variety of analytic methods are adopted, for example mathematical model analysis, chart analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis. Some mathematical models are constructed by means of statistical analysis of historical data for flood disasters, such as mathematical model for flood cycle each dynasty. There are the following results. First, there are 1037 times flood disasters from 206 BC to 1936, once every 2.07 years. According to analysis of mathematical model for flood cycle each dynasty from 206 BC to 1936, the flood cycle is the declining concave curve, except for the Five Dynasties. Second, in modern history, the most number of catastrophic floods is the Yellow River reaching 8 times, the Yangtze River 5 times. Finally, water pollution caused by floods can not be ignored. In 2012 92 percent of untreated rural sewage was discharged dispersedly.The vast majority of pollution load on the ground runs into directly riverway through stormwater runoff. Water wells are easily contaminated for germs and parasite. We should pay attention to water pollution caused by floods and com­bine organically flood control with water environment protection.The government coordinates closely ideas, rule of law, tech­nology and investment with rural residents for governing rural sewage to reduce the risk of water pollution caused by floods.

Application of fuzzy mathematics models in hospital management evaluation PDF

Mei Sun1, 2, Hui Feng2, Siyuan Tang2, Ziqiang Luo3

1Postdoctoral research station of school of basic medicine, Central south university, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China, 410013

2Nursing School of central south university, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China, 410013

3School of basic medicine, central south university, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China, 410013

To formulate a hospital management evaluation system and conduct empirical research, Delphi, analytic hierarchy process, and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation are used to build a hospital management evaluation system and conduct hospital management empirical research. And then a hospital management evaluation system is built. This system contains five first-level indices, namely, admini­strative management, human resource management, medical management, financial management and logistical support, and 23 second-level indices. Empirical research shows that the comprehensive evaluation of hospital management is above average and that service quality and infrastructure construction have the highest and lowest evaluation scores, respectively. This evaluation system is an effective tool for studying hospital management. Chinese hospital management requires further improvement, especially in terms of infrastructure construction.

Chengdu River status and cause analysis PDF

Jian Zhang, Zhongwei Shen, Hao Shen

School of Architecture, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Focusing on the basic model of the riverside landscape of Chengdu’s five major rivers, this paper conducts contrastive analysis on the model characteristics of urban riverside landscape, location of the city where it locates and the urban construction status and explains in detail about the relation between the formation reasons of urban riverside landscape and the level of urbanization development. It discusses the effect of urban development and residents demand on urban riverside landscape design so as to perfect the design thought about it.

Coal mining subsidence data extraction and verification in a high groundwater area based on Landsat-8 imagery and subsidence prediction PDF

Wu Xiao1, 3, Guanghua Yang1, Yaoqi Yang2

1Institute of Land Reclamation & Ecological Restoration, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), D11 Xueyuan Road, Beijing, China

2School of Economics, Peking University, 5 Xiheyuan Road, Beijing, China

3State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining, China University of Mining & Technology (Beijing), D11 Xueyuan Road, Beijing, China

Coal is the main energy resource in China, with its extraction and utilization playing an important role in national economic develop­ment. However, coal mining may be causative with respect to critical land subsidence and damage to land. The eastern plain coal mining region of China represents an example of overlapping crop cultivation and coal extraction, and is considered a coal mining area characterized by a high water table. Accordingly, declining ground elevation and seasonal water logging of land due to mining subsidence have become major concerns within the region. Based upon the existing procedure for land reclamation planning, both land damage boundaries and land damage magnitude were determined for the region via subsidence prediction and vertical displacement, respectively. In the current study, a coal mine in Shandong province was employed as a case study area with the following work phases implemented: 1) subsidence prediction was implemented, with land damage magnitude demarcated via the proposed standard; 2) mining induced water area and wetland was extracted via use of remote sensing; 3) comparative analyses of the aforementioned methodologies were undertaken, with a revised methodology proposed for effective provision of improved land damage demarcation. Results indicate that land subsidence at Dongtan coal mines during May 2013 was 1616.70 hm2, of which categorically mild, moderate, and severe lands were 22.54 hm2, 257.67 hm2, and 436.49 hm2, respectively.

Computational model of implicit interaction for entertainment PDF

Wei Wang, Xiaodan Huang

School of Information & Electrical Engineering, Hebei University of Engineering, Hebei Handan 056038, China

Implicit interaction between human and computer is worthy of being researched, especially in the entertainment application. The reason is that in order to be more natural, computers need to interact and collaborate with persons actively. For this purpose, a computational model of implicit interaction is proposed and applied to a computer for entertainment. Firstly, emotional Hidden Markov Model (eHMM) as a part of the computational model of implicit interaction is researched. Then, three parts of ACT-R cogni­tive architecture are integrated into it to apply for entertainment. Finally, some experiments are carried out with styles of game pro­cess recording. Results indicate that the proposed model is helpful to make computers more active and adaptive to persons by adjust­ting entertainment process, which illustrates a good prospect of application.

Construction quality risk management of projects on the basis of rough set and neural network PDF

Jianbing Liu, Fang Guo

School of Economics and Management, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China, 341000

Construction quality associated with the life of construction enterprises. Risk assessment of construction quality referred to a comprehensive evaluation of the degree of risk confronting construction units during the construction process. Construction units provide a decision-making basis for employers and supervisors, who considered the evaluations of construction quality and accidents in their decisions. The risk factors of construction project quality were classified into personal risk and material risk and machinery and equipment risk and method risk and environment risk. On the basis of these factors, we constructed an index system of project construction quality risk. The risk evaluation model of project construction quality was constructed on the basis of rough sets and neural networks. Finally, a case study residential building projects in the Ganzhou Development Zone and research tools of Rosetta based on rough sets and MATLAB7.0 based on neural networks were used to test model accuracy and reason ability. Empirical results showed that the model has great practical significance.

Dynamic modelling of container transport modes between inland terminals and seaports PDF

Lingyun Zhou1, Youheng Huang2

1School of Traffic Engineering, Huaiyin Institute of Technology, Huaian City, Jiangsu Province, China, 223003

2School of Transportation and Logistics, Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China, 410004

Container transport has played an important role in international trade. This paper mainly focuses on the container transport modes selection between inland terminals and seaports through a comprehensive comparison of multiple decision factors. According to the multi-object fuzzy mathematics decision-making theory and the container transport processes, the main factors influencing the container transportation mode decision are analyzed. Moreover, a fuzzy decision model of container transport modes between inland terminals and seaports is built by introducing varied weight factors. Thereafter, the proposed model for the final selection of container transport modes between Changsha city and Shanghai harbor is demonstrated through an illustrative example. The results of this example indicate that the model can reflect dynamically importance degrees of related decision factors and different demands of decision makers, and this approach provides a more accurate, effective, and systematic decision support tool for the optimized intermodal mode selection between inland terminals and seaports.

Location of petitive basketball athletes based on RSR comprehensive evaluation method PDF

Xiaohua Ma

Institute of Physical Education, Taishan University, Taian City, Shandong Province, China, 271000

Rank sum ratio (RSR) positions each research index to superior or inferior index, conducts rank allocation of these indices in all evaluation objects according to rank principles, sorts them, and carries out grading according to the RSR value. In this way, the superior and inferior indices can be clearly determined. For complex open sports, good sport decisions can make each member give play to their strong points to achieve good results. However, most existing research methods belong to non-quantitative research methods. Research on the location of competitive basketball athletes is rare. This study adopts RSR comprehensive analysis method to assess examination indices for 15 members in a basketball team of a college to select the members that are most suitable for five locations in basketball competitions and corresponding benches and candidates. A general method is provided to decide the location of commercial basketball athletes.

Management information system for college track and field games on the basis of infrared radio-frequency technique PDF

Wenxin Xu1, Jiwei Yao2

1Institute of Physical Education and Sport Science, Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou 350007, Fujian, China

2Physical Education Institute, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Xiangtan 411201, Hunan, China

College track and field sports involve numerous participants and events. Moreover, recording and announcement jobs are complex. The requirements for accuracy and precision are high. The traditional manual management mode cannot adapt to development needs. Based on the advantages of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) such as no-barrier read, remote penetration, speed scanning, large memory space, anti-pollution capacity, durability, diversified shapes, reusability, and good security, an RFID-based infrared radiofrequency technique is designed to achieve automatic identity verification for athletes and to construct a complete score management information system. An automatic check mode is used to identify athletes by combining an ID card, a card reader, and a computer. This mode can rapidly identify the personal information of athletes and prevent cheating. This system has important significance for improving management level and reducing manpower.

Models for measuring and predicting value creation during merger and acquisitions: a study of bank industry PDF

Guo-yi Chen

Chongqing three gorges university, Wanzhou City, Chongqing, China, 404120

This paper employs event study methodology with a 36-day event window to assess the value effects of the US bank mergers occurring between 1994 and 2003. A 38-transaction sample is chosen from the top fifty US bank mergers (according to the assets of targets) occurred during the period from 1994 to 2003. Through analysis, result indicates that the average cumulative abnormal return of the bidders in the chosen sample is negative (-0.99%), while the targets and combined firms are both positive (15.07% and 2.57% respectively). Significance testing also verified that the negative bidder return is confirmed to be insignificant, whilst the positive return of the target and combined firm are both significant. Combined together, It indicates that the 3,517 US bank mergers occurred between 1994 and 2003 create insignificantly negative value for bidders, whilst benefit the target and the integrated banks with significant positive gains.

Structural equation model of college foreign language writing and classroom teaching quality from perspective of teacher evaluation PDF

Fumeng Gao

School of Foreign Languages, Fuyang Teachers’ College, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, China, 236037

Existing teaching quality evaluation systems have insufficient comprehensive indices reflecting teaching quality: index repetition, complication, quantification difficulty, and difficulty in judging the relationship. To make classroom teaching quality evaluation consistent with teaching effect, element weight is confirmed based on a structural equation model. The present paper takes a college foreign language writing class as the object of study and sets up a structural equation model for classroom teaching quality evaluation. Effect coefficients of each variable are calculated, and the weight of each element of classroom teaching quality evaluation is then obtained. Such method avoids artificially scoring elements during the confirmation of element weight, reduces evaluation subjectivity, and makes the evaluation results more accurate, rational, and credible.

The empirical analysis on mode of developing the rural areas with the aid of the urban areas PDF

Chen Yan1, Lan Nan2, 3, Liu Yunlang4, Huang Rong5

1School of Distance Learning and Continuing Education, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, Hubei, China

2Key Laboratory of Legal Evaluation Project, Ministry of Land and Resources, Wuhan, Hubei, China

3School of Public Administration, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, Hubei, China

4School of Environment, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, Hubei, China

5School of Economics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, Hubei, China

Developing the rural areas with the aid of the urban areas, which was summarized through the long practice in China, is a new mode of promoting the coordinated development of urban-rural areas. The evaluation of the impact of this mode on promoting the coordinated development of urban-rural areas has great significance for reference for the urbanization development in other countries around the world. This paper takes Chenggong New District in Yunnan, China as an example, calculates the coordination degree of its urban and rural development in 1999, 2004 and 2009 with the use of urban and rural development coordination degree model, then makes clustering analysis of the urban and rural development coordination degree in various districts in Chenggong New District in 2009 with the use of Ward’s method. Results indicate that a) the urban and rural development coordination degree of Chenggong New District is 0.359 in 1999, 0.545 in 2004, and 0.504 in 2009. The increase in the coordination degree year by year shows the mode of developing the rural areas with the aid of the urban areas has obvious effects on the coordinated development of urban-rural areas; b)the mode of developing the rural areas with the aid of the urban areas has obvious coordination impact on the aspects of infrastructure construction and basic livelihood guarantee, but has not enough coordination impact on the aspects of environmental governance, medical treatment and education; c) when the mode of developing the rural areas with the aid of the urban areas is applied, the coordinated development of industries and especially the agricultural industrialization development should be paid attention to.

Two-sided matching considering the preferences of agents and intermediary PDF

Qi Yue1, Yuhua Li1, 2

1School of Information Management, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Nanchang, Jiangxi 330013, China

2School of International Trade and Economics, Zhongshan Jiahede Investment Company, Zhongshan, Guangdong 528400, China

This paper proposes a novel method for solving the two-sided matching problem, in which the preferences provided by agents are ordinal numbers, and the preferences provided by intermediary is the expense standard on ordinal numbers. In this paper, the description of the considered two-sided matching problem is given. Then the concepts of satisfaction degrees and expense are introduced. Furthermore, a multi-objective optimization model can be set up consider satisfaction degrees of agents and expense of intermediary. The method of weighted sums based on membership function is used to convert the multi-objective optimization model into a single-objective model. The matching result is obtained by solving the model.

VAR dynamic analysis of the impact of population structure on urban residential land price: the case of Zhengzhou PDF

Zhaoxia Si1, 2, Ningli Chen2

1School of Environment and Spatial Informatics, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, 221116, China

2Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo, 454000, China

Based on the vector autoregression model, this paper focuses on Zhengzhou and uses the 1994–2013 population structural variables and relevant data on commercial and residential land price to analyze the dynamic relationship between population structure and residential land price through impulse response function and variance decomposition. Results show a co-integration between Zhengzhou residential land price and three variables, namely, urbanization rate, per capita disposable income, and household size. The short-term variation in land price is mainly caused by the residential land price itself, and the three population substructural variables show long-term effects on the land price with a certain time lag. Among these variables, per capita disposable income has the shortest positive effect on residential land price, whereas urbanization rate has the longest and most remarkable positive effect.

Research on the application of ARMA model in China’s trade economic development PDF

Xue Wu

Business Administration College, Chongqing University of Science and Technology, Chongqing city, China, 401331

The slowing down development of China’s foreign trade brings significant impact to its regional economy, which makes many middle and small-sized export enterprises facing with business crisis and even bankruptcy. In this paper, a deep analysis on the development status of China’s trade economy was conducted with ARMA model. The short-term development trend and causes of China’s trade economy were predicted and analyzed. Results demonstrated that China’s imports will decrease while export will keep increasing. The balance of trade in China will decrease and the total volume of foreign trade will decline. This indicates the depression of China’s trade economy, which is against China’s economic development. To improve the export structure and facilitate the rapid development of trade economy, China is suggested to adopt various measures, such as optimizing fiscal policy, promoting technology upgrading, enhancing export management and perfect import-export infrastructures. Meanwhile, China shall expand domestic demand vigorously to offset impact of trade economic slowdown on regional economy.

Transmission power control strategy based on partially observable Markov processes for IEEE802.11 WLAN PDF

Yanpeng Feng, Hongyan Zheng, Bo Wu

Education Technology and Information Center, Liuxian Road, Shenzhen Polytechnic, Shenzhen, China

With the limitation of independent channels in IEEE802.11 WLAN, co-channel AP interferes with each other in repeat coverage area. As traditional AP launched a fixed power in sending data packages, which ignores the differences and mobility of STA. According to the mobility of STA and the partially observable feature of AP-STA link, this paper analyses the internal relations among the link state, transmission power and channel interference of co-channel AP, and proposes a single-link transmission power control (TPC) algorithm based on the Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDP). Firstly, the single AP-STA link POMDP-TPC model is constructed, and the neural network learning model is established to describe the observation function of POMDP-TPC. Secondly, the algorithm constructs reachable belief searching trees to obtain the approximate optimization, which implements the dynamic creating and on-line updating of the power consumption policy. Finally, under the experiment environment in OPNET and IEEE802.11b, the results demonstrate the algorithm can reduce the AP power consumption efficiently and improve the network throughput greatly.

An analysis framework for building commodity futures market simulation model based on heterogeneous traders PDF

Tan Li, Weiwei Wu

School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology, 13 Fa Yuan Street, Harbin, China

Futures price volatility is always the hot topic for academic researchers and traders in futures market. For exploring the rules of futures price fluctuation, we try to develop a new analysing framework from the angle of the heterogeneous traders. We describe heterogeneous traders as four respects: trading motive, predict styles, risk-return preference, reaction speed, which can accurately describe the heterogeneous traders in futures market. According to the categories of heterogeneous traders, we construct traders’ internal model, which is used in a commodity futures market simulation model to verify the framework, and the results show the framework is useful.

GEM-based evaluation of competitiveness of enterprise cluster PDF

Jingxian Tang1, Yan Yu2, Haitao Zhou2

1Changchun University of Science and Technology Changchun, Jilin Province, China, 130600

2Beijing Normal University, Beijing City, China, 100875

Enterprise cluster development can improve development capacity of enterprises and industrial competitiveness by lowering cost, stimulating innovations, increasing efficiency and intensifying competition. It is one key industrial development trend in the future and an important consideration of enterprises in choosing regions. Recently, industrial cluster in China has achieved primary development. Provinces and cities are putting great efforts to creating industrial parks of Industrial Cluster. This plays an important role in promoting regional economic development and regional industrial competitiveness. In this paper, a competitiveness evaluation model of enterprise cluster was established using the GEM model. It was applied to the furniture enterprise cluster in Guangdong Province. Accuracy, time effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages of the model was analyzed through the case study. Advantages and disadvantages of regional enterprise cluster can be identified from competitiveness analysis of the model. Countermeasures to these disadvantages were suggested.

Research on contract management evaluation of construction company based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model PDF

Yuejun Liu, Fang Fang, Yali Zhang

College of Economics and Management, Hebei Institute of Architectural and Civil Engineering, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, China, 075000

Contract management is the core of project management of construction companies. Establishing a perfect contract management evaluation system of construction companies is of important significance to enhance their contract signing and performance as well as competitiveness in international market. Based on the overall contract management of construction companies, this paper discussed how to establish an evaluation system. Combined with fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, the established evaluation system was verified by an empirical analysis.

Research on the risks of financial derivatives and risk control from the perspective of the financial crisis PDF

Hailei Zhao1, Dehuan Jin2

1School of Business, Jiangnan University, Wuxi City, Jiangsu province, China, 214122
2Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai City, China, 200433

After the economic crisis in Wall Street in 2008, the risks of financial derivatives and risk control have received great attention from countries in the world. The research on the risks of financial derivatives and risk control can effectively prevent the financial crisis. Through the extraction of the characteristics of risks of financial derivatives, the paper expounds the application of sensitivity analysis and in the risk measurement financial derivatives. The result shows that despite certain achievements of China’s financial derivatives in the development process, there is still much room for improvement. Based on the result and with reference to the practice of the UK, US and Japan in the risk prevention and control of financial derivatives, the paper proposes some suggestions.

A study on the relationship between the developments of China’s trading economy and environmental factors PDF

Xueying Zheng

Economic and Trade College, Zhejiang Business College, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, 310053

Trade environment refers to the social and economic environment facing trading economy, and it can directly affect the pace of trade development and trade structure. Establishing a good trade development environment can optimize trade structure, and promote the sustained and healthy economic development. This paper firstly analyzes the current environment of China’s trade development with relevant theories, then analyzes the relationship between environmental factors and the development of trading economy based on indexes, builds error correction model, and uses the model to make in-depth analysis on the impacts of environment on the development of trading economy. According to the study results, the ratio of trade dependency over trade surplus exerts side effects on the development of trading economy, while trade openness exerts positive effects on the development of trading economy. In terms of import, the development of China’s trading economy shows excessive dependence on foreign energy and other resource-based products, this seriously affects the stable development of economy. In terms of export, some Chinese companies that have overcapacity show over-reliance on international markets, thus reducing the competitiveness of export products, and leading to the situation where China’s trading economy is vulnerable to fluctuations of international markets. Based on this, a method is proposed in the paper to improve China’s trade environment.

Empirical analysis of Chinese cultural products trade based on the gravity model PDF

Pingping Qiao

Department of Economy and Management, Henan Polytechnic Institute, Nanyang, Henan Province, China, 47300, China

Based on date of bilateral cultural trades between China and 26 other countries (regions), the paper uses a gravity model to perform an empirical test on the influencing factors and export potential of cultural products. The research shows that Chinese economic size, importing country’s economic scale, GDP per capital, trade openness and preferential trade arrangements have a positive effect on the export of Chinese cultural products. Spatial distance and cultural distance from China have a negative effect on exports of Chinese cultural products. The effect of cultural distance is bigger than that of spatial distance. It is very important for promoting the exports of Chinese cultural products to strengthen communication and overcome “cultural discount”. In the 26 samples, the trades of cultural products between China and 7 countries (regions) are sufficient, and the trades of cultural products between China and other 19 countries (regions) are insufficient. China has a great potential for cultural products trades, but China should develop it targeted.

Research on the influential factors of China’s logistics demand based on the econometric model PDF

Xuewen Jin

College of management, Jiangxi University of Technology, Jiangxi Province, China, 330029

Logistics demand reflects the pace of economic development, and the pace of economic development also affects the change of logistics demand in turn. In fact, logistics demand is affected by many factors. Through the theoretical analysis, the paper points out that the influential factors on logistics demand mainly include four aspects, namely, economic development level, regional industrial structure, macro-economic policy and economic system, and consumption level and concept. Then, the econometric model is established with the data in different periods of time based on those four aspects to make an in-depth analysis of the application of the model. At the same time, in order to promote the development of the logistics industry, improve logistics demand and meet the development demand of the regional economy, it puts forward reasonable suggestions.

The review and research on agile oriented method in the pilot industry system PDF

Hong Wang

School of Art and Design, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, Hubei, 430070, China

School of Art, Hubei University, Wuhan, Hubei, 430062, China

Agile methodology has getting wide recognition within the software industry due to its flexibility and ability to cope with rapid changes in the software development environments. It is however comes with a number of demands that must be complied with. This paper presents a pilot systematic literature review (SLR) study on the limitations of Agile methods in the industry based on primary research. In this study, conference and journal papers in the IEEE, published between 2007 and 2012 were investigated. 29 papers were found as the most relevant. While the SLR findings have brought to both limitations in the implementation and in the Agile methods, the former becomes the most addressed issues. The result revealed that high dependency on people/personnel, organizational dependency, as well as high impact on organizational structure and culture as the three most repeatedly addressed factors. While these three factors are mutually related, people factor especially upper level management strong involvement and support can be regarded as a primary necessity in the Agile implementation. In spite of apparent emphasis on people critical function stated in the Agile principles, plus the excellent rules in the gist of the principles, the problem still arose when it comes to the implementation part. This indicates the need for future work on proper guidelines for management, given that existing guidelines for Agile adoptions and implementations are general and less focus given to upper level managers.

Study on GIS based intelligence transportation PDF

Jianda Zhu

School of Architecture & Urban Planning, Suzhou University of Science and Technology, 215009, China

Recently a vast amount of geographic information system (GIS) data make road networks around the world as polylines with attributes. In this form, the data are insufficient for applications such as simulation and 3D visualization—tools which will grow in power and demand as sensor data become more pervasive and as governments try to optimize their existing physical infrastructure. With the increased dissemination and computing power of mobile devices, it is now possible to execute distributed artificial intelligence applications for various situations: intelligent routing using algorithms, planning, is tribute optimization of traffic lights. This paper reports on our development of a GIS-based traffic network analysis system, named GIS-based Transport Decision Support System, which provides a graphical analysis platform to transportation planners and researchers for transportation network analysis. The system has the functions of designing traffic networks on digital maps and doing traffic equilibrium analysis, as well as a novel function to integrate local detailed structures of intersections into global networks. The latter is particularly useful for the analysis of large traffic network where the detailed local network structures of some intersections have to be taken into account. The system links great volumes of traffic data and geography information data accumulated for visualization traffic analysis. We added information data on the following: road structure data, zone geography information data and node geography information data. The system also enabled us to extract traffic data by road section and by specific condition.

Financial management based decision making in the big data era PDF

Ting Hao1, 2, Xi Zhao1

1Tianjin University, Tianjin, 300072, China

2Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology, Inner Mongolia, 014010, China

Financial management are derived for the profitability analyses of demand-side management (DSM) alternatives. The present value of cost and equivalent uniform annual cost models are selected to determine the least-cost solution, while the net present value, pay back year and benefit/cost ratio models are proposed for the execution of cost–benefit analyses. In a market economy, Market orientation is the only correct choice for economic development strategy, so it is also significant for financial management innovation. While most studies in the past decade focused on the consequences of fund in financial management, few have investigated antecedents to market orientation concept. This paper derives two fuzzy financial profitability models, namely, a least cost solution model and a cost-benefit analysis model, to evaluate the fuzzy financial profitability of load management alternatives. A straightforward vertex parameters’ fuzzy mathematics operation using the function principle is de-rived as an alternative to the traditional extension principle and is applied to evaluate a number of different financial decision indexes. The developed models represent readily implemented possibility analysis tools for use in the arena of uncertain financial decision-making.

Extending opinion dynamics model for collective online behaviours analysis PDF

Shixiong Wang, Yi Jiang

Department of Management Science and Engineering, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, 310018, Hangzhou, China

In online social networks, opinion dynamics generally lead to different types of collective online behaviour such as consensus, polarization and fragment. Then an open problem arises: how are different typical collective online behaviours emerged from the behavioural decisions of individual and interactions among individuals during the process of opinion dynamics? This work examines the process of opinion dynamic in online social networks and different types of interactions among individuals on this process. An opinion-driven dynamics model, which combines a social network-based opinion dynamics model with generative individual behaviour, is proposed by adding antagonistic responses to the DW model. The proposed model integrates three types of interactions and setting up two thresholds to characterize individual behaviour. The behavioural component utilizes an initiation threshold such that if an individual's opinion exceeds this threshold, the individual will initiate the behaviour. In order to verify the effectiveness of the model, simulations are presented to examine how different typical collective behaviours emerge. As a result, we find that opinion dynamics with different threshold lead to different types of collective online behaviours. The openness of individuals to a differing opinion is the key factors to consensus or fragment.

A student profile model based online English learning PDF

Aiyun Guo

School of Foreign Studies, Xi’an University of Finance and Economics, Xi’an Shaanxi, 710061, China

Many Chinese universities have begun reforms to enhance educational competitiveness in our globalizing economy. This study aims to ascertain the status of English education and English-medium instruction at a Chinese engineering school and to offer workable suggestions for English communication training for Chinese graduate engineering students. Colleges and universities across China are adopting bilingual education to meet the need for well-rounded personnel with sound knowledge in specialized areas and competency in foreign languages. The development and difficulties of current bilingual education in China are discussed. First, the short-term English word context is generated to identify related concepts of the word. Second, the user context is generated based on the click through data of users. Finally, a forgetting factor is introduced to merge the independent user context in a user session, which maintains the evolution of user preferences. It is significant to the reform from teacher-centered to student-centered teaching mode. It is helpful to the cultivation of the students’ collaborative ability and spirit, and has important theoretical significance and practical value.

Industrial design based on computer aided simulation PDF

Jianxun Wang, Qingyun Zhou

Zhengzhou Technical College, Zhengzhou, 450121, China

Recently, new technologies have emerged in industrial automation platforms. A rapid modelling and simulation environment is required to integrate these new technologies with existing devices and platforms to reduce the design effort and time to market. System-level modelling is a popular design technique that provides early simulation, verification, and architectural exploration. However, integration of real devices with system models is quite challenging due to synchronization and hard real-time constraints in industrial automation. Simulations are software tools approximating and predicting the behaviour of real industrial plants. Unlike real plants, the utilization of simulations cannot cause dam-ages and it saves time and costs during series of experiments. A shortcoming of current simulation models is the complicated runtime integration into legacy industrial systems and platforms, as well as ad-hoc design phase, introducing manual and error-prone work. This paper contributes to improve the efficiency of simulation model design and integration. It utilizes a semantic knowledge base, implemented by ontologies and their mappings. The integration uses the Automation Service Bus and the paper explains how to configure the runtime integration level semantically.

Intelligent human resources systems in the information technology era PDF

Jie Guo

School of Philosophy and Public Administration, Henan University, Kaifeng, Henan, 475001, China

Effective human resource management facilitates the success of an organization and the progress of a society. We describe an evolutionary computer model that simulates different modes of interaction between people and their environment. A two-level genotype-phenotype structure is used to represent the characteristics of an individual. The environment is modelled as a two-dimensional array of regions in which each region is characterized by a set of regional features and organizational culture (e.g., leadership strategies). Human resource decisions are subject to limitations, because they always depend on human knowledge, judgment and preference. Decision support applications can be used to provide fair and consistent decisions, besides to improve the effectiveness of decision making processes. This study consists of three parts; the first part is to understand the IDSS concepts, applications and related research in human resources decision making application known as HR DSS. The second part is to identify the potential intelligent techniques that can be used in HR DSS application, and the third part is to suggest the HR DSS framework that is related to human resource decisions. Finally, the paper proposed the HR DSS framework and the potential intelligent techniques that can be used to develop the IDSS application in any phases of decision making processes.

PCA-based analysis on factors of English translation ability PDF

Ting Hong

Zijin College, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, 210000, China

This work studied the relationship between English proficiency and translation ability as well as that between English and translation teaching among English majors. PCA is utilized to quantify and analyze the relationship between translation ability and English skills such as listening, reading, error correction and writing. Then we obtain the quantitative relation between translation ability and its factors, providing decision basis for the improvement of English translation skills and teaching.

Collaborative mechanism of project management based on complex system theory PDF

Jiale Tian

School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Wuhan University of Technology, Hubei, 430070, China

Although it is arguable that humans have been studying complex systems for thousands of years, the modern scientific study of complex systems is relatively young in comparison to conventional fields of science with simple system assumptions, such as physics and chemistry. The history of the scientific study of these systems follows several different research trends. The project management community is actively demonstrating substantial interest in the development of viable methods to assess and improve project management maturity. There is little empirical evidence on the benefits of deploying a project management office (PMO) and/or conducting project reviews. The increasing complexity of exploratory activities in pharmaceutical innovation makes less likely that a project can stand alone. Project managers not only resort to in-house innovation but also external sources to propel a central project. This paper introduces the notion of a quality function for individual tasks and uses the functional form of the bivariate normal, to model quality at the task level. Using real data from two case studies, a translation agency and a software development company, the quality function is specified and incorporated into a mathematical programming model that allows quality to be explicitly considered in project planning and scheduling. An alternative model formulation leads to the creation of quality level curves that enable managers to evaluate the nonlinear tradeoffs between quality, time, and cost for each of the example projects. The results of these analyses lead to specific decisions about the planned values for these three fundamental dimensions at the task level and provide insights for project planning and scheduling that can be gained through improved understanding of the choices and tradeoffs.

Soft sensor system of coke oven flue temperature based on CBR and PCA-RBFNN PDF

Wentao Xiao1, Gongfa Li1,2, Honghai Liu2, Guozhang Jiang1, Ze Liu1, Disi Chen1, Weiliang Ding1, Wei Miao1, Zhe Li1

1College of Machinery and Automation, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430081, China

2Intelligent Systems & Robotics Group, School of Computing, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, PO1 3HE, United Kingdom

The key process indicator - coke oven flue temperature – is difficult to detect online with instruments in the coke oven heating process, thus an intelligent forecasting model is developed which is composed of four parts: the data gathering and handling unit, the optional forecasting unit, the online amendment unit and the effect evaluation unit. The optional intelligent forecasting model and its corresponding algorithm are established for different categories of practice operating conditions. In normal operating condition, the nearest neighbor clustering algorithm based on the principal component analysis and neural network with the radial basis function is selected. In unconventional operating condition, the case-based reasoning technology is selected. The models of different conditions are validated and applied according to the actual data in a steel enterprise coke production, the results show that the established forecasting model can reflect different practice conditions and meet the real-time control requirements.

Intelligent transportation systems based on computer aided simulation method PDF

Hongli Xiao

Baicheng Vocational and Technical College, Baicheng, Jilin, 137000, China

Road transportation is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions, which lead to global warming and climate change. Promoting the decarbonisation of this sector through more efficient and greener mobility is a challenging task that can be achieved by intelligent transportation systems (ITS) enabled by vehicular communications. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) have been developed for more than ten years in China. Furthermore, a new generation Intelligent Transportation Systems should be launched to meet the requirement of rapid development of transportation in China. For the last two decades, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) have emerged as an efficient way of improving the performance of transportation systems, enhancing travel security, and providing more choices to travellers. A significant change in ITS in recent years is that much more data are collected from a variety of sources and can be processed into various forms for different stakeholders. This paper presents an overview of the background, concepts, basic methods, major issues, and current applications of Parallel transportation Management Systems (PtMS). In essence, parallel control and management is a data-driven approach for modelling, analysis, and decision-making that considers both the engineering and social complexity in its processes. The developments and applications described here clearly indicate that PtMS is effective for use in networked complex traffic systems and is closely related to emerging technologies in cloud computing, social computing, and cyber physical social systems.

Research on the robustness of supply chain network with uncertainty PDF

Xing Xu1, Yun Zhao1, Jia Hu2, Xinli Wu3

1Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Liuhe Road 318, Hangzhou, P.R. China

2University of Duisburg-Essen, Keetmanstr. 3-9, Duisburg, Deutschland

3Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, 2#Str.928, Hangzhou, P.R. China

A new method is proposed to enhance robustness of complex supply chain network structure in uncertain conditions of market, costs and others. The researcher constructs the topology of a supply chain network firstly, and then explains the concept of central nodes of network and robust supply chain network based on scale-free network model from the perspective of quality control and places research emphasis on the method of enhancing the robustness of complex supply chain network structure. Finally, the supply chain network of auto parts enterprises in Zhejiang Province is cited as an example to verify the validity of the method.

Housing price forecast based on rough-set extreme learning machine PDF

Benxue Wang

Institute for Economic and Social Development, Quzhou University, Zhejiang, 324000, China

The work, based on various factors affecting housing price in 31 provinces cities as research object, firstly adopted rough set theory to reduce those factors. Then, the main reduced influence factors were used as the input of extreme learning machine. On such basis, the housing price forecast model based on rough-set extreme learning machine was ultimately established. According to the simulation results, the algorithm in this work has good prediction effect, and its prediction precision is higher than that of BP neural network and RBF neural network. Therefore, this algorithm, with a certain practical and theoretical value, can be promoted to other areas for predication and classification.

Prediction of employment figures in the three main industries based on extreme learning machine PDF

Xiaoyan Li, Min Zhang

Xi'an Technological University, Shaanxi, 710032, China

Extreme learning machine, with a fast speed of training, achieves globally optimal solutions and excellent generalization ability. This work is based on the production value and employment figure of the three main industries in China during 1996-2012 as research objects. An ELM employment figure prediction model was constructed with production value and the employment figure of the three main industries respectively as the input and output of extreme learning machine. Simulation test results proved a good effect and high accuracy of ELM employment figure prediction model. Besides, the comparison of ELM, BP and RBF algorithms further proved the effectiveness and precision of ELM, which has certain practical application value.

Research on quality information integrated management for complex precision parts in multi-varieties and small batch manufacturing mode PDF

Lihua Yu, Qingsheng Xie

Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Guizhou University, China

There were many problems such as quality information interaction low, real-time monitoring and tracing of production quality difficulty in workshops for multi-varieties and small-batch complicated precision parts. These problems restricted seriously the improvement of product quality. Therefore, a quality information integrated operation mode was built, combining with advanced management thoughts of lean management and integration. The main characteristics of quality information integrated management process were analysed. At last, the mode was applied in a manufacturing enterprise in CASTC 061 base for testing its effects. Results show that it is successful and satisfactory in practical application effect.

Incentive analysis of labour dispatch under asymmetric information theory PDF

Yanli Yang, Xianyu Wang

School of business, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 610000, Sichuan, China

Under the circumstances of the fierce market competition, great importance is attached to labour dispatch as an innovative employment way since it saves more labour costs for enterprises. However, there exists obvious asymmetric information among the dispatched employees, employers and accepting entities. This paper makes an analysis of the incentive offered by accepting entities to the dispatched employees and employers under the circumstances of asymmetric information and symmetric information. It verifies through models that in the case of symmetric information accepting entities can offer incentive to the dispatched employees and employers so as to achieve Pareto optimality by means of linear contracts. In case of asymmetric information, the expected revenue of accepting entities will be influenced by the abilities, degree of risk aversion and effort costs of the dispatched employees and employers, which is of great reference value to the enterprise practice.

Establishment of comprehensive index model based on raster data and its application in the study of regional differentiation PDF

Qiang Li

Tourism and Environment College of Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an, Shaanxi 710119, China

Environment and Resource Management Department of Shaanxi Xueqian Normal University, Xi'an, Shaanxi 710100, China

The small grid calculation model was used as the theoretical basis; A variety of meteorological data in 1971-2007 of Chinese Loess Plateau, remote sensing image (TM), DEM and other maps in 2000 were used; factor analysis, raster calculator, variance analysis and other methods in ArcGIS were used; the mathematical model of the latitude and longitude related to the main meteorological elements of the loess plateau and comprehensive index model for regionalization were obtained; the north and south boundaries of the Loess Plateau were determined.

Data mining applications research based on ISBN management PDF

Yinglan Fang, Bing Han, Binghui Chen

Department of Computer, North China University of Technology, Jinyuanzhuang Road 5, Beijing, China

ISBN management systems existed irregularities publishing. How to summarizes the current book publishing rule according to publish information, it can better grasp the overall book market trends based on existing books. This paper introduced data mining ideas to the book publishing field through the study of real-name system to apply business processes. There were two data mining models. One was association rule analysis model based on subject field to book type distribution. It analyzed book type using classic Apriori association rule analysis algorithms to identify book publishing hot and the overall trend of publishing business. It can effectively regulate press book publishing behaviour and has great significant to the China's publishing industry healthy and orderly development.

Recommendation system based on collaborative filtering in RapidMiner PDF

Zhihang Tang, Zhonghua Wen

School of Computer and Communication, Hunan Institute of Engineering Xiangtan 411104, China

Recommender systems facilitate decision-making processes through informed assistance and enhanced user experience. To aid in the decision-making process, recommender systems use the available data on the items themselves. Personalized recommender systems subsequently use this input data, and convert it to an output in the form of ordered lists or scores of items in which a user might be interested. These lists or scores are the final result the user will be presented with, and their goal is to assist the user in the decision-making process. The application of recommender systems outlined was just a small introduction to the possibilities of the extension. Recommender systems became essential in an information- and decision-overloaded world. They changed the way users make decisions, and helped their creators to increase revenue at the same time. Bringing recommender systems to a broader audience is essential in order to popularize them beyond the limits of scientific research and high technology entrepreneurship. The recommender systems will assist you in reaching quality, informed decisions.

A study of region division based on spatial units fusion of clustering algorithm PDF

Yu Wang

School of Transportation and Logistics, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 610031, Sichuan, China

School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Dalian Jiaotong University, Dalian 116028, Liaoning, China

Region division is the foundation of regional socio-economic development planning. Traditional regional division is only built upon the information of attributes in each spatial unit. However, the spatial relationships and their spatial interaction between units are ignored. In the study, based on the spatial linkage theory, the principle and steps of spatial units fusion of clustering algorithm is proposed. According the spatial range of Chinese railway as a case, determine the spatial units and the linkage model was built based on the proximity and attribute characters, the experiments of regional division for Chinese railway are achieved. The experiment shows the results are highly accordant with the real situations and have proved the feasibility of the algorithm.

A FAHP-based comprehensive evaluation on rural supermarket service quality: a case study of Jiangsu province PDF

Tao Meng

Department of Economics and Management, Huaiyin Normal University, No.71 Jiaotong Rd, Huai’an, China

With the changes of market supply and demand, as well as increasing business competition, service quality has become a key factor constraining rural supermarket survival and development. This article targets at the rural supermarkets in Jiangsu Province. In the context of constructing an indicator system of rural supermarket service quality evaluation, it acquires data by questionnaires, uses AHP to establish the weights, and applies the multi-level fuzzy AHP to assess rural supermarket service quality. It concludes that there are some spaces for further improvement of rural supermarket service quality and proposes relevant solutions.

Face recognition algorithms for embedded entrance guard system PDF

Jun Li 

Institute of Computer Science, Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University, 510665, Guangzhou, P.R. China

Biometric identification technology is used to identify individuals based on their unique physiologica1 characteristics under sampling and measurement. The hardware platform of our entrance guard system is based on SAMSUNG S3C6410 embedded development board with ARM11 processor, and we adopt ordinary camera as facial image capture device, 7-inch touch-screen LCD display as an input, electronic door locks as executing components by the onboard port control. The software platform is based on Linux operating system to design and optimize face recognition algorithm, which is combined with local binary pattern (LBP) algorithm, principal component analysis (PCA) algorithm, and ridge regression algorithm. Also, the face recognition system is divided into two parts, namely, a face database training part and a face recognition part. Precisely, the face database training part acquires face information through the processes of face detection, feature extraction and stores the face information to serve as the detection basis of the face recognition part; then the face recognition part is connected with the entrance guard system and sends out an instruction for executing related action to the entrance guard system according to the face recognition result. Specially, the embedded face recognition entrance guard system is contactless and easy to collect the facial database, less in power consumption, low in cost, and has easy installation and stable performance.

Control particle swarm optimization for unit commitment problem under emissions reduction PDF

Xin Ma, Fuxiaoxuan Liang, Wenbin Wang

School of Management and Economic, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Zhengzhou, 450046, China

The control particle swarm optimization (CPSO) algorithm is introduced to solve the unit commitment problem under the background of emissions reduction. Because the standard particle swarm optimization algorithm is easy to fall into local optimal solution. The closed loop control concept and feedback mechanism of classical control theory are posited, each particle is considered as controlled object to meet the changing needs in searching process, while dynamically adjust the inertia weight by proportion-Integra-derivative (PID) controllers according to the adaptation value of each step. These strategies greatly ensure the diversity of particles and improve the global search ability of the algorithm. The simulation results show that CPSO algorithm can reduce the dimension of the problem and ensure the feasibility of the particle in the optimization process, while it also has good convergence characteristics and global search ability.

Research on the cost estimation of transmission line project with case-based reasoning PDF

Tao Yi, Shanshan Cui, Yi Zhang

Department of Management science and Engineering, North China Electric Power University, Beijing, China

Investment estimation phase of power transmission line project is an important stage of project cost control, the traditional unit investment forecasting methods, however, cannot meet the need of engineering rapid estimation. The research objective of this paper is to forecast the unit investment of the Transmission Line Project applying the case-based reasoning system. Based on the factor analysis tools of multivariate statistical software SPSS, the correlation coefficient matrix of characteristics factors are identified, and weight coefficient of characteristics factors is calculated. Based on the formula of European weighted distance, the similarity is calculated and case similarity is retrieved. Finally, the model is constructed to predict the unit investment of Transmission Line project, and the correctness and usefulness of the model is verified. It is shown that this case-based reasoning system of unit investment can achieve real-time updating of cost index database. The primary contribution of this research is the combination of the cost forecast and Case-based reasoning system of artificial intelligence. It is expected that this work will provide a reference and guidance for transmission line project investment decision in estimating phase.

Comparison on turnovers of agricultural products futures based on wavelet packet transform method PDF

Qingbin Han

School of Marxism, Wuhan University of Technology, 430070, Wuhan, China

In order to distinguish the different patterns and evolving trends on [cleardot] turnovers of agricultural products futures between Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and Dalian Commodity Exchange. A time-frequency analysis approach, i.e. wavelet packet energy spectrum, is investigated in this paper. Firstly, wavelet packet energy spectrum is briefly introduced. Secondly, two different non-stationary signals of turnover of agricultural products futures from 2009 to 2013 coming from Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and Dalian Commodity Exchange are described in wavelet packet energy spectrum. First, reconstructed coefficients of main analysis wavelets packet of signals of turnover of agricultural products futures of Zhengzhou commodity exchange and Dalian Commodity Exchange are calculated. The obtained frequency band power ratios are used to show the different characteristics and evolving trends [cleardot]  on [cleardot] turnovers of agricultural products futures between Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and Dalian Commodity Exchange. With these results, the two signals are distinctly different from each other. It is proved that the technique of wavelet packet energy spectrum is effective for the purpose of distinction of turnover of agricultural products futures in commodity exchanges.

Research on Cooper ethical decision model based on Chinese opera PDF

Yuan Qin

Conservatory of Music, Suzhou Unierversity, Anhui, 234000, China

The effectiveness of Chinese opera decision directly affects the quality of traditional opera. In the era of rapid development of internet technology today, the transmission mode of opera has changed. Its spreading range is wider, and its propagation speed is faster. For not considering the ethical factors, traditional opera decision is easy to have decision deviation. With reference to the theory of Cooper ethical decision model, the basic framework of Chinese opera ethical decision is constructed, including its definition, criterion, flow block diagram, etc.

A construction of an autonomous vocabulary self-study system aided by the web pages PDF

Dongling Sun

Changchun Institute of Technology, Changchun, China

The thesis conducted a survey to confirm the hypothesis that vocabulary is the stepping stone in English Study to have an innovative application of modern educational technology to enrich the ways, methods and devices of enlarging the students’ vocabulary. From the survey, it is easy to see that the hypothesis is true and the most students of the researcher felt vocabulary affected their motivation and interest in English study. So it is necessary to enlarge the vocabulary of the students in order to promote their application ability of foreign language. Vocabulary study is a process of self-study, and based on the theory of English study, the researcher has designed an autonomous vocabulary self-study system aided by the web to give flexible help for the students. The research is at its designing period and needs further assessments with a case study.

A design for simulation model and algorithm of rail transport of molten iron in steel enterprise PDF

Bin Ge, Kai Wang, Yue Han

School of Computer Science and Engineering, Anhui University of Science & Technology, Huainan, Anhui, 232001, China

An emulation method can be chosen according to the characteristics in rail transport of molten iron in steel companies and a simulation model can be established based on the basic conditions for model, distributed tank mode and path selection, etc. By studying the automatic collision avoidance algorithm, a method of shortest path optimization for rail transport scheduling of molten iron was proposed based on ant colony algorithm. Simulation results show the validity and the feasibility of the algorithm. Programs and strategies of implementing visual simulation platform are proposed laying the theoretical foundation of further research and application for rail transport scheduling model of molten iron and intelligent optimization algorithm.

The design and implement of alarm processing system for large-scale railway maintenance equipment diesel engine combustion control based on multi-agent PDF

Hairui Wang, Ya Li

Department of Computer Science Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, China

The Alarm Processing System reference model for large-scale railway maintenance equipment diesel engine combustion control, which is based on multi-agent, is an important system for high speed and automation. Alarm Processing System are vital aspects in M large-scale railway maintenance equipment diesel engine combustion control, in this sense, alarm processing system should support decision-making tools as known as decision support system(DSS), new maintenance approaches and techniques, the enterprise thinking and flexibility. In this paper a Multi-agents based alarm processing System reference model for large-scale railway maintenance equipment diesel engine combustion control is presented which combines the existing models and multi-agents. This model is based on a generic framework using multi-agent systems for the diesel engine combustion control the diesel engine combustion control on-line monitoring system. In this sense, the alarm processing system is viewed like a feedback control process and the actions are related to the decision-making in the scheduling of the preventive maintenance task and the running of preventive and corrective specific maintenance tasks. The result of an evaluation of the Multi-agents based alarm processing system reference model for the diesel engine combustion control are presented. This new model is compared to some important existing models and applied to a real investigation.

Fault diagnosis expert system for large-scale railway maintenance equipment based on BP neural network PDF

Ming Pu, Hairui Wang

School of information engineering and automation Kunming University of Science and Technology, No. 727, Jingming South Road, Kunming, China

According to the characteristics of the neural network and expert system, a fault diagnosis method for large-scale railway maintenance equipment based on Back Propagation (BP) neural network and expert system is proposed. Fault diagnosis for large-scale railway maintenance equipment on BP neural network and expert system model are constructed. A weak of collection and expression of knowledge on traditional expert system is overcome. Availability of the method based on BP neural network system and expert system is verified by experimental results of large-scale railway maintenance equipment fault.

Innovation model for college ideological and political education in network environment PDF

Jiahua Zhou

Institute of Management Engineering, Su Zhou University, Anhui, 234000, China

Ideological and political education is impacted by the rapid development of network technology, computer technology and high-speed communication technology, in aspects of concept, content, ways and means, and can not meet requirements of current network age development. Therefore, the ideological and political education is placed in network technology to form new pattern. This paper, first, made brief overview of the concept and characteristics of ideological and political education in network environment, then summarize college ideological and political education at home and abroad. Afterwards, it analyzed the challenges and opportunities after combined network technology and college ideological and political education, then proposed relative solutions in the perspectives of concept, content, means and position. At last, it put forward the construction of shared community pattern for ideological and political education in network environment, consisting of the organization structure and operation mechanism of shared community.

Management on the recombination of manufacturing whole process logistics operation based on MES PDF

Juan Zhang1, Guanghui Chen1, Boqin Liu2

1Department of Business Management, Xi’an Technology University, Xi’an, 710032, China

2The unit of 69029

With the constant intensification of market competition, manufacturing enterprises are racking their minds to lower the cost so as to obtain more profit. As the enterprise’s third profit source, logistics has attached more and more enterprises’ attention. According to the relevant data statistics, in the current production system, trucking expense accounts for 30% to 75% of total expense. However, after optimal management of logistics, it can save 15% to 30% of expense for enterprises. This paper discussed the current situation and research results of the workshop logistics of machine manufacturing, and analyzed the loopholes existed in the whole process of traditional logistics management of manufacturing. It also established a kind of manufacturing whole process logistics lean management operation model based on MES, which provided a kind of feasible management mode for machinery industry to lower the logistics cost of the whole manufacturing process.

Design and construction of college English teaching model based on multi-dimensional integrated technology PDF

Jingdong Hao

Suzhou University, Anhui, 234000, China

How to enhance language teaching efficiency, especially college English is always the focus of people. People pay more and more attention to the progress of the CAT with the development of linguistics and improvement of computer and network technology, at the same time, the combination of language teaching and computer science is also a major breakthrough in the history of the development of language teaching. This paper used the C3I-CAT integrated technology into college English curriculum design and research and development of independent study system, and developed more college English courseware and application methods that is matching to the need of teaching practice, thus to improve the learning efficiency of college English course.

Comprehensive evaluation of education mode of university English model and swot analysis PDF

Ying Bai

Longdong University, Gansu, 745000, China

College English is a compulsory course for non-English majors, which is an important public class. The pros and cons of university English education are directly related to the improvement of comprehensive quality of college students. What the specific requirements of implementing quality education for college English education and how to further strengthen and improve the university English education are hot topics and have been widely concerned. This paper analyzes the traditional mode of university English education quality, and set up a comprehensive evaluation mode of education model, so as to provide some help for the university English reform.

Research of golden week’s tourism flow based on tourism system model visual PDF

Yan Zhang

Shangluo University, Shaanxi, 726000, China

Travel system is a set of various travel issues; some negative effect of tourism factors in the overall tourism system will affect the tourists’ decision. Since the “golden week” holiday, the growing numbers of residents traveller, form a tourist flow for a period of time, while promote domestic economic growth, accompanied by some negative effects, such as poor quality of “golden week” travel, poor tourist satisfaction, cause certain environmental pollution and so on, all aspects of the social concern is caused. This article make Huangshan scenic spot and the ancient villages in southern Anhui province as an example, based on tourism system vision, on the basis of the tourism golden week to explore, set up and analyze the “golden week” tourism flow system model. Classified tourism flow mobility factors by using the model, analyzing influence factor of golden week tourism, according to affect the positive and negative effects of tourism flows, come up with some suggestions and improvement measures, in order to improve the management and planning of tourism, meet the needs of the national holiday.

Establishment and implementation of network congestion control algorithm based on real-time streaming transmission PDF

Pingping Xiao

Changchun Guanghua University, Changchun, China

In order to improve the network performance of computer and avoid the occurrence of network congestion better, this paper analyzed the problems faced by the integration of real-time streaming transport and network and their solutions in the perspective of the characteristics of real-time streaming transport. As to the congestion control of streaming media, TFRC algorithm was analyzed emphatically. Based on TFRC, network congestion was improved, monitored and predicted with parameter of real-time cache length; sending rate was corrected based on cache length when the network was saturate, in order to avoid congestion in time and improve fairness; at last, the test comparison proceeded by network simulation platform NS2. The result indicated that, the improved TFRC was fairer; meanwhile, it showed more friendliness to TCP.

Analysis evaluation and quantitative research on economic law behaviour cost and market efficiency PDF

Jindong Chen

Yuanpei College, Shaoxing University, Zhejiang, 312000, China

Fiscal expenditure, as the material support of economic law behaviour, plays a critical function in regulating resource distribution, promoting economic development and guaranteeing social far equity. Analysis evaluation of fiscal expenditure is obtained through connotation of fiscal expenditure and investigation evaluation. This paper thought that, analysis evaluation of economic law behaviour cost referred to make comprehensive evaluation in aspects of economy, efficiency and benefits on fiscal expenditure process and result according to specific principles and using scientific and normative evaluation method and technology, with fiscal expenditure as management objectives. The results it obtained will be mostly reflected on market effect. Through the quantitative research on fiscal expenditure and economic benefits evaluation in our country, this paper made digitalization and objectification analysis on the comparison of economic law behaviour cost and market benefit, studied the relationship between fiscal expenditure scale and market economic, further estimated the optimal fiscal expenditure scale in our county, in order to provide basis and rule for the formulation of economic law behaviour cost based on quantitative analysis.

Incentive system of skill-oriented dispatched employees based double moral hazard PDF

Yanli Yang, Xianyu Wang

School of business, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 610000, Sichuan, China

As market competition gets increasingly fierce, the elastic way of employment arouses great concern among more and more enterprises, which results in rapid development of labour dispatch. Labour dispatch is different from the traditional way of employment and it involves the three parties of the employer, the accepting entity and the dispatched employee with the striking feature of asymmetric information. From the perspective of the employer, this paper analyses the incentives of the three parties in labour dispatch while taking the employer as the first principal and the accepting entity as the second principal in consideration of the factors that the intermediary agent’s training will influence the quality of the employee. It verifies through models the sharing ratio paid by the accepting entity to the employer, the sharing ratio paid by the employer to the dispatched employee and the fixed wage paid by the accepting entity to the dispatched employee in expectation of offering concrete suggestions to the practice of enterprises.

Comparative study of personalizing recommender systems based on shopping system PDF

Zhihang Tang, Zhonghua Wen

School of Computer and Communication, Hunan Institute of Engineering Xiangtan 411104, China

Making choices is an integral part of everyday life; Recommender systems facilitate decision-making processes through informed assistance and enhanced user experience. To aid in the decision-making process, recommender systems use the available data on the items themselves, Personalized recommender systems subsequently use this input data, and convert it to an output in the form of ordered lists or scores of items in which a user might be interested. These lists or scores are the final result the user will be presented with, and their goal is to assist the user in the decision-making process. Recommender systems facilitate making choices, improve user experience, and increase revenue, therefore should be easily accessible for deployment to interested parties. The implementation of recommender systems in RapidMiner has been additionally simplified through the Recommender Extension.

Analysis on ideological and political teaching curriculum design and information transfer based on complex adaptive system theory PDF

Caihong Zhang

Xi'an Physical Education University, Xi’an, 710068, China

In the field of technology, based on scholar’s research results of instructional system design complexity, this paper discussed the development of instructional system design thought. It also analyzed the basic framework of ideological and political teaching curriculum design based on complex adaptive system.

The attractiveness and motivation of China’s international investment based on positive investment inertia PDF

Liming Xiao, Rui Jing

School of Economics and Management, Shanxi Normal University, Shanxi,, 041004, China

Nowadays, economic globalization is the main trend of world economic development. Each country takes the participation in international investment as a strategy. This paper analyzes China’s international investment from the view of investment inertia. Though the attractiveness and motivation of China’s investment keeps increasing, the integral development level is low which stays in the stage of zero inertia. The total amount of China’s investment is increasing. But the invitation of investment is unreasonable; the short-term investment in foreign country prevails. We seek the strategic asset of developed country eagerly, and prefer to seek the market and resource of developing country.

Operation path and strategy of logistics enterprise supply chain logistics management under horizontal integration PDF

Yue Zhang

Shanxi Youth Vocational College, Taiyuan, 030032, China

This paper put forward the significance of horizontal integration service provided for society by logistics enterprise, and discussed in detail about how to realize horizontal integration service and what kind of operation model can be adopted by relevant sub-service. Researches on these contents not only have certain effect on correlated theoretical research, but also can provide certain guidance for logistics enterprise. This research aimed to promote the compound integrated service ability and international competiveness through horizontal integration management mode.

An entropy method-based index system for the competiveness of industrial cluster – a case study on the typical clusters in Zhejiang province in China PDF

Weidong Wang1, 2

1College of Public Administration, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

2College of Humanities and Social Sciences, China Jiliang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Basing on the previous research results, this study constructed an index system for the competiveness of the industrial cluster using analytic network process (ANP) method. Moreover, it employed the entropy method in objective assignment method to assign weights to the indexes and conducted empirical analysis by exampling the typical clusters in Zhejiang province. The results showed that the industrial concentration degree, specialization degree (location quotient), and Herfindahl-Hirschman index (HHI) took relatively high proportions in the indexes concerning the competitiveness of industrial clusters. This study also drawn an important conclusion, namely, high industrial concentration degree was conducive to improve cluster competitiveness and reduce cluster risk, while lower industrial concentration degree facilitated the formation of high overall cluster competitiveness.

Nature Phenomena and Innovative Engineering

Wireless vehicle detection node based on tunnelling magneto resistance sensor PDF

Wei Huang

School of Automation, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou, China

A wireless node based on tunnelling magneto resistance sensor was designed for large scale vehicle detection in Intelligent Transport System. With regard to the sensor’s characteristic of high resistance, rapid response and high linearity, the signal acquisition and regulation circuits were designed to meet the requirement of geomagnetic measure for three dimension axis of the sensor. A vehicle noise pre-detection unit was implemented to wakeup the microcontroller from sleep state before vehicle enter the detection area. Low power chips were considered and the all sensor units were power supplied by MCU, cooperated with the improved power-efficient ATA algorithm, the power consumption was minimized. Experimental results showed that the designed node was capable of capturing the magnetic feature of different vehicle types and on line vehicle flow detecting for long time.

Mechanical characteristics of multi-span concrete continuous girder oblique bridge based on ANSYS PDF

Wan Ning

Southwest Jiaotong University-Emei, Sichuan,China, 614202

In order to adapt to environment and reduce the damage of construction for environment, the principle that environment adapts to construction is updated for bridge design, therefore lots special-shape bridges including oblique bridge emerge. However, there is no accurate and developed theory for computing the mechanical characteristics of oblique bridge. Generally, equivalent straight bridge is applied for computing. By performing finite element modelling, the internal force and displacement of oblique bridge and equivalent straight bridge with load were compared. The results showed that due to the special structure of oblique bridge, torque is generated under load, accompanying with coupling effect of bend-twist. Therefore, the mechanical characteristics analysis of straight bridge can not accurately explain that of oblique bridge.

Design of new type biomass pellet forming machine with plunger roller and ring-die at room temperature PDF

Xiangyue Yuan, Zhongjia Chen

School of Technology, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, 100083 China

Bio-energy has become the fourth major energy resource after oil, coal, natural gas energy on account of the properties of green, clean, and renewable. And biomass densification is an important technology which makes the biomass resource be low cost and high value. But for current biomass forming equipment, there exist common shortcomings of high energy consumption, low efficiency, serious wear of forming parts, and etc. In this paper, a forming mechanism of a new type biomass pellet machine with plunger roller and ring-die was proposed, which using the mesh extrusion pressure between plungers and forming cavities (or called holes) to make the loose biomass material densification. It could avoid direct contact and intense friction of forming parts and biomass materials out of the holes. So the energy consumption of the materials in ineffective forming process was reduced and the wear of forming parts was effective alleviated. Then the new type biomass pellet forming machine was designed according to the requirements by Solidworks after force analysis and theoretical calculation, and a prototype was built with the whole power 22 kW and production capacity 450 kg/h. Compression experiments were done finally on the prototype. It was shown that the forming quality of solid pellet fuel tended to be stable after 30 minutes’ running and the pellet density could reach more than 0.8 g/cm3. So it represented that the designed pellet machine had a good practical operation and met the design demands.

Reaction mechanism of carboxymethyl starch-based wood adhesive PDF

Yong Zhang, Lixia Li

Faculty of Modern Agricultural Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, China

The technology involved in manufacturingcarboxymethyl starch-based adhesive was studied with the aim of enhancing its water-resistance. The optimum formula was based on previous research using a quadratic orthogonal rotation combination design to syn­thesise the carboxymethyl starch-based wood adhesive. Compared with the original starch, carboxymethyl starch improves the per­formance of starch adhesive due to its advantageous properties such as hydrophilicity and stability during freezing and thawing etc. Infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy were used to analyse the synthesis of the carboxymethyl starch-based adhesive. Many functional groups could be identified by their characteristic Fourier transformation infrared vibration frequency and this was used to explain the structural changes. At the same time, the microstructure of the adhesive was analysed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and porous, round or elliptical granules in the carboxymethyl starch were observed. An SEM of the main starch agent revealed a network structure; the granules did not aggregate together to form large groups due to the polyvinyl alcohol that prevented granule agglomeration. However, the SEM of the starch adhesive showed a smoother and more compact network structure, due to the large number of strong chemical bonds that were formed by the association of isocyanate with the main starch agent.

Experimental study on heat-preservation wall materials made from waste foam PDF


Department of Civil Engineering, Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology, Luoyang City, Henan Province, China, 471023

In this paper, a new energy-saving-and-environmental-protection heat-preservation wall material is studied. This material is mainly made by waste foam, cement and sand in the structure of “sandwich” - cement foamed plastic is in the middle of cement mortar. Experimental study reveals that the heat-preservation block of this material has lighter self-weight and higher compressive strength and better performance in heat preservation, sound insulation and frost resistance, that is to say, its overall property is obviously superior to that of others such as aerated concrete block. This block consumes a large amount of waste foam that is difficult to dispose, which conducive to environmental protection and energy is saving. It can bring favourable social, economic and environmental benefit. Besides, less energy is consumed in the production of this material and it is easy to realize volume production, so this material is a new wall material of energy saving and environment protection.

The analysis of vibrationsinduced by variation section vortex in tension leg platform for a floating wind turbine PDF

HF Wang1, Y H Fan1, L Yang2

1School of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School, Shenzhen, 518055, China

2Shanghai Electric Group Company Limited, Shanghai, 200000, China

During the previous decade, several offshore wind-farms were constructed for offshore wind energy generation showed promise as a source of green energy. However, there are several challenges to be met in the design and construction of the foundations for offshore wind turbines. The fatigue load plays an important and crucial role in the design of the supporting structures. In this paper, the vortex-induced vibrations of the tension leg platform were studied. Two types of structures namely; cylindrical Tension Leg Platform (TLP) and variablecross-section TLP were designed and studies on them were conducted to compare the advantages and drawbacks resulting from vortex-induced vibrations. Both uniform and shear flow were considered to simulate water flow through the structures. The variable cross-section TLP, which possesses outstanding mechanical properties, gave lower vortex shedding frequency compared to the cylindrical TLP for the same velocity. This is the objective desired in vortex-induced vibration.

Study on the device of multipath household heat metering PDF

Zhongguo Yang

Collage of Engineering, HeiLongjiangBayi Agricultural University, 2 Xin Yang Road, Daqing, China

One of the most important contents of reforming heating system is that more attention will be paid to residential energy conservation and improvement of heating facilities in order to charge heating fee by heat consumption. But the out-dated technology prohibits the widespread use of multipath household heat metering. Since the heating system in China is still confronted by the substantial energy waste, the jumble of pipelines and difficult management of the system etc, a company in Liao Ning has developed a new kind of water supply system on multipath household heat metering. The new system blazes new trails on household heat metering, solving the problem of traditional pipelines. The paper uses the computational method of hydrodynamics and provides the experimental platform of pipe resistance measurement and its theoretical parameter for the system. The study shows that resistance coefficient of the experimental pipeline corresponds with the theory, and multipath household heat metering has favourable prospects.

Research on the relationship between moisture content and the dielectric constant of the tree trunk by the radar wave PDF

Jingxia Lv, Lin Gao, Jian Wen

School of TechnologyBeijing Forestry University, Beijing, China, 100083

Radar wave technology offers a noninvasive, quick determination technique and has potential for the applications of the non-destructive detection (NDT) for the trees trunk and wood based materials. The precision of NDT determination by radar wave is influenced the wood dielectric constant which is closely related to the moisture content of the trees trunk. For our investigations we used TRU trees radar wave to detect the trees trunk. Four typical trees trunks were selected: polar, willow, pine, eucalyptus. Different trees trunks moisture content and dielectric constant were tested under the radar wave frequency respectively. Models of the relationship between moisture content and dielectric constant of the trees trunks were established for improving the accurate of radar wave NDT.

Physical parameter identification and wave force inversion research of bridge pier structure PDF

Zijian Wang1, Liming Wu2

1Chongqing University of Science & Technology, Chongqing, China, 401331

2Chongqing Technology and Business Institute, Chongqing, China, 400052

According to total compensation composite inversion algorithm, physical parameter identification and inversion of wave time interval are done under the condition of input information of isolated pier in wave force part being unknown. Based on the characteristics of large-diameter piers in shallow water which are affected by wave force and combining with “statistical average method” in probability theory, structural physical parameter identification and wave inversion calculation are done under the condition of unknown wave force. Analysis of numerical values shows that results of structural physical parameter identification cater for accuracy requirements which is feasible for inversion method of parameter identification of large-diameter piers in shallow water with unknown input information thus providing a new method for structural physical parameter identification research of river-spanning and sea-crossing piers affected by wave force and providing references for engineering application.

Load spectrum for creep-fatigue life prediction of viewport used in human occupied vehicle PDF

Yiting Kang1, 2, Yali Feng3, Jinggao Lin4, Wenming Zhang1

1School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, 30 Xueyuan Road, Beijing 100083, China

2CONCAVE Research Centre, Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

3School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, 30 Xueyuan Road, Beijing 100083, China

4China Ocean Mineral Resources Research & Development Association, 1 Fuxingmenwai Street, Beijing 100860, China

Acrylic plastic, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), are widely employed as the material for the viewports of human occupied vehicle (HOV) which usually dives into deep sea. The service life of viewport is critical to the reliability and safety of HOV. In order to predict life of viewport in design stage, mathematical statistics method is applied to establish the load spectrum for viewport. It is found that ALVIN (America) HOV’s dive-depth data is in a skewed distribution, and a piecewise function combined Gumbel and Weibull distributions is proposed for data fitting. HOV undertakes long-term and cyclic load in service, which will cause damage on viewport, so a creep-fatigue load spectrum is established and applied for JIAOLONG (China) HOV’s viewport, which integrates both the dive-frequency of each depth range and the duration that maximum stress acts. The proposed method for determination of creep-fatigue load spectrum could thus be considered to be employed for failure analysis and life prediction of modern HOV’s viewport.

Application of GMM-UBM with an embedded AANN in the acoustic emission signal recognition PDF

Cheng Xinmin1, Li Jing2, Jiang Yunliang2, Gao Ge2

1School of Information Engineering, Huzhou Teachers’ College, Huzhou 313000, Zhejiang, PR China

2School of Information Science and Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, Jiangsu, PR China

In this paper, we propose to recognize the Acoustic Emission (AE) signal, by using a Gaussian Mixture Model-Universal Background Model (GMM-UBW) with an embedded AANN. The AANN based GMM-UBW combines the learning ability of neural network and strong distribution capabilities of GMM. And, it trains the model parameters alternatively in order to approach the maximum likelihood. For illustrating the effectiveness of the proposed recognition method for the AE signal, an experiment is conducted. In the experiment, three cases of AE signal are considered, namely with no rub impact, slight rub impact and serious rub impact. The experimental results reveal that the AANN based GMM-UBW outperforms the GMM, with respect to the recognition rate, for any case of AE signal. For the case of slight rub impact, the GMM-UBW and that with embedded AANN both have the worst recognition performance, among the three cases. And, the proposed method has the biggest improvement for this case.

Research on method to promote performance of multiple injections diesel engine PDF

Xiaorong Wang1, Chenpeng Liu, Bo Liu2, Wenxian Tang1, Jian Zhang1

1Institute of mechanical engineering,JiangSu University of Science and Technology,Zhenjiang 212003,China

2Hudong Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd,Shanghai 200129,China

Based on certain type of two-stroke, low-speed diesel engine for marine propulsion, we, in our research project, developed a 3-D model of in-cylinder combustion processes in a diesel engine. Thus, we were able to compare simulated in-cylinder pressure against the experimental pressure under single injection with a maximum error tolerance of 0.36%, the results of which imply that the two are basically consistent. Subsequently, based on the same injection timing, a comparison was made between the performance of a diesel engine using single injection and one using dual injection. The results indicate that the additional injection can lower NOxby58.9% and soot by 30.1%. Moreover, the piston's workload is reduced by 10.1%. Through calibrating injection quality centre, adjusting injection timing of secondary injection reasonably, we gained the method improving performance of combustion and secondary injection diesel engine. By verifying, the method can promote working ability of secondary injection diesel engine effectively. After adjusting injection timing, working ability of secondary injection is as well as it of single injection, but emissions reduce sharply, thereinto, NOx reduced 12.7%, soot reduced 41.1%.

An improved hand vein image acquisition method based on the proposed image quality evaluation system PDF

Jun Wang, Guoqing Wang, Ming Li, Wenhui Yu, HaoTian

School of Information and Electrical Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, 221116, China

In the part of hand vein image acquisition of vein recognition, we basically cannot get the images that are suitable for later process due to both the subjective factors and the objective factors. After a deep analysis on the main reasons including the different thickness of hands and mass of things on the hand, we propose the design of hand vein acquisition device based on the adaptive modulation control. The key part of the design is the proposed double-processing image quality assessment system: the first part of which involves the process of quality assessment based on the effective information of multidimensional histogram and the normalized information entropy; the second part involves adding the grey image variance and quantities of cross points with the proper weights, then two process will be made according to the final score: if the score is lower than the set threshold then image will be discarded, and on the other hand the brightness degree of the LED groups of the device will be adaptively adjusted according to the D-value of the score and the threshold so that we can get the high-quality hand vein image for later feature extraction and matching and get a higher recognition rate.

Pure electric buses status information compression and transmission methods basis on optimized Huffman coding algorithms PDF

Jingfeng Yang1, 2, 3, Yong Li4, Nanfeng Zhang1, 5, Jiarong He6, Yueju Xue1

1South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, 510642, China
2Guangzhou Public Transport Data Management Centre, Guangzhou, 510620, China
3Guangzhou Transport Information Control Centre, Guangzhou, 510620, China
4Guangzhou Institute of Geography, Guangzhou, 510070, China
5Guangzhou Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine. Guangzhou, 510623, China
6South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, 510641, China

To strengthen safety supervision, satellite positioning information is needed to be uploaded as well as battery status information of pure electric buses. For the unbalanced coverage of mobile communication base station, data loss and incomplete data are prone to emergence when a large amounts of real-time data transmission through 3G/GPRS network in the poor communication environment of subregion, which is difficult to achieve large-scale farmland information collection and transmission simultaneously. Therefore, optimized Huffman coding compression algorithm for text-oriented information is promoted in this paper. The whole process test results of data exchange and decompression show that, the data compression algorithms can realize data compression effectively. The data sampling period is relatively smaller and its adjacent data is closer, the higher compression rate can be obtained by corresponding compression algorithms, and it can the basically ensure the decompression data without distortion. This will improve the efficiency of information transmission of transportation, as well as to ensure the integrity of information, which is of great significance to realization of transportation energy conservation.

Allowed capacity calculation of wind farm based on probabilistic constraint PDF

Huiqiu Du1, Jingbo Wang2, Zhong-hai Lin1, Pingjian Wang1, Long Yan1

1School of Information and Electronics Engineering, Shandong Institute of Business and Technology, 191 Bin Hai Road, Yantai, China

2School of Electrical Engineering, Yanshan University, 438 Hebei Western Street, Qinhuangdao, China

This paper presents a method for penetration capacity calculation of wind farm based on probabilistic constraint. According to the stochastic programming theory, under a confidence interval, a mathematical model that considers the randomness of wind speed is established based on the static safety and power quality constrains. The solving method is proposed according to particle swarm op­timization algorithm and stochastic simulation technique too. According to a real power system in Yunnan, the penetration capacity of wind power is calculated under different confidence interval, and the feasibility and effectiveness of this method are verified too. The related factors of affecting the penetration capacity of wind power are analysed, which provide the reference for the planning and design of wind farm.

Parametric design and simulation analysis of turbine blade PDF

Lida Zhu1, Hongyu Chen1, Zhongzi Tian2, Hai Wang3

1School of Mechanical Engineering & Automation, North-eastern University, Shenyang, Liaoning, 110819, P.R. China

2Beijing Hangke Engine Control System Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing, 102600, P.R. China

3Shenyang Jin Xin Hongmei Materials Co. Ltd, Shenyang, Liaoning, 110032, P.R. China

To improve design quality and efficiency of turbine blade, the geometric model of blade is parameterized by using the quintic polynomial method in this paper. The geometric shape and performance of blade mainly depend on blade profile and cascade with parametric model. First of all, the blade profile lines are designed and generated in different parameters based on the theory of quintic polynomial. The effect of relative parameters on the blade profile is analysed conveniently and rapidly. Then, the geometric shape of blade is generated in the arranged blade profiles according to blade cascade position and consistency. The 3D model of blade is created by the parametric blade profile and cascade. It is shown that parametric model of blade will provide the reference and foundation for application research.

A speech emotion enhancement method for hearing aid PDF

Shulan Xia, Jilin Wang

College of Electrical Engineering, Yancheng Institute of Technology, Yancheng 224051, Jiangsu, PR China

In this paper, emotional perception of the hearing-impaired patients for hearing aid is investigated, and a speech enhancement algorithm is proposed, which is text-independent and requires less and non-parallel training data. In addition, the conversion of prosodic and spectral parameters is also studied. The Eigenvoice Gaussian mixture model (EV-GMM) is used to transform the F0s and spectral parameters, which is built using multiple pre-stored sources emotional and target neutral speech sentences. In the training and testing stages, the duration modification is utilized to improve the performance of EV-GMM training and converted output quality and an adaptive median filter is proposed to smooth the trajectory of the converted speech. Perceptual and objective experiments are presented, simulation results corroborate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithms.

Optimization and integration method for railway freight stations based on a hybrid neural network model PDF

Yan Sun, Maoxiang Lang, Danzhu Wang

School of Traffic and Transportation, Beijing Jiaotong University, Haidian District, 100044 Beijing, P.R. China

Given to the current problems existing in the operation of railway freight stations and the entire railway freight transport network, in order to integrate the railway freight stations and optimize the traditional railway freight transport mode, we first propose a strategy on the optimization and integration for railway freight stations, then design a hybrid neural network model to recognize the operating performance of each railway freight station by classifying them into four ranks based on the proposed strategy. The characteristic of the proposed model is its combination of the respective advantages of unsupervised learning algorithm based neural network and supervised learning algorithm based neural network. Finally, an empirical study from Hohhot Railway Administration is given to verify the feasibility of the proposed model. The simulation results of the empirical study indicate that (1) the accurate recognition of training samples has significant influence on the classification result; (2) the proposed model can recognize the operating performance of the railway freight stations under relatively high accuracy.

PH sensor design based on potentiometric analysis method PDF

Song Yu1, Liu Hua2

1Jilin Technology College of Electronic Information, Jilin, 132021, China

2Calibration Centre of State Grid Heilongjiang Electric Power Company Limited, Helongjiang, 150030, China

In order to accurately, continuously detect solution pH on line, regarding C8051F020 as the control centre, the output voltage of glass electrode is amplified through high input impedance circuit utilizing potentiometric method to obtain related voltage signal of pH value. Standard solution and temperature sensor ADT7301 are utilized for system calibration and moving average filter of the detected pH values, thereby achieving real-time online detection of pH value. Detection results are accurate and reliable; low power consumption and miniaturation also facilitate rapid collection and analysis of data under different environments.

Digital controller for electric vehicle synchronous motor rotor PDF

Weihua Chen

State Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical Power System with Renewable Energy Sources

North China Electric Power University, Beijing 102206, China

At present, the number of electric vehicle is increasing, and, in case of big vehicle speed change, the vehicle motor cannot be used efficiently. In order to resolve this problem, it is necessary to improve the topological structure and control strategy, and design a new converter. In this paper, we apply a two-channel synchronous Buck converter. The main circuit is to achieve the maximum power output by the stage regulation, while the improved converter topology realizes the overall system function. The experimental results show that the new converter has superior performance in big vehicle speed change, and has the high quality energy output. This research has an important practical significance to improve the utilization of renewable energy.

Effect factor research on monitoring wear of piston ring based on magnetoresistive sensor PDF

Zhangming Peng1, 2, 3, Huihua Cai3, Qingchen Sun4, GuojinChen1, 2, Shaohui Su1, 2

1School of Mechanical Engineering, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou, 310018

2Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Ship and Port Machinery Equipment Technology, Hangzhou, 310018

3Yangfan Group CO.LTD, Yangfan Ship Design&Reseach Institute, Zhoushan, 316100

4East China of Lloyd’s Register

Piston ring is one of the important parts in diesel engine, and its excessive wear reduces the sealing performance of the combustion chamber, the method on monitoring wear of piston rings with the magneto-resistive sensor is researched from the simulation viewpoint, the research shows that the amplitudes reduce with the increase of the piston ring wear. The theoretical basis for monitoring piston ring wear with a MR sensor is provided.

Steel sheet location tracking and automatic sorting self-adaption control model PDF

Xuechao Liao1, 2

1College of Computer Science, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430081, P. R. China

2Hubei Province Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing and Real-time Industrial System, Wuhan 430081, P. R. China

The sorting control system is the critical procedure in the final product line of cold rolling mill. Taking the tinning steel sheet sorting control system of shearing production line of WISCO’s cold rolling plant as an example, the process of steel sorting control system is introduced. The running principle and control concept of steel sheet positiontracking and sorting are particularly presented. The prac­tical application proves that the system can position the tinning steel sheet, which is moving in high speed, which is of high control­lability and reliability.

Probabilistic neural Network with statistical feature for fault diagnosis of permanent magnet motor PDF

Lei Dong1, 4, Weimin Li1, Weiguo Zhao2, Yunfei Chen3

1School of Mechanical Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin 300130, China

2School of Water Conservancy and Electric Power, Hebei University of Engineering, Handan 056038, China

3School of Control Science and Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin 300130, China

4Tianjin Navigation Instruments Research Institute, Tianjin 300131, China

Permanent magnet motors are very important components in commercially available equipments and industrial applications due to high reliability and robust performance, and it is important to take an appropriate and effective approach to diagnose fault for them. The implementation of probabilistic neural network (PNN) with the statistical features for permanent magnet motor is developed in this paper, and the statistical features are determined according to the stator current characteristics of motor to effectively reduce dimensionality of sample space. The experimental results demonstrate that, compared with RBF network, the proposed method is more effective in identifying various types of faults.

SVM-Based evaluation model for college laboratory learning PDF

Xiaoling Tan1, Zefu Tan1, Juan Qu2, Guangwen Xi3

1School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Chongqing Three Gorges University, Chongqing 404100, China

2School of Mathematics and Statistics, Chongqing Three Gorges University, Chongqing 404100, China

3Network Centre, Chongqing Three Gorges University, Chongqing 404100, China

Evaluation for laboratory learning is based on different factors, while each factor is varied by individuals. Hence it is difficult to express the quantitative nonlinear functional relationship among the evaluation indexes. With limited sample, Support Vector Machine (SVM) could be generalized by compromising between model’s complexity and learning ability. That is its advantage on the evaluation of small sample, nonlinear and multi-indexes. It is a good try to apply Support Vector Machine (SVM) to laboratory learning evaluation. With Support Vector Machine (SVM), the relationship between the learning quality and evaluation indexes could be revealed. Expe­riments show that Support Vector Machine (SVM) model is with high prediction accuracy, faster speed and simple algorithm. It is suitable and more reasonable for laboratory learning evaluation.

Usefulness of lethal chromosomes in genetic algorithms solving the constrained optimization problems PDF

Yalong Zhang1, Hisakazu Ogura2, Xuan Ma3

1College of Electrical and Information Engineering, Quzhou University, Quzhou 324000, China

2Graduate School of Engineering, University of Fukui, Fukui 910-8507, Japan

3Faculty of Automation and Information Engineering, Xi'an University of Technology, Xi'an 710048, China

The infeasible solutions are often generated in population as evolutionary computation solving the combinatorial optimization prob­lems. The number of infeasible solutions impacts the performance of the evolutionary computation searching the optimal solution,in the worst case the algorithm ceases to run. In genetic algorithms, encoding of infeasible solutions is referred to as lethal chromosomes. In this study, we discover a propertyof lethal chromosomes that: although lethal chromosomes carry out the infeasible solutions in genetic algorithms, their statisticalproperty implies an underlying similarity with the exact solution of the optimization problems. Hereby we propose an operation using statisticalproperty of lethal chromosomes to handle with the lethal chromosomes themselves. Simulation experiments on a large number of test cases demonstrated that it can improves obviously the performance of genetic algo­rithms to use the statisticalproperty of lethal chromosomes.

Crop canopy temperature model of ditch-cultivated based on artificial neural network PDF

Min Zhang1, Qiang Fan2, Fucang Zhang3, Xia Li1, Xuzhang Xue4, Guodong Wang1

1College of Science, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, Shaanxi, China

2College of Water Resources and Architectural, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, Shaanxi, China

3Key laboratory of Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering in Arid and Semiarid Areas of Ministry of Education, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, Shaanxi, China

4National Engineering Research Centre for Information Technology in Agriculture; Beijing 100097, China

Aiming at the mechanism model are influenced by multiple random factors, this paper establishes canopy temperature models based on BP network and RBF network respectively. The models take the temperature, humidity, illumination, soil temperature and ditch depth in the closed greenhouse as input neurons and takes canopy temperature as the output neuron. The results show that both models can well predict ditch-cultivated crop canopy temperature. The mean error between the simulation value and measured value of BP network model is 0.8408℃, and root-mean-square error of 0.5789℃. Actual output and expected output of RBF network model differ little, mean error of 0.2236℃ and root-mean-square error of 0.3496℃. In contrast, RBF network model can more accurately predict crop canopy temperature of ditch-cultivated than BP network model.

Analysis on vibration of small-scale hydroelectric generating unit PDF

Liying Wang, Lisha You

School of Water Conservancy and Hydropower, Hebei University of Engineering, Handan 056021, China

An analytical model for the vibrations of operating conditions of small-scale hydroelectric generating unit is developed based on fre­quency domain and time domain. Firstly the vibration of unit 2 in Xida hydropower station is tested by using intelligent data logger, where the DASP10 software is used to collect the data and analyse them; and then the data are analysed by the time domain analysis, shaft centreline orbit analysis and auto-spectrum analysis respectively. Finally some instructive conclusions on the exceedance of shaft degrees and the overweight phenomena are drawn, which may assist an overhaul to raise the operating efficiency and the power output.

The application of fusion structure in the coal mine safety state evaluation PDF

Shisong Zhu1, 2, Haiyan Zhang1, Cuiyun Zhang3, Changqing Li1

1School of Computer Science and Technology, Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo, 454000, P.R. China

2Key Laboratory of Mine Informatization, Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo, 454000, P.R. China

3Henan College of Industry & Information Technology, Jiaozuo, 454000, P.R. China

Coal mine safety is a very important link in the current coal mine production. Currently, there are a lot of kinds of methods for the evaluation of coal mine safety environment in order to solve the evaluation of the coal mine safety status. However, the complexity and diversity of coal mine environment cause that there is no method can evaluate coal mine safety status. So a new method is proposed, which called two-stage fusion structure according to China's natural environment of the underground coal mine, is used to evaluate the condition of coal mine safety. Firstly, it gets various parameters for affecting the safety of underground using the first level evaluation method; secondly, the second level fusion method is used to realize the coal mine security situation assessment. The experimental results show that this method has better performance more than other methods in evaluating coal mine safety.

Seismic signals wavelet packet de-noising method based on improved threshold function and adaptive threshold PDF

Liu Shuchong, Chen Xun

Institute of Disaster Prevention, Sanhe 065201

Wavelet analysis is one of the effective method to improve the signal to noise ratio and resolution of seismic data, a wavelet packet seismic signal denoising method based on a new threshold function and adaptive threshold was put forward according to the distortion problem of traditional threshold function denoising method, which make up the defects of traditional thresholding method. Wavelet packet decomposition techniques was used for seismic wave signal denoising processing, and the synthetic seismic signals and actual seismic data was done wavelet packet decomposition processing through MATLAB, better removing high frequency random noise to retain the useful signals. Experimental results showed that the method can effectively remove noise and improve seismic resolution, with better denoising effect.

Study on automatic identification method of X-ray fluorescence spectrum PDF

Jiening Xia1, 2, Zhigao Chen1, 2

1Hubei Key Laboratory of Earthquake Early Warning, Institute of Seismology, China

2Wuhan Base of Institute of Crustal Dynamics, CEA, Wuhan, China

The way to improve the accuracy and reliability of automatic unscrambling and identification technology on X-ray fluorescence spectrometer spectrum is studied in this essay. Accordingly, two different automatic identification methods based on Fast Fourier Transform and Wavelet Transform are presented. By the tool LabVIEW, such two methods are applied to the qualitative analysis on X-ray fluorescence spectrums, and the features of such two methods are compared. Based on the experiments and analysis on amount of samples, it can be concluded that the automatic identification method based on the Wavelet transform theory is better than the other method for the former has a better local resolution. Therefore, the characteristic values of the singular points are more clearly recognized by the method based on the Wavelet transform. Through the study in this essay, theories on automatic identification are enriched, which set a foundation for further studied in future.

Fine detection of mine collapse column by anti-explosive ground penetrating radar PDF

Fan Cui1, Zhiyuan Wu2, Jia Chen2, Lei Wang2

1State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining, China University of Mining Technology, Beijing

2College of Geoscience and Surveying Engineering, China University of Mining Technology, Beijing

This work discussed the technique for fine detection of mine collapse column by anti-explosive ground penetrating radar (GPR) and its feasibility. In stage of theoretical research, numerical forward modelling was used to study the response characteristics of collapse column on radar profile. In actual exploration, the spatial distribution pattern of collapse column was accurately stored by installing complex environment observing system in the pit. In processing and explanation, the disturbance types of mine were comprehensively analysed, and various measures were taken in the suppression of interference signals to obtain better exploration effects. The study showed that fine detection of collapse column can be realized by anti-explosive ground penetrating radar under the complex conditions in the pit.

Analysis of thermal-mechanical coupling and structural optimization of continuous casting roller bearing PDF

Disi Chen1, Gongfa Li1, 2, Honghai Liu2*, Guozhang Jiang1, Jia Liu1, Ze Liu1, Weiliang Ding1, Wei Miao1, Zhe Li1

1College of Machinery and Automation, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430081, China

2Intelligent Systems & Robotics Group, School of Computing, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, PO1 3HE, United Kingdom

The continuous casting roller bearing was one of the important parts of continuous caster [1], its working temperature was relativity high, the working load was also very large and the working condition was complex. Since the external heat of casting roller bearings was much higher than internal, the continuous casting roller bearing was different from the general high-speed rolling bearing with heavy load. If the external heat that the bearing suffered could not dissipate in time, the extreme high working temperature might accelerate the failure of the bearing and severely reduce the productivity of the caster. To optimize the thermal structure of the continuous casting roller bearing, the thermal coupling analysis of the bearing should be conducted. Firstly, the stress field of the working continuous casting roller bearing should be analysed by ANSYS and the three-dimensional geometric CAD model and the CAE model of it should be established. Then find out the location where the bearing suffered the largest force by stress analysis, in the case of bearing block with cooling water, load the working temperatures to the bearing, after analysing, the result showed that the external temperature was the main contributor of internal stress, and the rolling element was the part inside of the bearing, which suffered the largest stress. To optimize the structure of the continuous casting roller bearing, the rolling element was turned into axial hollow structure, which could reduce the extreme stress of the rolling element bearing. By analysing all the maximum thermal stress of rolling element in different feasible hollowness, and finally the most suitable hollowness could be found out. The analysis results above showed that the optimization of the rolling element structure of the bearing could effectively reduce the internal stress and improve reliability of bearings in high working temperature. The conclusion of this study was significant in bearing optimizing or designing.

Temperature data acquisition and remote monitoring of ladle based on LabVIEW PDF

Fuwei Cheng1, Gongfa Li1, 2, Honghai Liu2, Guozhang Jiang1, Ze Liu1, Disi Chen1, Wei Miao1, Zhe Li1, Weiliang Ding1

1College of Machinery and Automation, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430081, China

2Intelligent Systems & Robotics Group, School of Computing, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, PO1 3HE, United Kingdom

Ladle is an important container parts, plays a vital role to storage and operation of steel smelting. The length of the ladle service life directly affects the efficiency of steel production and the cost of production. The service life of the ladle is mainly affected by thermal mechanical stress of ladle lining, thermal mechanical stress is mainly caused by the severe changes of temperature, in order to fully understand the working state of ladle to ensure the safety of the ladle, the ladle temperature monitoring is particularly important. Ladle design of remote monitoring system uses the structured and modular design thought, on the basis of using the LabVIEW virtual instrument platform; realize the collection of ladle temperature data and remote monitoring. Establish ladle remote client monitoring system by TCP communication protocol, realize the ladle monitoring networked. This system uses the real-time waveform display and friendly human-computer interaction interface, greatly enhanced the real-time and visibility of the ladle remote detection system.

A new decoupled sliding mode control approach for the linear motion of a spherical rolling robot PDF

Liang Zhao1, Tao Yu2

1Modern Educational Technology Centre, Liaoning Medical University, Jinzhou, Liaoning, China

2Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Liaoning University of Technology, Jinzhou, Liaoning, China

This paper investigates the dynamics and control aspects of the linear motion of a pendulum-driven spherical rolling robot. The dynamic model is deduced for the linear motion of a spherical robot by using the Euler-Lagrange formulation. By appropriate definitions the equations of motion for the robotic system are transformed into the state space form. A novel decoupled sliding mode control approach is proposed to achieve set-point regulation of the linear motion. This approach consists of the construction of a cascade sliding mode controller and the design of a nonlinear reaching law by using a switching component that dynamically adapts to the variations of the controlled system. The asymptotic stability of the robotic system is verified through Lyapunov analysis, and the validity of the proposed approach is illustrated through numerical simulations.

MEMS model order reduction method based on SPRIM PDF

Xiangjuan Bian1, Youping Gong2, Liyun Zhen2

1School of Faculty & technology, Zhejiang International Studies University, Hangzhou, 310012 China

2School of Mechanical Engineering Hangzhou Dianzi University, 310018, Hangzhou, China

According to large scale MEMS united constraints equations, the paper investigates model order reduction (MOR) techniques based on Structure Preserving Reduced-order Interconnect Macro modelling (SPRIM) method, which can be used to generate computationally efficient solutions for multiphasic MEMS simulation. To united constrained model, the high dimensionality of the original system state space is mapped to a suitable low-dimensional subspace, obtained a low-dimensional state sub-space model. A improved algorithms(SPRIM) from Arnoldi algorithms are implemented to extract low dimensional Krylov subspaces from Unified state subspace models for model order reduction, reduced order electro thermal–mechanical models are generated for a MEMS micro beam using the developed programs. Developed programs automatically generate compact structure preserving models and can be used to significantly improve the computational efficiency without much loss in accuracy and model stability for coupled-field MEMS simulation.

Wireless monitoring system for temperature and humidity based on ZigBee PDF

Jianjun Chen

Shaoxing University Yuanpei College, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, 312000, China

Traditional methods of environmental monitoring have the shortages including difficult network layout and low intelligent of node. A monitoring system for temperature and humidity was designed based on ZigBee (wireless network), with SHT11 (temperature and humidity integrated sensor) and CC2430 (wireless radio frequency module integrated with MCU). Data of temperature and humidity, collected at some acquisition terminals in SHT11 and CC2430, were displayed on monitoring host via centre node. By using solution of single chip ZigBee, the system was optimized with high precision, low power dissipation and simple equipment.

Analyses on flow and heat transfer performance and of heat exchanger with continuous helical baffles PDF

Jiazhu Zou, Fengwei Yuan, Qian Deng

College of Mechanical Engineering, University of South China, Hengyang 421001, Hunan, China

A numerical simulation for heat exchanger with continuous helical baffles was carried out. The study focuses on the effects of helix angle on flow and heat transfer characteristics, and heat exchanger performance is evaluated by entropy generation number based on the analysis of the second law of thermodynamics. The results show that both the shell-side heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop decrease with the increase of the helix angle at certain mass flow rate. The latter decreases more quickly than the former. The tangential velocity distribution on shell-side cross section is more uniform with continuous helical baffles than with segmental baffles. The axial velocity at certain radial position decreases as the helix angle increases in the inner region near the central dummy tube, whereas it increases as the helix angle increases in the outer region near the shell. The heat exchange quantity distribution in tubes at different radial positions is more uniform at larger helix angel.

Exploratory development of ancient village based on the low carbon travel development model PDF

Jifei Zhang

School of Business and Management, Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology, Hebei, 066000, China

This paper summarized basic theory of low carbon travel and the functional mechanism of the low carbon economy to improve the village tourism development by analyzing its conception, and development status and existing problem of the ancient village tourism in the low-carbon tourism development mode of our country nowadays is put forwarded. Combining with actual situation, this paper aims to propose the emission reduction countermeasures in allusion to these problems above, in order to provide certain reference to the development of ancient villages low carbon tourism.

Numerical simulation on winding CFRP pipe axial compression stability PDF

Bo Nan*, Yue Wu

School of Civil Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150090, China

Because of the requirements of strict weight, airship structures are usually built by high strength and light-weight CFRP composite truss, CFRP composite tube is the basic unit of it. Winding CFRP tube ultimate bearing capacity has been further improved by combinations of various fiber directions, while stable bearing capacity is an important indicator that could influence the bearing characteristics. It concludes the destruction and deformation characteristics, as well as the relationship between stability factor Φ and slenderness λ, through analysing different CFRP tubes of slenderness ratio with The arc-length method, and drawing the Load-displacement curve, which provided a theoretical basis to better the truss design, and discussed the laws of how component defects affect its stability capacity via a large number of parameters.

Content-based retrieval of music using mel frequency cepstral coefficient (MFCC) PDF

Xin Luo, Xuezheng Liu, Ran Tao, Youqun Shi

School of Computer Science and Technology, Donghua University, Songjiang Districe, Shanghai, 201620, China

In the last few years, with the growing of multimedia in Internet, MP3 music become one of the most popular types. Some of the MP3 music collections available are approaching the scale of million tracks and this has posed a major challenge for searching, retrieving, and organizing music content. In this paper, we proposed a method to retrieve the MP3 lossy compression format music by using MFCC features. The Kullback-Leibler Divergence and Earth Mover’s Distance (EMD) are used to compute music similarity. Experiments show that the retrieving probability of our design can achieve high recall values of 95% out of a total of 1951 tracks in the database

Inversion strategy research of travel time tomography with sparse rays PDF

Yali Guo, Yan Han, Linmao Liu

National key laboratory of Electronic test Technology in North University of China, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China

The incomplete data travel time tomography with sparse rays can result in the ill-posed inverse problem in practical engineering, so the inversion strategy is very important in order to obtain reasonable inversion result. In this paper, the generalized inverse theory is taken and the influences are discussed which the system layout, initial model and prior information will impose on the inversion. The indexes of system optimal layout, the selection principle of initial model and regularization methods are presented in this paper. A velocity model of explosion is imitated and the inversion results are compared. A conclusion can be gained that system optimal layout, initial model rational selection and regularization methods utilization can help to improve inversion precision farthest in practical project

Diffusion limited aggregation of magnetic particles with exponential decreasing interactions in three-dimensional space PDF

Wei Qiao1,2, Jie Sun2, Qingfu Du2

1College of Control Science and Engineering, Shandong University, China

2School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Shandong University at Weihai, China

Using the Monte Carlo simulation, we investigate the three-dimensional fractal growth of a magnetic diffusion-limited aggregation (MDLA), which consists of magnetic particles interacting with an exponential potential βCe-αr. The cluster morphology, fractal dimension and magnetic susceptibility of this MDLA are analysed with respect to the range facto rα and the coupling energy βC. In the case of long-range ferromagnetic interaction, our results show that the cluster morphology grows to be a hexagonal symmetry as the coupling energy increases, which is different from the two-dimensional simulation. For a proper coupling energy, the fractal dimension takes the maximal value and the cluster morphology becomes more compact. In the case of short-range interaction, the critical value of the cluster specific magnetic moment is much larger than the simulation result in the MDLA with the interacting potential of power law.

Numerical simulation of multiphase flow inside hydrocyclone based on CFD PDF

Yuekan Zhang, Peikun Liu, Linjing Xiao, Xinghua Yang, Junru Yang

College of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering Shandong University of Science and Technology, 266590, Qingdao China

This paper applied computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method to investigate the internal multiphase flow filed in a 75 mm hydrocyclone. The Reynolds stress model (RSM) and VOF model were employed in the numerical simulation. This study discussed the velocity and pressure distribution in the hydrocyclone, and analysed the formation and development mechanism of air core. The numerical simulation results showed that the flow field was very unstable in the region of the air core. The axial velocity gradient reached its maxima, and the turbulent fluctuation was strongest in the simulation region. This study provided theoretical basis on further research of the air core effect on separation efficiency and pressure drop.

The complexity analysis and performance comparison of MIMO systems based on antenna selection techniques PDF

Yisong Lin1, Mingjie Zhuang2

1School of Information Science and Engineering, Huaqiao University, Xiamen 361021, China

2College of engineering, MJZhuang176@163.com, Huaqiao University, Quanzhou, 362021, China

MIMO systems, also known as multiple-input multiple-output, can effectively improve the capacity and reliability of wireless communication. Antenna selection (AS) is a low-cost low-complexity attractive approach in MIMO systems that capture many ad­vantages of these systems. In this paper, we comprehensively review and describe various kinds of AS schemes in MIMO systems. First, we discuss the techniques of antenna selection from the perspective of different channel environments. Analysis results show that exploiting the AS technique can avoid sending redundant information and improve the channel capacity in the low rank and correlated channel conditions. Then the applications of AS systems in spatial diversity and spatial multiplexing are considered. In order to reduce the complexity of AS algorithm, we propose a novel joint transmit and receive AS scheme in MIMO systems. The results of simulations demonstrate that the proposed AS method of performance outperforms other methods, and the proposed algorithm can significantly reduce computational complexity compared to the optimum algorithm. Finally, we summarize some conclusions about the antenna selection.

Design and realization of atmospheric pressure altitude measuring system with temperature compensation based on FPGA PDF

HongTao Zhang1, Wei Zhao2

1ZhengZhou university software college, Zhengzhou, 450002, China

2ZhengZhou university software college, Zhengzhou, 450002, China

Starting from the analysis of the measuring principle of atmospheric pressure altitude and the necessity of the pressure sensor temperature compensation, this paper presents the design and realization of an atmospheric pressure altitude measuring system with high performance which use FPGA as the data processor and with the pressure sensor temperature compensation design. Article discusses in detail the hardware circuit design of the measuring system, and the internal structure of FPGA software design. At last, the results of system test verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the atmospheric pressure altitude measuring system. Because of the FPGA’s characteristics of high reliability, strong data processing ability, high speed and so on, and the effective combination of temperature compensation design, the atmospheric pressure altitude measuring system has the advantages of high measuring precision, high reliability, good real-time and low power consumption.

Design and implementation of a vibration cantilever energy harvester with suspended piezoelectric beam PDF

Xiaojie Chen1,2, Chengjun Qiu1,,Hongmei Liu1, Wei Qu1, Yibo Liu1

1Key Laboratory of Electronics Engineering of Heilongjiang Province, HeilongjiangUniversity, Harbin, 150080, China

2The Collegeof Electronic and Information Engineering, HeilongjiangUniversity of Science and Technology, Harbin, 150027, China

The frequency response and energy conversion efficiency are the critical issue for vibration energy harvester. In this paper, a vibration energy harvester with suspended piezoelectric beam is proposed. This harvester structure is composed of a discrete support beam in the bottomand a suspended piezoelectric beam on top. This suspended beam structure is beneficial to the higher response frequencyand the energyconversion efficiency by applying the tension on the shear modepiezoelectric layer. An analytical bendingmodelof suspended piezoelectric beamis developed,based on the actual deformation: rotational andtranslational movement modes. The characteristic of suspended piezoelectric beam is also analyzed by Finite element method.Finally, a 1000:1 prototype is fabricated and measured. The optimums acquired experiment results show that it is matching well with the model.The maximum of output voltage is 6.5 V.

Prediction of capacitance of electrolytic capacitor with ripples PDF

Pengchao Ye, Xiaochun Guan, Xiaojing Chen

College of Physics and Electronic Engineering Information, Wenzhou University

KeyLaboratory of Low-voltage Apparatus Intellectual Technology ofZhejiang, Wenzhou University,Chashan University Town,Wenzhou,Zhejiang Province, 325035, P.R. China

The electrolytic capacitor is one of the most critical components in the switchingpower supply, in actual use of the power supply,the ripple is an important factor that leads to failure of the electrolytic capacitor. The research on the ripple’s effect on the service life of the electrolytic capacitor is significant to the stability of the switching power supply. This paper designed a controllable circuit generating ripples of different phases, tested the electrolytic capacitors’ changes in capacitance with ripples of different phases, analysed the reason of the changes in the capacitance, selected the fastest change, and used three prediction models of support vector regression, radial basis function and kernel-based partial least-squares algorithm to predict the change trends of capacitance of electrolytic capacitor with ripples of this phase. The results showed that compared with radial basis function and support vector regression model kernel-based partial least-squares algorithmcan more accurately predict the service life of the electrolytic capacitor.

Quadratic polynomial fitting of total energy of null subcarriers in underwater acoustic OFDM communication PDF

Yang Chen1, Bin Zhou2, Jingwei Yin2

1School of Information Science and Engineering, Changzhou University, Gehu Road 1, Changzhou, China

2Science and Technology on Underwater Acoustic Laboratory, Nantong Str. 145, Harbin, China

Doppler scale estimation is one key module in underwater acoustic (UWA) orthogonal frequencydivision multiplexing (OFDM) communication. In this paper, null subcarrier based blind Doppler scale estimation is considered, which is an extremal problem. The cost function is constructed of the total energy of null subcarriers through DFT. The frequencies of null subcarriers are calculated according to non-uniform Doppler shifts at each tentative scaling factor. Then it is proofed that the cost function can be fitted as a quadratic polynomial near the global minimum. So the accurate location of the global minimum can be achieved through polynomial interpolation. This theory is a basement of developing new methods of Doppler scaling estimation and is verified through an experiment conducted in shallow water.

Research of the vibrating infrasonic sensor based on Fiber Bragg Grating PDF

Haohua Liu, Zhou Wan, Yiyang Li, Zhunen Chen

College of Information Engineering and Automation, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming 650500, China

Current research on infrasound more extensive and in-depth, the sensor is essential prerequisite for infrasonic detection, in order to overcome some lack of current infrasound sensor for detecting the infrasound, paper innovative design a vibrating wire sensor structure, and make it capable of receiving a full rang infrasound, range adjustable, easy installation, etc. and use fiber Bragg grating which has obvious advantages in terms of low-frequency detection as the sensing element. Test the performance of the sensor and the results show that the average of the sensor is 6.11%, within 1Hz-20Hz range, the sensor has good linearity and small error, has practical value.

The error analysis of TDOA based ultrasonic position PDF

AngGao1, Yansu Hu2,WeijunDuan1

1School of Electronics and Information, NorthwesternPolytechnical University, No.127, West Youyi Road, Xi'an, China

2School of Electronics and Control Engineering,Chang'an University,Southern Middle Section of the Second Circular Road, Xi'an, China

How to enhance the accuracy and range is a typical issue in the ultrasonic position technology. The positionaccuracy depends on the hardware architectureand the detecting methods. This paper designs a hardware platformcalled Hexagon-Buck with six transceivers around. For theinherent property of TDOA (Time of Difference of Arrival) ranging, theRF synchronous time and embedded software processing timeare two inevitable factors that leads to the distance error. At the same time,the ultrasonic velocity is sensitive to the environment temperature. The paper considers both the temperature compensationand Least Squares Linear Regression to enhance the rangingaccuracy. By taking the physical test data to identify thelinear regression model, we can estimate thereal distance. The validity of the method has been proved by the final experiment.

The study and design of inter-harmonic detection device based on quasi-synchronous technique in power system PDF

Zheng FanXianfeng Zheng2

1Faculty of Electrical EngineeringHenan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College,Xinxiang, Henan, China

2Faculty of Automatic Control Engineering Henan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College,Xinxiang, Henan, China

On the basis ofanalyzing the characteristics of harmonic signals, the inter-harmonic detection algorithm of quasi-synchronous sampling is introduced in this paper. This algorithm pre-processes the original sampled signal and separates all the harmonics and inter-harmonics of the reconstructed signal with designed comb FIR filters, to restrain the mutual interference between them, and finally achieve accurate measurement of harmonic and inter-harmonic inpower system. At last, the validity of this algorithm is verified with harmonic and inter-harmonic signal generated from standard signal source.

An optimization method of signal de-noising in discrete wavelet transform based on generalized cross-validation PDF

Xiaojing Chen,Ke Liu, Peng Ye

College of Physics and Electronic Engineering Information, KeyLaboratory of Low-voltage Apparatus Intellectual

Technology ofZhejiang, Wenzhou University, Chashan University Town,Wenzhou,Zhejiang Province, 325035, P.R. China

A method for automatically selecting the asymptotical optimal parameters is presented for signal de-noising in discrete wavelet transform. The parameters of wavelet de-noising were first encoded. A generalized cross-validation algorithm was then used to select these parameters automatically. The parameters that obtained the smallest generalized cross-validation were asymptotically optimal. Simulation signals with different features and range signal-to-noise ratios were used to demonstrate the optimality of the proposed method. In addition, the Raman spectrum of edible oil and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrumof quinine and Boc-protected prolinewere employed as real-world data to validate the proposed method. The proposed method achieved superior performances in both real-world data and in artificial simulation.

Research on the machinability when dry turning hardened steel with ceramic tool PDF

Chunjuan Tu1, Xuhong Guo2

1Suzhou Institute of Industrial Technology,Suzhou- Jiangsu,China

2School of Mechanical and Electric Engineering, Soochow University, Suzhou- Jiangsu, China

The experiments of dry turning hardened steel with ceramic tool (CC6050) were carried out. The cutting forces of ceramic tool with different cutting parameters were measured by Kistler cutting force acquisition system, the prediction model of the surface roughness was built by Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), the wear morphology of the tool and chip characteristics were observed by scanning electron microscope (SEM), analyzed the wear zone of the tool by the EDAXPV990(EDS).Results indicated that the cutting depth was the dominant factor affecting the cutting force, next was feed speed, the minimum was cutting speed. The feed speed was the dominant factor affecting the surface roughness, next was cutting depth, the minimum was cutting speed. The crater wear was shown on the rake face and the evenly distributed strip shaped wear was shown on the flank of the CC6050 tool, the main wear mechanism was abrasive wear, diffusion wear, adhesive wear and oxidation wear. The shape of chip was saw-tooth, the rough slice layers with periodic flowwere shown on the upside of the chip andthe streaks were evenly distributed on the underside of the chip. The cutting speed and feed speed were larger, the serrated level of the chip was higher and the angle of shear was larger.

Design of reflective optical fiber displacement sensor using double optical paths PDF

Wenlong Du

Computer and Communication Engineering, Huaian College of Information Technology, China 

A reflective optical fiber displacement sensor using double optical paths is designed based on the principle of reflective optical fiber displacement sensor. The sensor has double optical paths composed of random fiber and semicircle fiber. The output signal of double optical paths is disposed by using the preamplifier, intermediate amplifier, band-pass filter and AC to RMS circuit. The ratio and the displacement of the output signals of the two optical paths have linear relationship, effectively enlarging the measuring range on basis of the accuracy of measurement. 

Optimization of immune particle swarm algorithm and application on wireless sensor networks PDF

Jiang Fei

Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing, Suzhou University, Suzhou 234000, China

School of Information Engineering, Suzhou University, Suzhou 234000, China

As a new network technology, wireless sensor network (WSN) have been applied to military, intelligent transportation, environmental monitoring and other fields. Localization is one of the important support technologies of Wireless Sensor Networks. Location information is important to network monitoring. It is meaningless, if there is no location information. We need to adopt a certain mechanism and algorithm to implement the localization of Wireless Sensor Networks. Based on the analysis of the features of Wireless Sensor Networks on range-free positioning algorithm and DV-Hop positioning algorithm error sources, this paper focuses on the improvement research on DV-Hop positioning algorithm. Inspired by biological immune system and mechanism, this paper introduces the immune information processing mechanisms in the immune system to the particle swarm optimization algorithm and thus gets an immune particle swarm optimization (IPSO) algorithm. By applying into the running of DV-Hop positioning algorithm, the paper proposes a DV-Hop improved algorithm, which is, the WSN positioning algorithm based on IPSO algorithm. Simulation experiments show that the improved algorithm can significantly reduce positioning errors to improve positioning accuracy.

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